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  1. Hello, i don't know where to post this problem since i dont know if the client side or the source side has the problem but has anybody encountered this type of problem? (please refer to the attached photo) whereas the dispbottom display unique character after the intended context.. like for example on the script is "dispbottom "You have leveled up!."; but whenever i talk to the npc and finish the quest the display on my screen would be "dispbottom "You have leveled up!."#$#@[email protected]#[email protected]@@##; and it gives random characters.. like if you talk to the npc again.. the random character after the sentence changes... if anybody has solution to this im willing to pay.... my client is 2012-04-10 i was using 2010-07-30 a while ago and i didnt have this kind of issue i used NEMO for the patched files on this RagexeRE.
  2. hello can anybody help me with this script? //--- Guardian Hunter 1.1.2 --------------------------------------// //----------------------------------------------------------------// // ttt 000000000 // ttt 000 000 // ttttttttt rrrrrrrrr 000 000 nnnnnnnnn // ttt rrr 000 000 nnn nnn // ttt rrr 000 000 nnn nnn // ttt rrr 000 000 nnn nnn // ttttt rrr 000000000 nnn nnn //----------------------------------------------------------------// //--- Changelogs: ------------------------------------------------// // 1.0.0 Release // 1.0.1 Fixed first monster spawn // 1.1.1 Added '@currentroom$' into monsterspawn to prevent // spawning mobs outside guardian rooms after fast relog // 1.1.1 Added 'x Guardians left' notification after every kill // 1.1.1 Changed '(0/1)' & '(1/1)' into '(Free)' & '(Full)' // 1.1.2 Added autowarp after death //----------------------------------------------------------------// //--- Main Script ------------------------------------------------// prontera,144,168,5 script Guardian Hunter 852,{ //Guardian Hunter Rooms setarray .hunterrooms$[0], "06guild_01", "06guild_02", "06guild_03", "06guild_04", "06guild_05"; //Guardian Hunter Monsters setarray .guardianmobs[0], 1286, 1285, 1287; //Reward for every kill (Zeny) set .guardianreward, 125000; mes "[^FF7700Guardian Hunter^000000]"; mes "Welcome ^0000ff"+strcharinfo(0)+"^000000,"; mes "How can i help you?"; next; switch(select("Select Rooms:View Top 10:Exit")) { case 1: mes "^FF7700[Guardian Hunter]^000000"; mes "Please select a room."; set [email protected]$, ""; for(set [email protected], 0; [email protected] < getarraysize(.hunterrooms$); set [email protected], [email protected] + 1) { if ([email protected]) set [email protected]$, [email protected]$+":"; if (getd(".room_"[email protected])==1) { set [email protected]$, [email protected]$ + "Room "+([email protected]+1)+ " ^FF0000(Full)^000000"; } else { set [email protected]$, [email protected]$ + "Room "+([email protected]+1)+ " ^00BB00(Free)^000000"; } } set @selection,select([email protected]$)-1; if(getd(".room_"[email protected])==1) { next; mes "^FF7700[Guardian Hunter]^000000"; mes "I'm sorry, but this room is full."; close; } else { setd(".room_"[email protected]), 1; set @currentroom$, .hunterrooms$[@selection]; set @monstercount, 1; killmonsterall .hunterrooms$[@selection]; monster .hunterrooms$[@selection],0,0,"--ja--",.guardianmobs[rand(0,(getarraysize(.guardianmobs)-1))],1; warp .hunterrooms$[@selection],0,0; end; } case 2: close2; dispbottom "[TOP 10]"; dispbottom "--------------------------------"; query_sql "SELECT `username`, `rounds` FROM `guardian_toplist` ORDER BY `rounds` DESC LIMIT 10", [email protected]$, [email protected]; for(set [email protected], 1; [email protected] < 11; set [email protected], [email protected]+1) { dispbottom ([email protected]$[[email protected]]=="")?"