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  1. Cyro

    Afk Mode

    Try posting it to showcase section next time
  2. Cyro

    Existing event managers

    Its paid one, i believe there some event manager in downloads section
  3. Cyro

    Euphy quest shop duplicating

    you better post your script instead of asking stuff which makes no meaning, anyways its basically causes coz of npc/shop name, you also need to change the callshop name after you change shop name,
  4. Cyro

    Extrem lags when mobbing

    If there us no compilation/db errors it should be smoth, geographical location if the server might be one of tge reason aswell aa your internet connection
  5. Cyro

    Unwalkable Paths in Old Izlude Map

    Make sure updated mapcache have your map gat file,
  6. Let's work together indeed! Server Setup Setup emulator(rAthena/Hercules/rAmod/eAmod/eAthena) in your VPS Apache, MySQL & Phpmyadmin Basic NPC's. Server Files Migration( if requested will migrate your files from old host new host) Loading Screens / Login Screen Setting up your own DIscord bot on your host for your dicord server Game Guard Installation( will install your desired game guard) Client Setup Setup Ragexe / RagexeRE( diffing as your need) Thor Patcher setup( custom patcher can be made on requests) YourRO.GRF setup (Grf building) Web Setup Setup Flux/Care's/Aqua/Oberon(paid)/StarGames Control Panel (will setup your theme) IP Board Forums installation(also theming that matches with your flux theme) Wiki page Installation ( will install wiki page for your server) NPC Scripting Create custom NPCs/Events Repair broken NPCs/Events Modify NPCs/Events/SRC Mod's Free consultations as long as it is within my knowledge. Free support and help for the service I provided as long as it is necessary. Free fix of your problems not related to my service, as long as it is within my capabilities. Important things to note before you contact me : My works starts from as low as $5, prices of the projects requested depend entirely upon the size of the project and the complexity I do not give refunds without valid reasons! But, I might offer free services as return All terms and conditions may be subject to change. Feel free to contact me here: Discord :Cyro#6282 Skype : dheeraj_45 Facebook: click here
  7. Cyro

    How to ADD MVP & Mini Boss Card drops
  8. you can connect your ragnarok db to your ipb via ipb admin panel!
  9. Cyro

    Remove skill delay

    Wrong section. Moved to "Source Support".
  10. Cyro

    configure cp

    Wrong section. Moved to "Web Support".
  11. Cyro

    Installation for Windows.

    Wrong section. Moved to "Installation Support"
  12. Cyro

    Server Setup for India

    Hay dude! I am from India aswell! You can find paid services here
  13. Cyro

    how to change login-server name

    Its in char_athena.conf
  14. Cyro

    how to change login-server name

    Wrong section. Moved to "Installation Support"
  15. Cyro

    help on Reduce RO clients

    Wrong section. Moved to "Client-side Support"
  16. Cyro

    buttons in korean

    your ro translation folder might not be updated , use latest one
  17. Cyro


    seems your db already have cp tables ! try deleting them and install
  18. Cyro

    Brainstorm group session!

    may be lets catch-up next time xD
  19. Cyro

    Brainstorm group session!

    That was gym time! Couldn't help with that! Good morning
  21. Cyro

    Guillotine Cross AllSkills but double attack

    Wrong section. Moved to "Source Support".
  22. Cyro

    Lag in local server

    Sounds like it requires more ram memory, check your vm ram usage
  23. Cyro

    Hello again!! I am back!!

    Welcome back,i saw some activity after a year in assembla, Good to see you again
  24. Cyro

    Izlude map issue

    Wrong section. Moved to "Client-side Support"