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  1. Thank you both
  2. Hello here,the problem I encounter is to get Lightmaps info of official map, It seems Lightmaps of official map can't be readed by boweditor,are they encrypted? I was wondering is there any method/tool can get the Lightmap info of official map?
  3. Tbh: Iprefer 'Yume Sekai' to 'courage',but yup they are all very pleasant songs.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YxF_j3bQTBw
  5. there is a tip of script method can temporarily remove discount skill and add it back unpon player start dialog with npc / leave npc, just use addtimmer to produce it
  6. I thought you forgot that request , but now a surprise release.thanks
  7. there is a typo if( .@x < 0 ) end; delitem 677,.@z;
  8. I think the pic says it all change skill_num to skill_id
  9. You've got it wrong ,he/she is not creator of SecureGRF
  10. tool

    sounds greart! ,but I don't wanna use it unless there has been a grf tool can edit LGRF
  11. started

    That ideas sounds good!,how about add additional bonus script field which will be run while specific sc sate was started SC,SI,SCS,SCB,OPT1,OPT2,OPT3,Option,Flag,Type {,{ bonus xxx.... } }
  12. the author of maze map is Borf not manabeast http://browedit.excalibur-nw.com/?a=viewtopic&id=7
  13. OMG~Scarf!!!! thank you soooooo much wait...How about 12 colors skull ? I think its useful for writing more funny pvp script
  14. erm.....you forgot scarf
  15. Hi ~ToZorMan, If you got some spare time plz release Scarf (more colors) , Cuz I like it so much, thank you