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  1. Can anyone translate this address written in Thai into English? I was about to send something to this address but im having troubles to translate it because the one who sent it to me used an image. Can't use copy paste to google translator. Lol I'm asking her to send it to me again in text not image but I havent got any reply from her. So maybe someone can help me with this, especially Thai members? Thanks in advance!
  2. when you relogged, is the item still equipped or unequipped?
  3. this 3? better contact long share it XD
  4. I can't actually tell what could be the problem. Since it will only enter the script if you select change cloth color. Have you tried to remove the script I gave and check if the hair color is working?
  5. after: set [email protected], select(" ~ Cloth color: ~ Hairstyle: ~ Hair color"); try to add: if ( [email protected] == 1 ) { if( Class == 4013 ) { setlook 7,0; mes "No available pallete for this cloth!"; close; } }
  6. I'm trying to spawn a monster with random slaves but couldn't find any. I can't use the skill NPC_SUMMONSLAVE in mob_skill_db.txt since it only has 5 slaves, can't be summon randomly. and I also need to add some tweaks to the slavemonsters using setunitdata. I also tried to use it on an npc script: unitskilluseid .mobgid,"NPC_SUMMONSLAVE",1; (i knew it wouldn't work from the very beginning XD) Then I saw this patch mob_controller_20140102.patch The patch contains mobassist script command but it also contains patch from setmobdata, getmobdata, etc.. I can't apply the whole patch since it might conflict with setunitdata plus I don't actually need all of them. I only wanted/need the mobassist part but I don't know which parts of the patch should be included if I only use the mobassist script command and get rid of other script commands. can anyone convert this patch into mobassist ONLY? or provide a patch that only contains mobassist? Thanks in advance!
  7. I've been doing this for a while now. I can't finish it since i'm not actually good at src mod. Actually I posted something here before. Now I came up with these codes but it isn't working well. I got the idea from here. In this topic, OnNPCAttackedEvent = when a monster received a damage. Questions: 1) will this code use too much memory since it will trigger each time a mob is hit? 2) if I use a script like this, will it still consume the same amount of memory? OnNPCAttackedEvent: if( @attackedrid != 1002 ) end; 3) As i've stated in this post, is it possible to only trigger OnNPCAttackedEvent to the mobs who are spawned with specific or "OnThisMob" event label? mob.c //Call when a mob has received damage. void mob_damage(struct mob_data *md, struct block_list *src, int damage) { + // OnNPCAttackedEvent + struct map_session_data *sd = NULL, *tmpsd[DAMAGELOG_SIZE]; + memset(tmpsd,0,sizeof(tmpsd)); + if ( src && src->type == BL_PC ) + { + sd = (struct map_session_data *)src; + } if (src && damage > 0) { //Store total damage... if (UINT_MAX - (unsigned int)damage > md->tdmg) md->tdmg += damage; else if (md->tdmg == UINT_MAX) damage = 0; //Stop recording damage once the cap has been reached. else { //Cap damage log... damage = (int)(UINT_MAX - md->tdmg); md->tdmg = UINT_MAX; } if ((src != &md->bl) && md->state.aggressive) //No longer aggressive, change to retaliate AI. md->state.aggressive = 0; //Log damage mob_log_damage(md, src, damage); md->dmgtick = gettick(); + // OnNPCAttackedEvent + if(sd) { // if I didn't use if(sd) the map-server crash when a pet attacks a monster + pc_setreg(sd, add_str("@attackerrid"), sd->bl.id); + pc_setreg(sd, add_str("@attackedrid"), md->mob_id); + npc_event_doall_id("OnNPCAttackedEvent", sd->bl.id); + } } if (battle_config.show_mob_info&3) clif_charnameack(0, &md->bl); #if PACKETVER >= 20120404 if( battle_config.monster_hp_bars_info){ int i; for(i = 0; i < DAMAGELOG_SIZE; i++){ // must show hp bar to all char who already hit the mob. struct map_session_data *sd = map_charid2sd(md->dmglog[i].id); if( sd && check_distance_bl(&md->bl, &sd->bl, AREA_SIZE) ) // check if in range clif_monster_hp_bar(md, sd->fd); } } #endif if (!src) return; if( md->special_state.ai == AI_SPHERE ) {//LOne WOlf explained that ANYONE can trigger the marine countdown skill. [Skotlex] md->state.alchemist = 1; mobskill_use(md, gettick(), MSC_ALCHEMIST); } } Thanks in advance for those who can help!
  8. Thanks man! This demon fox cloak is exactly what im looking for. But the susano is different. But thanks still
  9. Try this thanatos sword.rar
  10. I checked those sites and still can't find them. I forgot the servers where I saw them. I don't have the pictures of the sprites. But the susano is colored violet and a bit of animated. The Kyuubi demon fox cloak looks like an aura covering the user and has tail. I also saw something like the bones and skull of susano covered with the demon fox cloak.
  11. Anyone can share the demon fox cloak naruto and the susano sprites? I've seen them on a lot of servers but I can't find here in rathena. Maybe someone here knows where can I get or purchase them. Thanks in advance!
  12. Thank you Playtester! Maybe it should also be reported on github rAthena issues.
  13. Yeah. I dunno why it gives half damage to both players and monsters though. anyway I guess it will still be good. I just think it would be better if I could separate damage from monsters and players.
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