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  1. Hello Guys , im making custom portal script like this . Player can trigger it by click it How to make it work like normal portal ? The reason why im doing this because normal portal cannot see if player turn off their /effect
  2. Hello , dekat sini saya dah setup email utk donation paypal , tapi saya mempunyai masalah seperti gambar yang tertera dibawah . Macam mana nk fix problem ni ?
  3. does anyone try this script on latest rathena revision ? fully working ?
  4. Hello Sir , Im currently using this theme .Its a great theme, but unfortunately im having issue adding news . its show invalid api key . can you help me with this issue ?
  5. @Radian 1. Sorry for the late due to installing VS2019 . After i compile the diff , i receive error on cliff.c 2. I only use on test server and set to 99 group level .
  6. Hello guys . I need help on this below script @partybuff/@spb i already apply diff , and add command on group.conf , but unfortunately the commands was not detect . can you guys help me ? its been 4 years i left rathena
  7. so if i ban that unique id , can he logon using another id ?
  8. Hello guys , i want to ask something about gepard unique id . This unique id is create for 1 id or 1 Computer similar like Mac Address ?
  9. DK77

    helpFix Drop Rate

    UP ! i already install fresh new server using latest rathena files, but still having problem with the fix rate even i change the global setting drop rate into 10000x/100% . it seem like i need to change all rate in mob/_db.txt . its quite a lot of works to do . its not 1 or 2 mob , but it affect all the mobs
  10. DK77

    helpFix Drop Rate

    Most of my monster have this problem . i dont know what the problem is
  11. DK77

    helpFix Drop Rate

    i already put 10000 to all cmon item include potion ,etc n equipment . but certain monster already have fixed rate with 1% . i think i should recheck my mob db at sql
  12. can anybody help me with this
  13. how to disable skill assump inside map guild_vs3 ?
  14. Okay this is my pvp script prontera,160,189,4 script PVP Arena 808,{ set .npcname$,"^0147FA[ PVP Warper ]^000000"; mes .npcname$; mes "[Arena Lists & Player's Count]"; mes "[Solo] [ ^00FF33" + getmapusers("guild_vs3") + "^000000 / 100 ]"; mes "[Party] [ ^00FF33" + getmapusers("pvp_y_1-1") + "^000000 / 100 ]"; switch(select("Solo:Party")) { Case 1: if(getmapusers("guild_vs3") == 100) goto L_Full; warp "guild_vs3",0,0; end; Case 2: if(getmapusers("pvp_y_1-1") == 100) goto L_Full; warp "pvp_y_1-1",0,0; end; L_Full: mes .npcname$; mes "Sorry you cant go in now"; mes "The room is full now"; mes "Please try again later"; close; } end; } //MAPFLAGS pvp_y_1-1 mapflag gvg off guild_vs3 mapflag gvg off pvp_y_1-1 mapflag pvp guild_vs3 mapflag pvp pvp_y_1-1 mapflag nosave SavePoint guild_vs3 mapflag nosave SavePoint pvp_y_1-1 mapflag noteleport guild_vs3 mapflag noteleport pvp_y_1-1 mapflag nowarp guild_vs3 mapflag nowarp pvp_y_1-1 mapflag nowarpto guild_vs3 mapflag nowarpto pvp_y_1-1 mapflag nomemo guild_vs3 mapflag nomemo pvp_y_1-1 mapflag nobranch guild_vs3 mapflag nobranch guild_vs3 mapflag pvp_noguild For example i want to disable assump , where must i put sc_end 375; //Assumptio
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