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  1. hi guys... can anybody help me with this script? can't seem to make it work... mes "^ff0000Online Users^000000 :"; //---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- set .@size, query_sql( "SELECT `name` FROM `char` WHERE `online` = 1 AND `account_id` NOT IN ( SELECT `account_id` FROM `login` WHERE `level` > 0 ) ORDER BY `name` DESC LIMIT 128", .@name$ ); //----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- for( set .@i,0; .@i < .@size; set .@i,.@i+1 ) { getmapxy( .@map$, .@x, .@y, 0, .@name$[.@i] ); set .@base, readparam( 11,.@name$[.@i] ); set .@jobl, readparam( 55,.@name$[.@i] ); set .@jname$,jobname( readparam( 19,.@name$[.@i] ) ); mes ""+( .@i+1 ) +". ^007700"+ .@name$[.@i] +"^000000"; } for (set .@z,0; .@z<getarraysize(.@name$); set .@z,.@z+1) set .@menu$, .@menu$ + .@name$[.@z]+":"; set .@num, select(.@menu$) -1; next; mes "^ff0000"+.@name$[.@num]+" Info^000000 :"; mes "^777777Class^000000 : ^0055FF"+.@jname$[.@i]+""; mes "^777777Base Lvl^000000 : ^0055FF"+ .@base[.@i] +""; mes "^777777Job Lvl^000000 : ^0055FF"+ .@jobl[.@i]+""; mes "^777777Map^000000 : ^0055FF"+ .@map$ +" "+.@x+", "+.@y+""; close;
  2. good day fellow rathena user.. i'm having trouble with defining the max guild member on my server...i followed all the necessary things to do for reducing the max members..this is the results and what i did.....
  3. if i do that then the waiting room will display something like [PvP Room - [100 Users]]i need it to add all the user on all 3 maps and show it on the waitingroom as 1so if pvp_1 has 3 people and pvp_room has 2 people then pvp_3 has 4 people... i want the waiting room to show [9 Users] help please....
  4. hello fellow rathena users.. i just want to know why this particular script does not work.. it doesn't read any user on the maps... OnInIt: set .@pvp_maps,getmapusers("pvp_y_room") + getmapusers("pvp_y_1-2") + getmapusers("pvp_2v2"); while(1){ delwaitingroom; waitingroom "PvP Room ["+.@pvp_maps+" User"+(( .@pvp_maps >= 2 ) ? "s" : "" )+"]",0; sleep 1000; } end; }
  5. can somebody please help me create a zeny ranker script.... the script would have a function like this mes "How can i help you?"'; next; menu "View zeny ranking",1; 1: mes "Alright, here's the top 10 richest character on the server :" top 1 - name 1 top 2 - name 2 top 3 - name 3 top 4 - name 4 top 5 - name 5 top 6 - name 6 top 7 - name 7 top 8 - name 8 top 9 - name 9 top 10 - name 10 next; menu "name 1",n1," "name 2",n2," "name 2",n2," "name 3",n3," "name 4",n4," "name 5",n5," "name 6",n6," and so on..... n1: name : job : blvl : jlvl : guild : current zeny : 1 billion n2: name : job : blvl : jlvl : guild : current zeny : 900 million and so on.....
  6. when i use this one my map server crash....
  7. this is a 24 hour based script...... this is the one i'm currently using..
  8. can i have a script where it would display a 12 hour based times and not 24 hour based time on the waitingroom? like if the time is 1:00 PM ........ it displays 1:00 P.M and not 13:00 PM
  9. can someone please share(if anybody has it already) or make(out of generosity) it.. its like a pvp ladder where it displays 10 user who are killer... i mean my server is pk on and if a player kills a novice or whatsoever on fields, dungeon and other places they'll be put on the bounty list... and if you kill them you'll gain zeny or rewards... =3
  10. yeah i think it's kinda similar but i want names not rewards... =3
  11. can i request for an npc that has this kind of function.. -START an event gm has conducted an event.... then after the event 'size' is the winner... now that gm has no @item so the only thing he could do is go to the record npc... in that npc he will write the name of the player... then after the player has been written it'll ask for some description now hell put = winner of blah blah event... after the description has been set-up it'll ask for what is his prize? then he'll put the id of the item that the player is supposed to get.... now that hes finished he decided to conduct another event so it's now the 2nd event. the winner of this event is 'tantrum' he will go again to the npc and add tantrum on the list........ now the event gm has log off... The admin has logged in... the admin now goes to the npc and after he clicked the npc he will see things like this --------------------------------------- [ Record NPC ] Hello GM ( Name )! How can i help you? --------------------------------------- Then a menu will appear 'View list & Close' if he clicked View List it'll display the 2 names that won the event. something like this ------------------------------------------ [ Record NPC ] Select a character. ----------------------------------------- menu 1. size 2. tantrum then the admin click 'size' the description & prize info will be shown to the admin... it'll be something like this ------------------------------------- [ Record NPC ] Name : size Description : winner of blah blah event Prize info : 100x tcg card 1x gold (or whatever the event gm has put on the prize info.) --------------------------------------- after he finishes reading the info. he will press next and a menu shall appear "Delete & Close" if he decided to delete the 'size' info there will be a RECYCLE BIN on the npc meaning there's a record of the files that was deleted and on that BIN there will be an option 'DELETE PERMANENTLY' which will delete the 'size' info permanently.. like 'woosshhh' GONE!!!! also if there's no pending list....... the npc will say... List empty... THank you for whoever will create this script =D @BUMP!
  12. It would probably be best to just check for a null menu anyways. So between the select and the loop that makes the menu add... if(.@menu$=="") { mes "OMG put some clothes on!"; close; } If you don't understand what I mean or think the the script works differently but don't want to paste it just send me a message with the script. I can't do much with the small snipit you gave me. I already figured it out... LOL!! i just came up with a more primitive solution... ( getequipid(1) == -1 && getequipid(2) == -1 && getequipid(3) == -1 && getequipid(4) == -1 && getequipid(5) == -1 && getequipid(6) == -1 && getequipid(7) == -1 && getequipid(8) == -1 && getequipid(9) == -1 && getequipid(10) == -1 ) hahahaha!! thx by the way sir skorm for giving your time...
  13. still not working boss..... the npc still tells me "please select the item" even though i'm not wearing any equipment.
  14. well i just want the npc to check if your wearing any item at all coz w/o the checker the npc show a blank menu without any item at all because your not wearing any..