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  1. it seems not really an official server. they also use the exact english client translation we are using on their client.
  2. MakeableRace = { Doram = true } AssistAddr = "YOUR IP ADDRESS:8888" ----------------------------------------- -- Old client compatibility [Secret] -- (Just change the "AssistAddr" to your IP) ----------------------------------------- Url = { TwitterUrl = 'http://'..AssistAddr } AccountLinkedUserDataUrl = { Save = 'http://'..AssistAddr..'/userconfig/save', Load = 'http://'..AssistAddr..'/userconfig/load' } TwitterDataUrl = { Auth = 'http://'..AssistAddr..'/twitter/user-auth', Upload = 'http://'..AssistAddr..'/twitter/upload' } EmblemDataUrl = { Upload = 'http://'..AssistAddr..'/emblem/upload', Download = 'http://'..AssistAddr..'/emblem/download' }
  3. just replace the with your ip address.
  4. there is a bug on it. it was reported for a very long time. https://github.com/rathena/rathena/pull/6959
  5. cash and zeny is missing. it works i forgot the db\import\item_db_ex.yml
  6. src\config\secure.hpp #define SECURE_NPCTIMEOUT but I'm not sure if it's going to work. because there is an issue on it which is not fixed for a very long time.
  7. if it's a LAN it doesn't even need to do port forward. all you need to do is to be allowed on your firewall. and also, on your char_athena.conf and map_athena.conf make sure you use your LAN IP instead of and also check if your client uses clientinfo.xml or sclientinfo.xml and also just use your LAN IP there.
  8. this is a bug on some other client version. itemlink not working some exe · Issue #7441 · rathena/rathena (github.com)
  9. thanks it works. here is a working diff patch for the latest version. credits goes to Hyroshima ExtendedVending_Rev9.2.diff
  10. at least I didn't pretend to fix anything which is not really working. if you didn't delete or remove your diff patch, the staff might be. and since the author of this thread is no longer active. this post might also become hidden soon just like what happened on his bg2.0.
  11. dic_dun02,x,y monster Mineral 1614,10,0,0 mapname,map coordiate x,y
  12. its not working thats why he removes it. it only works for zeny and cash.
  13. WeeThumbnail have you tried?
  14. the problem is you can't purchased vending item using coins and tcg. same issue above previous release.
  15. it only works for cash and zeny. your .diff files disabled the coins and tcg then you tell me it works perfectly? btw if you enable those coins. you will get map crashed
  16. it works now. the one that i used before is outdated. and Tokei said that there is a recent update and it works fine now.
  17. not working for coins and tcgs. and also the default language is not english.
  18. im not sure if its working on 2022 client.i just got error but when i try it on 2020 client no error. problem solved. thanks. the grf editor that i used is outdated.
  19. does anyone already tried to make it work the grf encryption for this client version
  20. if i have extra time im going to look on my archived files to see for those older client versions of mine that i used before.
  21. you can try this. but pre-diffed clients not included. just a clean kro.
  22. im not sure if rathena supported those client. also NEMO does not work on the older version of client. k3dt's diff patcher or ShinsDiffPatcher might work. it so hard to find diff patch of old client not.some of it is already patched and will work on specific old server emulator. and also most of the important svn link is no longer working for older version of clients repo because it was already remove by assembla svn. that's why is so hard to find server and client files.
  23. i think the client you are looking for is packed with the old version of emulator like Darkweiss and Vidar. it uses loader for the client which i believe the 2004 clients.
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