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  1. Hi, use optional parameters *bindatcmd "<command>","<NPC object name>::<event label>"{,<atcommand level>,<charcommand level>};
  2. Ultima


    in ea-support Stanislav commended this situation We used one skype account and it was blocked by a functor. How does the definition of personality go if in this situation we are a common whole, isn't it?
  3. Ultima


    the third person in history lied about the sale to annoy me as a server administrator. There was no fact of sale. We worked together on the project.
  4. Ultima


    @Functor Hi Forums, I say right away that I'm not a native speaker (I'am from RU). An interesting story happened to me: 1) A friend buys a Gepard Shield 2) After some time, we decide to make a joint project using its protection. 3) Someone gives the functor information that the protection was sold to me without asking the owner and stops support + removes it from Skype. All screenshots are in Russian, but in short I told what happened. Do you think this was correct from the side of the Functor? Maybe I'm wrong, I'm waiting for your thoughts. (If interested, I will supplement the theme with translations of all screenshots) Original: Link
  5. up? yes. I used ramod 2 and my map server crased from Wizard Katrinn. (she used QUAGMIRE and firewall)
  6. it's not working, mysql show this message now (i restart my mysql)
  7. When i'am use FluxCP, my mysql alltime show this error: 2019-10-20T17:15:29.955619Z 424 [Note] Aborted connection 424 to db: 'mybase' user: 'root' host: 'localhost' (Got an error reading communication packets) what is this, is it dangerous, if yes can i fix this error. mysql settings I did not change sorry for my bad English
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