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  1. Yug-WebDev

    Rathena paid shop System

    the sad part is Rathena is not paying full amount even after 60days. I think is better they close the paid shop system entirely. and have something like direct buy from seller system. so that in case of any refund [if any], will be directly from the seller itself. but in this case, rathena won't get any commision guarantee .. so they won't use this at all...
  2. Yug-WebDev

    Rathena paid shop System

    it's not only about the payment option to avoid the refund issues. it's also about. the guarantee.. as PayPal rules states that the refund can only be claimed if buyer disputes a claim before 60days. after 60 days its end of the story.. rathena should make the payment of certain seller.. full at once. and not in parts. and the date shouldn't be uncertain. it's sellers money. rathena should deduct their 20% share and release the payments immediately, as soon as the refund time is over. any other service than PayPal will be good as well .. but the question is if there are no refund issues.. will the payment of seller be done... immediately as well?
  3. Yug-WebDev

    Help on having a flux CP + website on my server

    contact me on discord :- yug-webdev#8417
  4. Yug-WebDev

    Rathena paid shop System

    Describe the working of this cryptocurrency, so that everyone can understand...and see how feasible it is... if this could avoid a chargeback then... it's really good that will make it instant payment.
  5. Yug-WebDev

    Help on having a flux CP + website on my server

    you have mentioned it before for free,.. I know.. thought of helping you.. so said yes I can help you free of charge
  6. Yug-WebDev

    Help on having a flux CP + website on my server

    yes i can..
  7. Yug-WebDev

    Rathena paid shop System

    I tried so hard not to post this..but today I really make my heart strong and ask this question. first of all to all rathena authorities please don't get angry and don't ban me for asking this, the paid shop system is not a very good reason is as follows in my opinion. 1] the system of once a week payment is very very bad. 2] I really don't like the 20$ limit of withdrawing. [ say a 80$ payment will take 4 days just to put withdraw the request and then waiting for infinity for 20$-20$ payments ]. 3] if rathena is worried about the refund from PayPal,.. then they should make it clear that the payment will be released after refund date limit of PayPal.. i guess that is 60days, to be on safer side rathena can keep 90days fixed payment schedule. 4] the uncertain waiting time just kills. there is nowhere i would know, when will be our payments be released, if asked your answers sound very very harsh with alot of anger. 4] if a person receives a payment 80$ on day 1... then he should get his payment on 90th day. [deducting the rathena margin] 5] people are waiting for 4 to 6 months or maybe more than that,..and still not getting payments. 6] i am sure everyone selling on rathena shop is not satisfied with the shop system. 7] people want to sell more on rathena, if have a guarantee about their payments. Please do something on this. rathena authorities please don't get angry on me or ban me for posting this.[ i am not against rathena, I am just posting the problems that I am facing ] if I am the only one having this problem, sorry for generalizing the problem. please don't say that if you have a problem, why are you still at rathena ?
  8. Yug-WebDev

    [RoCharGen] Wrong Colors

    Do the Following things :- 1] in index.php make this Cache::$time = 0 2] on line aprox 33/34 //Debug::enable(); to Debug::enable(); just uncomment it and check if you could find something missing error on your browser. 3] try it on different browser like mozilla firefox, google chrome etc. 4] sometimes the grf seems the same, due to some encryption they may not be readable so check that as well. the Debug::enable(); will help you there.. 5] try the same with different character. 6] keep clearing your browser cache ctrl+shift+del on your browser window..
  9. Yug-WebDev

    [RoCharGen] Wrong Colors

    might be the cache ?
  10. Yug-WebDev

    Freebie NPC SQL Problem?

    why not something like this .. getitembound ? let me make a simple script for you ..
  11. Yug-WebDev

    Is ok if i use Hercules Flux cp?

    yes i can
  12. Yug-WebDev

    Connection Refused rA Flux CP

    for that, you will have to check... the connection refused it from your MySQL side.. check. Ports Firewall
  13. Yug-WebDev

    Is ok if i use Hercules Flux cp?

    you cannot. If you are using a custom theme.. then that needs to be converted to rathena... I can convert it for you...
  14. Version 1.0.0


    FluxCP Responsive Theme for Sell. Has all the features as seen in the image. installation is simple .. 1] extract the zip file inside the themes folder of fluxcp. 2] just change the name in fluxcp/config/application.php 'ThemeName' => array('default', 'bootstrap'), to 'ThemeName' => array('simple_priest', 'bootstrap'), thats it :-) Enjoy if you need any help you can contact me on skype :- yuglighting discord :- yug-webdev #8417 or you can directly message me here. By downloading this file, you agree to my Terms of Service: • You are not allowed remove my signature from any of the included files. • You are not allowed sell, resell or in any form of money or rewards using my work. • You are not allowed claim my work as yours. • I have the rights to change all the terms above without prior notice.


  15. Yug-WebDev

    Help characters are Invisible within the map?

    Disable the packet obfuscation by commenting in src>config>packets.h