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  1. you are awesome, that's the only thing I have to say
  2. both the map and textures are in the same GRF? If possible send your real texturescustom.txt (I mean, the whole phrases). The bmps really are in 8 bits? You can change the BrowEdit folder and everything will keep working. If you want we can connect in Skype or TeamViewer so I can check the process you did by myself, just PM me for that.
  3. Yes RO Replay Feature xD I would go for Setup or Vote, both look fine to me, not a very specific thing. Good luck about the patcher! Come to showcase later
  4. :c sorry, a long time ago I bough a patcher and it came with just 1 frame buttons (it was painful). Okay, I like Forum, Site and Setup buttons, but it's rare to see Register, since it's common that at that point (already downloaded patcher) you are already registered. also a Replay button is very cool (I love it ). Some patchers have Vote and also Review Us. As social addons the most commons are Facebook, Twitter and Youtube... I never saw G+ button before though (maybe just me). If you have plans of sharing it with many people I would make it less complex, leaving just the main buttons (Forum, Site, Setup and Review Us/Vote). Sorry for before, hope now I'm being more helpful
  5. though there are many ppl that use only 2 or even 1
  6. avarage skin have 2 frames per button, but if you want to do a good work then you should use 3. about etc. buttons it's only up to you, no criteria for such a thing , if you want you can even create login trough patcher.
  7. What is the map size? Ex.: 150x150 When I use map sizes like 15x15 (that are not "common" sizes) or 10x20 (that have different values) it usually crashes aswel, but if I create a new map of a "common" size like 20x20, copy and paste the old map into the new one, then it start working. Try it. - Also make sure to redo your mapcache.
  8. U should use the same path folder you did for BrowEdit in your GRF. Example: my texturescustom.txt inside BrowEdit - custom/skyice/pink|skyice\pink.bmp My GRF Path for that texture - data/texture/skyice/pink.bmp Also make sure the BMP is in 8 or 24 bits
  9. nanakiwurtz, how to do that? After some search I couldn't understant ur sentence =p
  10. DOWNLOADING WOAAAA @[email protected] THANKS BORF THANKS SO MUCH! @edit Do it soon please please pleaaaase????!
  11. Angelisk


    Got it, sorry for all this mess.
  12. http://forums.openkore.com/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=18127 How I said before, my dad cheated it many times by his own, and it didn't took a week. Yes he can be part of this "elite" you are talking about, since he came to OpenKore commu years ago and developed many times to cheat official servers... He used bots many times against Harmony, so what? Yes sure it would be possible too against IG, but what I'm saying is that Harmony is probably closing in a very soon time, as SiriusWhite told. You will be "wasting" money in whatever u decide to choose.
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