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  1. If it were that easy, then flux would have never existed. making a simple registration form is one thing... but making a secure registration is important. Its easy for someone who is expert at PHP. If you are a newbie it's better to stick to FluxCP, once you are good enough at PHP you can make your own CP. the sky is the limit If you are in a situation where you liked some "Website Template" and you want it to work for Ragnarok..with having few features of FluxCP. then you should do the Integration of Website Template + FluxCP. or get it done by someone if you are not expert at it.
  2. you have mentioned it before for free,.. I know.. thought of helping you.. so said yes I can help you free of charge
  3. Do the Following things :- 1] in index.php make this Cache::$time = 0 2] on line aprox 33/34 //Debug::enable(); to Debug::enable(); just uncomment it and check if you could find something missing error on your browser. 3] try it on different browser like mozilla firefox, google chrome etc. 4] sometimes the grf seems the same, due to some encryption they may not be readable so check that as well. the Debug::enable(); will help you there.. 5] try the same with different character. 6] keep clearing your browser cache ctrl+shift+del on your browser window..
  4. why not something like this .. getitembound ? let me make a simple script for you ..
  5. for that, you will have to check... the connection refused it from your MySQL side.. check. Ports Firewall
  6. you cannot. If you are using a custom theme.. then that needs to be converted to rathena... I can convert it for you...
  7. Disable the packet obfuscation by commenting in src>config>packets.h
  8. Your Design is really very good, you should have used better Font,.. but seriously nice design
  9. how to make triangle shape texture ? like like adding 2 Different textures in triangle shape how to do that ?
  10. i did and it worked .. how to make triangle shape texture like like adding 2 textures in traingle shape how to do that ?
  11. I have followed everything.. i just opened prontera town from grf then i edited and as i only wanted the middle portion of prontera so i just non walkable rest all map. is it because of that ? how i added ? i added map name in map_index , map-server, map cache and i started the server and login , very few times i was able to login in map and walk, then i closed it and again i tried to go in that map i it crashed and kept on crashing .. i really dont understand what to do. please help me someone...