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  1. Yug-WebDev

    htlm/php based web

    If it were that easy, then flux would have never existed. making a simple registration form is one thing... but making a secure registration is important. Its easy for someone who is expert at PHP. If you are a newbie it's better to stick to FluxCP, once you are good enough at PHP you can make your own CP. the sky is the limit If you are in a situation where you liked some "Website Template" and you want it to work for Ragnarok..with having few features of FluxCP. then you should do the Integration of Website Template + FluxCP. or get it done by someone if you are not expert at it.
  2. Yug-WebDev

    Help on having a flux CP + website on my server

    contact me on discord :- yug-webdev#8417
  3. Yug-WebDev

    Help on having a flux CP + website on my server

    you have mentioned it before for free,.. I know.. thought of helping you.. so said yes I can help you free of charge
  4. Yug-WebDev

    [RoCharGen] Wrong Colors

    Do the Following things :- 1] in index.php make this Cache::$time = 0 2] on line aprox 33/34 //Debug::enable(); to Debug::enable(); just uncomment it and check if you could find something missing error on your browser. 3] try it on different browser like mozilla firefox, google chrome etc. 4] sometimes the grf seems the same, due to some encryption they may not be readable so check that as well. the Debug::enable(); will help you there.. 5] try the same with different character. 6] keep clearing your browser cache ctrl+shift+del on your browser window..
  5. Yug-WebDev

    [RoCharGen] Wrong Colors

    might be the cache ?
  6. Yug-WebDev

    Freebie NPC SQL Problem?

    why not something like this .. getitembound ? let me make a simple script for you ..
  7. Yug-WebDev

    Is ok if i use Hercules Flux cp?

    yes i can
  8. Yug-WebDev

    Connection Refused rA Flux CP

    for that, you will have to check... the connection refused it from your MySQL side.. check. Ports Firewall
  9. Yug-WebDev

    Is ok if i use Hercules Flux cp?

    you cannot. If you are using a custom theme.. then that needs to be converted to rathena... I can convert it for you...
  10. Version 1.0.0


    FluxCP Responsive Theme for Sell. Has all the features as seen in the image. installation is simple .. 1] extract the zip file inside the themes folder of fluxcp. 2] just change the name in fluxcp/config/application.php 'ThemeName' => array('default', 'bootstrap'), to 'ThemeName' => array('simple_priest', 'bootstrap'), thats it :-) Enjoy if you need any help you can contact me on skype :- yuglighting discord :- yug-webdev #8417 or you can directly message me here. By downloading this file, you agree to my Terms of Service: • You are not allowed remove my signature from any of the included files. • You are not allowed sell, resell or in any form of money or rewards using my work. • You are not allowed claim my work as yours. • I have the rights to change all the terms above without prior notice.


  11. Yug-WebDev

    Help characters are Invisible within the map?

    Disable the packet obfuscation by commenting in src>config>packets.h
  12. Yug-WebDev

    Dark Ice Castle Flux CP Theme (Pre-re)

    Your Design is really very good, you should have used better Font,.. but seriously nice design
  13. how to make triangle shape texture ? like like adding 2 Different textures in triangle shape how to do that ?
  14. Yug-WebDev

    my custom map crashes when i use @warp "mapname"

    i did and it worked .. how to make triangle shape texture like like adding 2 textures in traingle shape how to do that ?