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    #CASHPOINTS -= .vip_cashpoint[[email protected]]; vip_time (.vip_day[[email protected]] * 1440); // 30 days VIP if ([email protected] == 2) { getitem 501, 1; getitem 501, 2; getitem 501, 3; } mes .npc$; mes "Congratulations you just got "+.vip_day[[email protected]]+" days VIP."; close; change to this.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Hello everyone! A hat that I have made because of a passing by inspiration. One idea is to use this as an ingredient to make the "Hat of Queronte" (Shown below). The file includes: collection, icon, .spr + .act of the equipment and the drop. (The Hat of Queronte is not included in the file of this download.)


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    Version 1.0.0


    you need at least 55acdb9863382d8935d9df25e1462d5d1ebd7d54 or above this npc let the players check the guild storage log to access the guild storage log the player must have guild storage permission


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    Is your client read data folder first.? If yes, put this file into data\sprite\·Îºê folder ¸ðÇè°¡¹è³¶.rar
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    Version 1.0.0


    Hello peoples, I've been asked recently to create instances that aren't release on rathena yet So here's my version of Endless Cellar instance, based over infos took here and there, videos and divine-pride database. In the rar, you'll find all you need, including Instance file, mob, item and quest db. You'll still need up to date client (I personnaly use 20160201) to ensure the mobs are created client side. Have fun. Please, leave the credits and do not claim my work as yours.


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