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  1. does your developer mean by make Control panel using via webhosting instead your game hosting ? Looks like your server unable to connect to mysql server , must be some misconfiguration on your file server .
  2. Hello sahabat2 , aku ada buat satu server untuk kawan2 dari malaysia and indonesia , tapi aku ada satu masalah dimana sahabat dari indo ping dia sangat tinggi . aku punya server host di OVH Singapore . Kebanyakan sahabat dari indo yang menggunakan Indihome ISP sangat , pingnya sangat tinggi . So , aku ingin buat satu proxy server , which hosting provider di SG sangat sesuai untuk pengguna dari indo, especially indihome ISP . Info : Main Server Located : SG , OVH Indihome ISP ping latency : 200~300ms .
  3. here are the status.cpp 13580
  4. Hello Guys , im having issue with map server crash
  5. DK77

    At Ecall command

    how to make @ecall/ec cancel with open chatbox ?
  6. Hello Akkarin , im having this error log issue . My WebServer info </pre> <ul style="color:#444444;font-size:13.12px;vertical-align:middle;"> cpsrvd Database client version: libmysql - 5.6.43 PHP extension: mysqli curl mbstring PHP version: 7.3.28 </ul> <p Error log
  7. thanks sir , i already change it to if ( rentalcountitem ( 30000 ) || rentalcountitem ( 30002 ) || rentalcountitem ( 30003 ) || rentalcountitem ( 30004 ) ) { , and its resolved my issue due to the item is rental
  8. i have 1 euphy healer script and make count item for vip ticket , but its doenst detect rent item below is my script heres my example rent item
  9. DK77

    item shower

    okay tq sir !
  10. DK77

    item shower

    hello guys , currently im using this itemshower script , but i want to make itemshower more than 2 item here my example script :
  11. hello and good morning , i have 1 pvp script , but i want the drop skull function only at 2000-2300 to avoid abuse . heres the example pvp script :
  12. because quite alot of player recommend 2nd behaviour .. they said 1st behaviour make wizard on server die ?
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