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  1. thanks. but how can you make High priestest card dispell not ignore the gtb ?
  2. is there a way to fix in src to make tarot card not bypass gtb. in our files, when you wear gtb you still get effects from tarot card. is there a way to make tarot card not bypass gtb effect ?
  3. Where can i find the code to edit SBK int part damge ? In my server the sbk is stronger in Str build than Int build. Iwish it to be stronger in Int build Thank you guys.
  4. hi mate have you found that wing ? im looking for that too
  5. can i have those sprites please :D and also if you have this mid aura thingy too thanks a lot guys
  6. have you fix your issue ? im having the same problem
  7. hi the chesire tail has problem like this.
  8. the original file is like that. thank you very much guys. tried searching the forum but to no avail.
  9. @Skits how dod you manage to make it work ?
  10. i cant add any items in the shop. where could i add that ?
  11. thanks mate. but i just increased the skill's dmg and i did nothing wrong right ? from 10 to 50 ?
  12. Hi guys, if anyone knew what happened in here, i just changed the skills damage by changing bits in the battle.cpp then suddenly after i recompile and try to start the server it has that error. Pictures attached are 1 - The error received 2- To make you guys checked if i have missing files.
  13. how to include accessories on it ?
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