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  1. for pvp point try using this, the point will change into roulette coin - script PVPPOINTS -1,{ OnPCKillEvent: if ( getgmlevel() >= 60) { end; } set PVPPoint,PVPPoint+1; dispbottom "Gained 1 PVP Points. Total : "+ PVPPoint +" PVP Points."; end; } Welgaia,203,119,4 script PVP Point Trader 512,{ setarray $@pvprewitem[0], 671,673,675; mes "Do you want to trade your point to coin?"; mes "For 1 pvp point will get random 1 coin"; mes "You have "+ PVPPoint +" PVP Points."; switch(select("Yes:No")){ Case 1: if (PVPPoint <= 0) { next; mes "You don't have PVP point."; end; } next; mes "Here your random coin."; getitem $@pvprewitem[rand(0,getarraysize($@pvprewitem)-1)],1; set PVPPoint,PVPPoint-.point; close; Case 2: mes "ok bye"; close; } } For PVP ladder and dota sound try use script at this download page on folder NPC
  2. please check tis link. about cash shop. on latest rA - General Support - rAthena
  3. using lastest rathena got issue, always failed refine event to +1
  4. for this you can use navigation function, for 2021 client and newer already have this.
  5. ok, thanks for the information, i will look into lua file for another city.
  6. Thanks for this, ar you have complete IRO bounty board quest?
  7. i check this is not include new quest board like Rachel and Veins.
  8. try with @Akbare-2nd option, i fix the issue using that method.
  9. this using at this link Warp with password Fast help pls! - Script Requests - rAthena
  10. at conf folder open char_athena.conf at char_name_letters, put the symbol in the list
  11. thanks, already test it, now the error warning not showing in map server.
  12. are you already create new account using account ID 2000000 at login table? Or try create it via client using user_M or user _F for the first time. after that only use user for ID.
  13. coba gunakan guide di link ini [Tutorial] Video Edition - How to Setup rAthena and run Ragnarok Updated 2018-7-28 - Page 6 - Installation Support - rAthena
  14. coba dicek di link ini Downloads - Nemo (herc.ws) atau bisa juga ke link ini kRO Full Client - 2023-04-04 - Includes BGM & RSU - Page 8 - Client Releases - rAthena
  15. maybe you can try this put the iteam as rental or delete it when the event already end.
  16. try use this script missionboard.txt
  17. please share too in this thread, i check still version 1.1 in the download section.
  18. When i tried to apply it, it's show fail like this is it the right step or not? can someone share how to apply this patch.
  19. not solve the issue, even using new script advance punching bag still happen.
  20. i think if your server are running with sql database it's no need SQL script
  21. Thanks for the confirmation.
  22. Already change form if(!getmapxy(.@map$,.@x,.@y,0,rid2name(.@a[.@d])) && .@charmap$==.@map$) into if(!getmapxy(.@map$,.@x,.@y,0,BL_PC)) && .@charmap$==.@map$) but still have waning and can use dual clent in the same map
  23. try use this - script dualclientkicker -1,{ OnPCLoadMapEvent: set .@charmap$, strcharinfo(3); if(!compare(.tmp$,.@charmap$)) end; set .@len, query_sql("SELECT DISTINCT `account_id` FROM `char` WHERE`account_id` IN (SELECT `account_id` FROM `login` WHERE `last_ip` =(SELECT `last_ip` FROM `login` WHERE `account_id`="+getcharid(3)+")) AND`online` <> 0;",.@a); for(set(.@d,0);.@d<.@len;set(.@d,.@d+1)) { if(!getmapxy(.@map$,.@x,.@y,0,rid2name(.@a[.@d])) && .@charmap$==.@map$) set .@c,.@c+ 1; } if(.@c > .limitacc ) { dispbottom "Dual accounts not allowed in PVP."; warp "geffen",0,0; } end; OnInit: set .limitacc,1; setarray .maps$, "valkyrie_vs", "pvp_y_1-2", "prt_pvp", "bat_cc2"; set .lens , getarraysize(.maps$) ; for(set(.a,0);.a<.lens;set(.a,.a+1)) { setmapflag .maps$[.a], mf_loadevent ; set .tmp$ ,.tmp$+.maps$[.a]+","; } }
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