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    Hi, At the occasion of the FIFA WORLDCUP in Russia, I wanted to show you my version of a soccer stadium for Ragnarok : It is designed for my Battleground Extended mod (Poring Ball mode). Cloakroom Please rate it
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    Try this: Installation: Download the latest version Extract it to addons folder of flux Visit the link ?module=vending&action=items or via the submenu inside Vending Info menu
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    bonus bAtkRate, (MaxHp * percentage_of_maxhp) / 100; This will increment the ATK by the specified percentage of the max hp. I'm sure this is not what you want, but it is what you requested. If MaxHp is 500, and percentage is 1, then this will add a bonus of 500 * 1 / 100 = 5% to ATK. If you find that this is too much (you probably will), you can multiply the denominator by a constant which better suits your needs. In my opinion, this will never be an interesting bonus, unless you make it non-linear, so that the bonus gets smaller as the MaxHp increases.
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    View File Hyrulian Shield This is a lower-headgear created by Adel a couple of years ago for my own personal use however I've decided to share it with the community for a fair price. All profits of this file will be going straight to rAthena to help with the bills. Adel has given written permission to resell this item. Terms of Service You may not distribute, resell, or otherwise reupload this file for any reason. Do not claim this item as your own and do not remove any form of logo or copyright. Chargebacks of any kind will get you punished on rAthena. Submitter TheDerpySupport Submitted 06/18/2018 Category Headgears Video Content Author Adel  
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    i suggest mag vmware ka then run it on linux instead
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    We moved away from "SVN" several years ago. Please use git instead. Why don't you test it out for yourself and update the thread on whether it works or not? You have atleast one other "is this working" posts in this thread already. Necro'ing a thread that's two years old just to ask something you can clearly find out for yourself grates on my nerves. Since it's your script in the first place, you do the leg-work and don't be so damned lazy.
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    Hi, Here is my last map. Inspirated from this : Screenshots : The center platform is for players to manage their team. Rate it please
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    Ragnarok Online Login Screen Generator (ROLSG) Helps you to cut your private server custom login screen with just a click you dont need any photo edditing software to cut it just click and magically your custom login screen is cut by 12 parts that are needed without errors and you dont need to rename it becuase it rename it self after you generate it and it help the people who is new here this is EASY, CONVINIENT and FREE to use How to use : Just load your custom login screen with a size of [1024x768] then Click Convert It will automatically cut into 12 parts NOTE : I created a folder so that after you convert or generate it will not hard to find P.S. since i request here alot i just want to contribute what i use for myself if the file is corrupted or something let me now i will make some mirrors Credits to : Wiskovisky and to ME for the release i dont know if someone release this here try to help ROLSG.rar
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    Version 1.0


    Hey guys! This is basically a 'renewed' version of my old novice grounds map. OLD MAP: https://rathena.org/board/files/file/2967-novice-garden/ I hope you guys enjoy this newer version, included is a mini map as well as a music file that you can use. If you have any issues please contact me. Also please do not claim my works as your own, out of respect. Thanks.


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    Control Center map, main town map. Free to use.


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    I'm really curious to if you ever resolved this issue. I've been going through the exact same thing for the last couple days and have tried countless diff options with Diff Patcher and Nemo, Loki and Rolex, unpatched clients from dates ranging 2012-04 to 2013-12 and patched clients, complete different data folder translations or no translations, updated and not update brand new kRo installations. The client crashes every single time it opens no matter what. But I've loaded and played on almost 20 different private servers in the past couple weeks that launched and played fine. I'm at a loss for this one. EDIT:Hey if you come back to this topic, I fixed this issue finally. If you're still needing help with it, I'd love to help you out.
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