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    Hi, all. I presented my ZeROBrowser 1 year ago. Here is the upgrade : I. PRINCIPLE This WORK IN PROGRESS project is to make a custom Ragnarok Online Client which is available on : Windows (with a webpage, without any full client download) Linux MacOS Android (Samsung, Huawei, etc) iOS (iPhone) Windows Phone This amazing thing is possible today thanks to Electron and Cordova technology. So my work is to make a custom client playable as well on Desktops, Tablets and Mobiles (by changing a bit the UI). I estimate the progress to : [ ------------------------ 70% ...........] II. SCREENSHOTS Touch-motions on mobile Mobile UI In Game Look on Desktop (Windows/Linux/MacOS) III. MORE INFOS You can follow the progress on subscribing this topic or on my website : https://vykimo.com ============================================================================================================= Update 06/12/2019 : BETA TEST : I made 3 days of "real condition" tests with a team of 3 advanced players. It was successfull, feedbacks were great and they only reported a few bugs in order to play "normally" on a RO server. What a good step ! Shield System: In parallel, I talked with @Functor about possible Gepard Shield support in XPRO. But as you probably know, including Gepard Shield into Robrowser/AndRO opens a door in your server for bots. And we don't want to break his shield, so I'll work on my own encryption method. It'll be available later on... Infos will come asap, stay tuned ============================================================================================================= Keep informed ~
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    I patched your EXE. Use these files. It works for me. https://mega.nz/#!wM0gTAja!4EgppGPYSVEErOMyu1TLx-xMJnt2jdno4EjpV81Jn_0
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    Fíjate en el nivel, si es 1 o 2 necesitas pegarte a una pared, si es nivel 3 te irá bien.
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    The pull request is for both pre-re and re.
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    pc_setglobalreg(sd, add_str("ProducePoints"), pc_readglobalreg(sd, add_str("ProducePoints")) + 1);
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    A big thanks to rAthena Development Team for the scripts, sources, tools and tutorials! I'm just 13 years old running a Ragnarok Private Server! Long live rAthena!
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    It looks simple but nice, smooth and clean. There are a lot screen issues. If u need help just let me know it. In average good work. Keep it forward! Rynbef~
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    I really don't like to spoonfeed people, but since I already have the code: 18666,CD_In_Mouth,CD In Mouth,4,20,,200,,0,,0,0xFFFFFFFE,63,2,1,,20,0,815,{ autobonus "{ bonus3 bAutoSpell,8013,5,40; bonus3 bAutoSpell,8013,4,40; bonus3 bAutoSpell,8013,3,40; bonus3 bAutoSpell,8013,2,40; bonus3 bAutoSpell,8013,1,40; bonus3 bAutoSpell,13,1,10; bonus3 bAutoSpell,13,2,10; bonus3 bAutoSpell,13,3,10; bonus3 bAutoSpell,13,4,10; bonus3 bAutoSpell,13,1,10; }",60,5000,0,"{ specialeffect2 EF_POTION_BERSERK; }"; },{},{} Notes: Skill ID 8013 = Caprice; 13 = Soul Strike. Autobonus doesn't support skill names since they (skill names) break the quotation ("") marks. Caprice randomly casts FB, LB, CB and ES. I gave it a 4% chance of autocasting so as if each bolt is casted at a 1% rate. Edit: Should have been posted at the requests section?
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    I made this private mvp room script, which using almost the same system as your script weird, I remembered I made a snippet script before inside eathena script support section ... but right now I couldn't find back that topic ( wahahahah I got 6.6k post count there, I also can't find my own post myself xD ) anyway I just write this again from scratch prontera,155,187,5 script sdfjhsdfkj 100,{ // script check for empty room for ( [email protected] = 1; [email protected] <= 8; [email protected]++ ) if ( getmapusers( "06guild_0"+ [email protected] ) == 0 ) .password$[[email protected]] = ""; mes "select a room"; mes " "; for ( [email protected] = 1; [email protected] <= 8; [email protected]++ ) if ( .password$[[email protected]] != "" ) mes "^000000Room no."+ [email protected] +" = ^0000FF"+ .creater_name$[[email protected]]; next; for ( [email protected] = 1; [email protected] <= 8; [email protected]++ ) if ( .password$[[email protected]] == "" ) [email protected]$ = [email protected]$ +"^000000Room no."+ [email protected] +" = ^FF0000<Free>:"; else [email protected]$ = [email protected]$ +"^000000Room no."+ [email protected] +" = ^0000FF"+ .creater_name$[[email protected]] +":"; [email protected] = select( [email protected]$ ); if ( .password$[ [email protected] ] == "" ) { if ( zeny < 50000 ) { mes "you need 50,000 zeny to rent a room"; close; } mes "this room is available"; mes "please input a password"; mes "string length : min 4, max 30"; next; if ( input( [email protected]$, 4, 30 ) ) { mes "invalid string length"; close; } if ( [email protected]$ == " " ) close; mes "password set to this ?"; mes "^FF0000"+ [email protected]$; next; if ( select ( "Yes", "No" ) == 2 ) close; // double check is there anyone rent faster than you if ( .password$[ [email protected] ] != "" ) { mes "I'm sorry but somebody rent this room faster than you"; close; } // again double check the zeny requirement because of Ragnarok stupid mail system (send mail using friend list) <.< always make a habit to counter check item and zeny requirement if ( zeny < 50000 ) { mes "don't cheat me"; close; } zeny -= 50000; // OOOOPPSS !! .password$[ [email protected] ] = [email protected]$; .creater_name$[ [email protected] ] = strcharinfo(0); warp "06guild_0"+ [email protected], 49, 49; end; } mes "input the password"; // always have some recovery system for GMs to recover password if ( getgmlevel() == 99 ) { mes " "; mes "^FF0000 Admin ONLY"; mes "^0000FF"+ .password$[ [email protected] ]; } next; input [email protected]$; if ( [email protected]$ != .password$[ [email protected] ] ) { mes "wrong password input"; close; } warp "06guild_0"+ [email protected], 49, 49; end; } 06guild_01 mapflag nowarpto 06guild_02 mapflag nowarpto 06guild_03 mapflag nowarpto 06guild_04 mapflag nowarpto 06guild_05 mapflag nowarpto 06guild_06 mapflag nowarpto 06guild_07 mapflag nowarpto 06guild_08 mapflag nowarpto
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    yes... // Note 3: Value is a bit field. If no description is given, // assume unit types (1: Pc, 2: Mob, 4: Pet, 8: Homun) the number just used for the server to enable what / who can have those effect take place in game.
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