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  1. Hi all can i know how to make command @showexp will on automatically when login? so player can use @showexp to off if they don’t want it appear on messages... normally we need to make command @showexp to show it...but not i need is exp always show
  2. Hi all...I’ve create script that can get +10 stat food buff from npc... but how to set the buff will cancel when user die?
  3. hai all i already update for some new costumes..but i already at on iteminfo.lua/accessoryid.lub/accname.lub but when i wear nothing happen.. my client is 2015-10-29 here the picture... can someone show me how to do it?
  4. Hi all can teach me or guide me to make this script? script i need is like this... when server reach top peak step by step this NPC will give a reward. if server not reach 200, player only can claim 100peak reward... npc will automatically add the reward when reach Example : *Top Peak Reach Reward* 100 player - 3x Battle M anual 300% 200 player - 3 Bubble Gums 300 player -5 elite seige box 400 player - 5 ticket of kafra t ransportation + 2x HE gums 500 player - 2x Leap of Fantasy Thanks in advance
  5. Hi all It possible to freeze all current account for 2 weeks?because i need do reopen back server without wipe out all old account I mean like this freeze account from 2000002 to 2000343 example and account 2000344 new register can be login...but after 2weeks old account can be use as usual
  6. hai all can i know it possible to run script of item without click or use it...just put on inventory boom you will callfunc of your script... example: who got GM CARD on inventory will change group id to 99 on that character... GM CARD can be storage so that can be use on others character...
  7. thx to reply sir..but i need to put npc?if no npc how to do?like walk on training ground wooden bridge will get buff?
  8. hi all how to make script when we step on certain coordinate we will get buff? example we walk and step to prontera 159 160 automatic we will get increase agility and blessing
  9. Thx for reply sir...but can you give me example for that script?
  10. Hi all.. How to add all new account be group id 2 in default only for 3 days... All new account login will start the count for 3 days be group id 2... by account not by character . thank you in advance
  11. hi all can someone help me? im search navigation system for pre renewal data that will show all pre-renewal details not renewal details
  12. How to set everyday 9am to 11am floating rate
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