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  1. omg how much you pay for that goddameit?
  2. set to 99 // Maximum allowed 'level' value that can be sent in unit packets. // Use together with the aura_lv setting to tell when exactly to show the aura. // NOTE: You also need to adjust the client if you want this to work. // NOTE: Default is 99. Values above 127 will probably behave incorrectly. // NOTE: If you don't know what this does, don't change it!!! max_lv: 99 // Level required to display an aura. // NOTE: This assumes that sending max_lv to the client will display the aura. // NOTE: aura_lv must not be less than max_lv. // Example: If max_lv is 99 and aura_lv is 150, characters with level 99~149 // will be sent as being all level 98, and only characters with level // 150 or more will be reported as having level 99 and show an aura. aura_lv: 99
  3. the freezing circle is missing, also is there a way that i can hex my client to not to show that small aura?
  4. Check this out! Shake/Quake Skill Effect Remove Hex, v1.1
  5. you only got 3039 kbps download speed I think that's only 3.00 mbps you got 3mb download speed mine is 40
  6. Orc Lord

    Forum update

    i like this one because when i request or need help I can see who viewed my post so for example i request a script and some good scripter viewed it days ago i know what to expect
  7. oh my god finally someone released a link script! thank you...
  8. Setting up Flux Control Panel - shazeya http://www.eathena.w...howtopic=259465
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