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  1. Ultima


    in ea-support Stanislav commended this situation
  2. Ultima


    the third person in history lied about the sale to annoy me as a server administrator. There was no fact of sale. We worked together on the project.
  3. Ultima


    @Functor Hi Forums, I say right away that I'm not a native speaker (I'am from RU). An interesting story happened to me: 1) A friend buys a Gepard Shield 2) After some time, we decide to make a joint project using its protection. 3) Someone gives the functor information that the protection was sold to me without asking the owner and stops support + removes it from Skype. All screenshots are in Russian, but in short I told what happened. Do you think this was correct from the side of the Functor? Maybe I'm wrong, I'm waiting for your thoughts. (If interested, I will supplement the theme with translations of all screenshots) Original: Link
  4. it's not working, mysql show this message now (i restart my mysql)
  5. When i'am use FluxCP, my mysql alltime show this error: 2019-10-20T17:15:29.955619Z 424 [Note] Aborted connection 424 to db: 'mybase' user: 'root' host: 'localhost' (Got an error reading communication packets) what is this, is it dangerous, if yes can i fix this error. mysql settings I did not change sorry for my bad English
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