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  1. (jajaja algo asi ;D estoy intentando salvar el server y el que vean pocos users en el service select los desmotiva por cierto nunca pense que un user me daria soporte tecnico a mi jaja pero ya me canse hasta modifique login server en el source xD ) well im using 2012-03-07Ragexe. Translation: hahah something like that, im trying to save my server and i dont want them to see that we are loosing so many users, and by the way i never thought that an ex-user of my server were going to give me tech support haha anyway i even modified the login server in the source)
  2. hello everyone, i hope someone can help me with this: In the Service select window i dont want to show the amount of users online , how can i do that? Thanks in advance. Btw: i tried in the Clientinfo.xml but it was useless.