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  1. I'm making a similar undersea cave map( such as iz_dun00 ), when I put lightmap on map ,it appears ladder-like lightmap and shadow as shown in figure below, who know the reason why? if it's a issue of lightmap, can someone tell me what the value of lightmap should i input on an undersea cave map?
  2. Hello here,the problem I encounter is to get Lightmaps info of official map, It seems Lightmaps of official map can't be readed by boweditor,are they encrypted? I was wondering is there any method/tool can get the Lightmap info of official map?
  3. Tbh: Iprefer 'Yume Sekai' to 'courage',but yup they are all very pleasant songs.
  4. there is a tip of script method can temporarily remove discount skill and add it back unpon player start dialog with npc / leave npc, just use addtimmer to produce it
  5. I thought you forgot that request , but now a surprise release.thanks
  6. I think the pic says it all change skill_num to skill_id
  7. sounds greart! ,but I don't wanna use it unless there has been a grf tool can edit LGRF
  8. That ideas sounds good!,how about add additional bonus script field which will be run while specific sc sate was started SC,SI,SCS,SCB,OPT1,OPT2,OPT3,Option,Flag,Type {,{ bonus xxx.... } }
  9. the author of maze map is Borf not manabeast http://browedit.excalibur-nw.com/?a=viewtopic&id=7
  10. OMG~Scarf!!!! thank you soooooo much wait...How about 12 colors skull ? I think its useful for writing more funny pvp script
  11. Hi ~ToZorMan, If you got some spare time plz release Scarf (more colors) , Cuz I like it so much, thank you
  12. http://ragnarokonline.gungho.jp/beginner/download.html click female swardman button
  13. Yep, that's exactly what it's for xD! All the files are grouped together in the same interface and you can add new items made from your item_db directly in the txt/lua files with little effort (and it fills in all the fields with a proper description based on the item type). But yeah, it's a test project, no idea if people will like it or not (I had fun while making it at least!). So... I'm a bit curious about what people would think. Ultimately though, all the methods and libraries were meant to be used for managing the server txt database files. It's mostly already ready for that, but I wanted to finish the client side part of the project since it's much easier to do. It would be similar to "rAthena Database Editor" though in the end, except you would be able to load all the existing tables with their references (and it won't be part of GRF Editor since it wouldn't be related to the client files). (The project you see up there can already be used from GRF Editor > Tools > Client Database Editor) Hi~Tokei, Can you make it also read herc's item_db.conf
  14. So you can speak in English 、Chinese 、Indonesian ? Wow~you're a pretty cool lady!
  15. Same issue happened to me , after crashed then restarted server only 1st vendor persist here is the map console warring: [Error]: _mmalloc: -269488152
  16. Hi~lemo, @autotrade command should check and update Character's sex becoz sex field default value is 'M'
  17. As I remember, Variable prefix with [email protected] will be lost when script use addrid. I think that except for the player who used that command, no one has var [email protected] http://rathena.org/board/topic/88331-addrid-addition/?p=226484
  18. I had requested this feature for nearly two years, glad to see it being implemented thanks to Ind 、 Lemongrass and all contributors
  19. finally, I find the sage .... almost forgot where it was stored 掃把小巫師(賢者).grf
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