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  1. Alayne's Scripts Collection

    You're currently trying to use Hercules script version. Take the rathena one, it should go better ^^
  2. Alayne's Scripts Collection

    @luan122 sorry been lacking time recently. In worst case, I'm on vacancies next week, so I'll provide them in this time. @Radian the customs I made can be adapted quite easily to pre-re. For these ones, it's a bit harder but you can still change the mobs infos so it'll be more adapted
  3. Hi Alayne

    could you please help me with Astral temple script, I found once I complete 4th floor and I enter to the next floor but the next floor is not [email protected],92,18 they send me to [email protected],92,18. do you have any idea to fix this?Capture.JPG.dd610891a91ec04511c9f5e98f82aec4.JPG

  4. Alayne's Scripts Collection

    strange. I'll give it a look yep.
  5. @truesai remove line 791 "sleep2 15000;". Dunno why it's blocking but I suppose it's this particular one. @themail12 what do you mean?
  6. Script Set Reg

    My bad, on the three npcs, i forgot this one. But as I allready told you, this error won't break anything. Thought I just commited a new version on my github.
  7. Hye there... Owh its you Alayne.. hahah nice script you have thx for help recently.

    1. Alayne


      your welcome ^^

  8. Requesting modifying this script

    Well come back if there's an issue but right now, can't find an error as it's written there.
  9. Requesting modifying this script

    Well I might be mistaken, but there's allready a delay before being able to enter in the area again, and it's set to 12h... if( #HuntRoomDelay > gettimetick(2) ){ set .last,#HuntRoomDelay - gettimetick(2); set [email protected], .last % ( 24 * 3600 ) % 3600 / (60); mes "Wait for ^FF0000"[email protected]+" Minutes^000000."; close; } [...] set #HuntRoomDelay,gettimetick(2) + ( .DelayHour * 3600 ); [...] // Adding X Hour of Delay before can go in again. set .DelayHour,12;
  10. H> Skull to Cashpoints. PVP.

    Well for that, you'll have to tell us how you do know which player is in the top. Is there a table on database? Some server variables?
  11. Alayne's Scripts Collection

    Actually it's happening on all server, but only on npc load. once done, it won't appear anymore. I fixed it on current version.
  12. Help> Monster of the Day.

    I don't get it. set base and set job isn't modified nor doubled, it just gives exp according to the running rate. If you don't want players to have twice the exp, once by killing mob and once by this script, just don't load it (or did I missed something in your explanations?)
  13. DJ Npc

    Here's an old file I had in my directories. Still need to be edited / retested, as it didn't be used for a while, but it should work. Jukebox.txt
  14. R>@resists

    The other way around. [email protected] = getarg(1); And then replace the getarg by [email protected] (sorry can't do it I'm on my phone right now)