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  1. Thank you very much. I'll try this. It's good to able to see you again.
  2. You're the one who give me the patch at 3ceam forum. Unfortunately I didn't download/copy it. A bit busy that time.. I'm sorry...
  3. Hello.. I wonder if any of you guys still have this .diff? I really need it.. Source : http://www.eathena.ws/board/lofiversion/index.php/t272578.html Thank you.
  4. Just make it as "service charge" since you're fixing the script. Easy. @joelolopez, if you can make this script compatible with eAthena and 100% working, please PM me the price.
  5. This script can be use on eAthena?
  6. uDe

    Itemizer MOD

    I'm really suck when it comes to SQL.....
  7. uDe

    Itemizer MOD

    So, you don't want to add some of Latheesan script funtion to your script?
  8. uDe

    Itemizer MOD

    This is your script? Thank you. But, I really need to use this script : http://rathena.org/board/topic/91969-itemizer-mod/#entry242083 It has confirmation to before giving the item, player can view the list of item they received and also they can view the logs of item that has been given. And in your script, there's no announce at all.. If you look into the original script, there's an option to allow GM to choose to announce when they give the item or not. Line 61 ~ 65 : set @allow_announce,1; // 1 == Yes | 0 == No (Let GM Choose If He/She Wants To Announce) setarray @announce_loc$, // Possible Announce Locations "bc_all", "bc_map", "bc_area"; So, I just want to remove this and make every item given by GM will be automatically announce to whole server (bc_all). For your script, it's so simple and easy to understand. But maybe you can insert the usefull function from Latheesan script into yours and it would be great.
  9. uDe

    Itemizer MOD

    May I ask to completely remove the announce option (bc_all,bc_map or bc_area) to just bc_all. Which mean, there's no setting to allow or not allowing GM to announce or not. Every reward will be automatically announce to bc_all.. Currently I'm using Annie's modded script : http://rathena.org/board/topic/91969-itemizer-mod/#entry242083
  10. I'm using eAthena.. Can I refer that tutorial also? Thank you. I will try this also..
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