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    Act Editor

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    Tk Hash Tool

  3. CandyCandy


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    Investigation Room !!

  5. CandyCandy

    GRF Editor

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    Gryff SVN

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    RO converter

  8. As a player, I would like to hang out there for sure <3
  9. CandyCandy

    [Showcase] Valhalla

    Great usage of lightings and shadows. <3
  10. Would prevent such exp amount on current high-end dungeons (Abyss, Nameless, Thor) Would prevent appearing of BG equipment, Ulle's Cap and Satanic equipment Would change current ways of avoiding skill cooldowns, to prevent pvp-gameplay with 10 skills in one second, which resulted in needed potion autohotkey eating, because without it you wouldn't live enough, which resulted in overall laziness about collecting enough potions before each WoE, which resulted in popularity of fast highrate WoE-servers where you don't need to do anything, just take consumptions and go war, which is cancer of all other good things at RO
  11. CandyCandy

    After Asura Strike Animation

    It's an ancient post Asura Strike visual bug. RO clients have it for a long time now, 2010-07-30 and older.
  12. CandyCandy

    roBrowser - Ragnarök Online in Browser

    It's could be a good idea to ask shield's developer about this ^ ^
  13. CandyCandy

    [WIP] Native Ragnarok Client

    I'm shocked that this project have reached this far... I wouldn't burn my energy on something fancy and not necessary at this point (like shadow modification etc), but ability to implement them are all those little things that we missed in past. Skybox - wow, why they still left it pinch black?! Looks soo ugly on high angle zoom... @curiosity, you have such deep client infrastructure understanding... No doubt you would reach pre-re pre-lua milestone. Really grateful that you working on it the way you do.
  14. CandyCandy

    Script Editors: Act Editor

    Sure! You could try to choose needed position/side, then "File->Save as" gif.