["[email protected]+".] - empty":"["[email protected]+".] - "[email protected]$[[email protected]]+" - "[email protected][[email protected]]+" rounds"; } end; case 3: mes "^FF7700[Guardian Hunter]^000000"; mes "Have a nice day."; close; } OnNPCKillEvent: for(set @i, 0; @i < getarraysize(.hunterrooms$); set @i, @i + 1) { if(strcharinfo(3)==.hunterrooms$[@i]) { set Zeny,Zeny+.guardianreward; if(mobcount(.hunterrooms$[@i],"all")==0) { set @guardianrounds, @guardianrounds + 1; dispbottom "[Guardian Hunter] : Round "[email protected]+" finished."; sleep2 3000; dispbottom "[Guardian Hunter] : Next round starts!"; goto OnSpawnGuardians; } set @guardiankill, @guardiankill+1; dispbottom "[Guardian Hunter] : " + (@[email protected]) + " Guardian(s) left."; end; } } end; OnSpawnGuardians: set @monstercount, @monstercount + 1; set @guardiankill, 0; for(set @i, 0; @i < @monstercount; set @i,@i+1) { monster @currentroom$,0,0,"--ja--",.guardianmobs[rand(0,(getarraysize(.guardianmobs)-1))],1"; } end; OnPCDieEvent: for(set @i, 0; @i < getarraysize(.hunterrooms$); set @i, @i + 1) { if(strcharinfo(3)==.hunterrooms$[@i]) { query_sql "SELECT `rounds` FROM `guardian_toplist` WHERE `username`='"+strcharinfo(0)+"'", @myrounds; if(@guardianrounds>@myrounds) query_sql "REPLACE INTO `guardian_toplist` (`username`, `rounds`) VALUES ('"+strcharinfo(0)+"', "[email protected]+")"; setd(".room_"[email protected]), 0; dispbottom "[Guardian Hunter] : You died and won "[email protected]+" rounds!"; set @guardianrounds, 0; set @guardiankill, 0; killmonsterall .hunterrooms$[@i]; warp "SavePoint",0,0; } } end; OnPCLogoutEvent: getmapxy(@map$,@x,@y,0); for(set @i, 0; @i < getarraysize(.hunterrooms$); set @i, @i + 1) { if(@map$==.hunterrooms$[@i]) { query_sql "SELECT `rounds` FROM `guardian_toplist` WHERE `username`='"+strcharinfo(0)+"'", @myrounds; if(@guardianrounds>@myrounds) query_sql "REPLACE INTO `guardian_toplist` (`username`, `rounds`) VALUES ('"+strcharinfo(0)+"', "[email protected]+")"; killmonsterall .hunterrooms$[@i]; setd(".room_"[email protected]), 0; } } end; OnInit: query_sql "CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `guardian_toplist` (`username` CHAR(50) NOT NULL, `rounds` INT NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (`username`))"; end; } 06guild_01 mapflag nocommand 06guild_02 mapflag nocommand 06guild_03 mapflag nocommand 06guild_04 mapflag nocommand 06guild_05 mapflag nocommand 06guild_01 mapflag nosave SavePoint 06guild_02 mapflag nosave SavePoint 06guild_03 mapflag nosave SavePoint 06guild_04 mapflag nosave SavePoint 06guild_05 mapflag nosave SavePoint 06guild_01 mapflag nomemo 06guild_02 mapflag nomemo 06guild_03 mapflag nomemo 06guild_04 mapflag nomemo 06guild_05 mapflag nomemo 06guild_01 mapflag noexp 06guild_02 mapflag noexp 06guild_03 mapflag noexp 06guild_04 mapflag noexp 06guild_05 mapflag noexp 06guild_01 mapflag noreturn 06guild_02 mapflag noreturn 06guild_03 mapflag noreturn 06guild_04 mapflag noreturn 06guild_05 mapflag noreturn 06guild_01 mapflag nodrop 06guild_02 mapflag nodrop 06guild_03 mapflag nodrop 06guild_04 mapflag nodrop 06guild_05 mapflag nodrop everytime i kill the monster it says NPCNAME::OnEVENT instead of 'ALL'
  3. Hi, guys i would like to ask has anybody encountered this type of problem. where the dispbottom function randomly gives special character even though it was not specified in the script. the most intriguing part is not all of them gives this kind of error. some dispbottom form other script doesnt have/give special character after the intended word. im using 04-10-2012a client as of now. but if i use the older 2010 clients the dispbottom is perfectly fine. and doesnt give this kind of error. (please refer to the attached file.)
  4. does anybody have any idea why there is a prev button on my storage? and where can i fix it?
  5. can somebody help me with this script? if( getcastledata( "payg_cas03",1 ) ) set [email protected],query_sql( "SELECT `name`, `position` FROM `guild_member` WHERE `guild_id`= '"+ getcastledata( "payg_cas03",1 ) +"' ORDER BY `position` ASC", [email protected]$, [email protected]$ ); //-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- for( set [email protected],0; [email protected] < [email protected]; set [email protected],[email protected] + 1 ) mes "^008cef"+([email protected]+1)+".^000000 "+( [email protected]$[[email protected]] == 19 ? "Member" : "Leader" )+" "+ [email protected]$[ [email protected] ] +" "+ ( getcharid( 0,[email protected]$[ [email protected] ] ) ? "- ^009900[ON]^000000" : "- ^ff0000[OFF]^000000" )+""; i want to identify the names if its the leader of the members... but i'm having this error.. (refer to image attached)
  6. is it the 2011 clients? or the 2012 clients? this is an old topic but was wondering if anybody can help me.
