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  1. Alayne's Scripts Collection

    Hello people, so you know it, I'm currently building a test server, which will be running freely with some kind of auto gestion. It'll contains all my scripts, plus those I find cool, and can therefor be played freely, to test or simply to play. Gonna release the address / forum / client soon (Won't do a website, as I don't know how to, but still) Here's a first version of the forum if you want to get some infos and start talking about contents: RAO
  2. add them in scripts_custom file so they'll be loaded at server start.
  3. Alayne's Scripts Collection

    This is just warning as the script was written in an older version of the emulator. It'll still be handled for a while, but you can replace it right now using the matching emote.
  4. hi @Slyx. No, you don't need to remove it. The "//" chars on lines start means that this code won't be evaluated when the script will be running. Therefor, you can leave it untouched.
  5. Alayne's Scripts Collection

    Yep, you're totally right. But that's simply cause I don't use all of the maps from arsinoe release. Thought you're right, I didn't cleaned the texture files, which contains 123 files for a whole 43Mo, but I did remove the maps (17Mo each) I didn't use. If you're freaking the hell out of the unused bmp, I can make the cleaning too. Allthought it wont change anything for you to have or not (except adding, let's say roughly 10Mo).
  6. Alayne's Scripts Collection

    Okay peoples, here's the small guide you've been asking for: Yggdrasil Project Installation Guide -Get last version from my github (YProject Files) Server Side Npcs Files -Once pulled, copied all files and directory, exception made of the ClientMaps directory, into your npc folder on the server -Fill the scripts_custom.conf file to load those files (you can, if you want, not include the YggdrasilMapflag.txt. If you need specific mapflag there, such as different exp rates on this area, edit the file content and load it. But it's not mandatory) Client Side Maps Files -Copy all files from the ClientMaps/data directory in your own local data directory (from your client), or add them in a grf and load it through DATA.INI -In the directory, you'll find a resnametable file. Add its content to your own file Server Side Maps Files -Add the maps in the mapcache. You need to add both kind of files: firstly the gat ones, secondly those contained in the resnametable (use grfeditor for this if needed) -Add the maps list in the maps_athena.conf file. Restart the server. Everything should now be loaded, the starting npc is the Scientist, located on prontera,140,181 If nothings load or something is missing Allthought it shouldn't, a file might contain an error blocking the loading of the others files. Try to load each file one by one (yeah I know, pretty boring and long to do) and report here the error you'll find if you can't fix it. If you still encounter issues, ask for solutions here so other peoples might use it too.
  7. Alayne's Scripts Collection

    @jolteon31 I'll try to do it during the week end but I'm a bit overbooked this time so sorry if I can't ^^'
  8. Attach a mob to a NPC

    Well let's be honest...I'm not good at it either x) So I'll leave someone else answer this time, sorry ^^'
  9. Attach a mob to a NPC

    Well that's waht @Capuche answered you on your other topics. Right now, I can't see another option than the one he gave you, but it's not implemented yet...For the unitwalk shouldn't remove the vincinity (don't think so, but never validated it)
  10. Help with quest db

    No that's not possible. On the other hand, you can handle it through script (check monster properties), and just have the quest for infos purpose. It won't increase the kill count thought (also, you can handle it manually through script too)
  11. Language Change NPC

    Well the one you gave in your first post. It contains in comment (/* [...] */ section) the sql command to execute on server's database, and the global script to include on your server.
  12. Attach a mob to a NPC

    Get the mob unique game id (if invoked through scripting), move the npc with npcwalkto or sthg like that, and move the mob with unitwalk to the specified coordinates. I suppose something like that should work, if you do it little by little. Never tried it thought.
  13. Alayne's Scripts Collection

    @blazerza thanks ^^ you're welcome
  14. @lyleham just to be aware of what's the real issue, what do you mean by not proper? I can recognize the errors, as other people reported them, thought I might not understand what you mean by that.
  15. Alayne's Scripts Collection

    @Feilor which files? Everything's uploaded (or should be if I forgot some, report them! lol) on my github