  7. - script no_mons_woe -1,{ end; OnInIt: setarray .map$,"payg_cas03","prtg_cas03","pvp_n_room"; set .map_size,getarraysize ( .map$ ); initnpctimer; end; OnPCLoadMapEvent: OnTimer3000: for ( set [email protected],0; [email protected] < .map_size; set [email protected],[email protected]+1 ){ getmapxy( [email protected]$, [email protected], [email protected], 0, strcharinfo(0) ); if ( ( mobcount( [email protected]$,"poringmonster#18::On"+strcharinfo(0)+"") == 1 ) && ( strcharinfo(3) == .map$[[email protected]] ) ){ [email protected]$,"poringmonster#18::On"+strcharinfo(0)+""; initnpctimer; end; } else { initnpctimer; end; } } } hi i would like to request a script whereas when you enter the woe castle and pvp room it would detect the ,"poringmonster#18::On"+strcharinfo(0)+""; and if you have it along with you it would kill the monster... the script above basically provide information of what i'm trying to achieve... thank you for your help...
  8. it doesn't work OnInit: setarray .map$,"pvp_y_1-2","pvpmapall1","classmap3","pvpmapall2"; set .map_size,getarraysize ( .map$ ); for( set [email protected],0; [email protected] < .map_size; set [email protected],[email protected]+1 ){ OnTimer5000: delwaitingroom; switch([email protected]+1) { Case 1: waitingroom "Room 1 [ "+ getmapusers("pvp_y_1-2")+" ]", 0; goto Timer; end; break; Case 2: waitingroom "Room 2 [ "+ getmapusers("pvpmapall1")+" ]", 0; goto Timer; end; break; Case 3: waitingroom "Room 3 [ "+ getmapusers("classmap3")+" ]", 0; goto Timer; end; break; Case 4: waitingroom "Room 4 [ "+ getmapusers("pvpmapall2")+" ]", 0; goto Timer; end; break; Timer: initnpctimer; tried doing this and it doesnt work... JEsaaasss i swear to god if this script thing is as easy as medical terms.. LOL!
  9. i think the switch(rand1,3) is making it random.... when you put Room 1 instead of the maps mentioned above.. it would look like this room 1 room 3 room 4 room 1 room 2 room 4 instead of room 1 room 2 room 3 room 4 and then 1 again room 2
  10. is there anyway to make this sequence? like case 1 first then case 2 then case 3?
  11. it doesnt rotate the waitingroom dont rotate.. you need to click the npc first before the waitingroom change... this is the script converted prontera,155,181,5 script PVP Room 100,{ for ( set [email protected],0; [email protected] < .size; set [email protected],[email protected]+1) set [email protected]$, [email protected]$ + .name$[[email protected]] + "[ "+getmapusers(.map$[[email protected]])+" ]" + ":"; set [email protected],select([email protected]$) - 1; warp .map$[[email protected]], 0, 0; end; OnInit: setarray .name$, "Title 1", "Title 2", "Title 3", "Title 4", "Title 5", "Title 6"; setarray .map$, "prontera", "izlude", "pvp_n_room", "pvp_y_1-2", "invek", "mellina"; set .size,getarraysize(.map$); initnpctimer; OnTimer5000: set .index,(.index % .size); delwaitingroom; waitingroom .name$[.index] + "[ "+getmapusers(.map$[.index])+" ]", 0; set .index,.index+1; end; }
  12. this is the right one however i have problems during rotation... there is only 3 maps identifies but its rotating +2 maps beyond that PvP Room 0 [ 1 user ] pvp room 1 [ 1 user ] pvp room 2 [ 3 user ] pvp room 3 [-1 user ] pvp room 5 [-1user] then if you put 4 maps.. it then becoms up to 6 rotation.. LOL the room no. also starts with 0... how do u make it starts with Room 1, 2, 3 and so forth...
  13. does anybody know where can i find that pvp warper where it has a rotating waitingroom? like waitingroom = [ PvP Map 1 [ 12 user ] ] then after that delwaitingroom then [ PvP Map 2 [ 1 User ] ] then it show another map again...
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