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  1. https://harmonize.it/
  2. This line near the bottom function main() Is written incorrectly, it's supposed to be main = function()
  3. Setting it to 400 would equal 4x rates, if you want 40x it would be 4000.
  4. conf\battle\drops.conf / The rate the common items are dropped (Items that are in the ETC tab, besides card) item_rate_common: 100 // The rate at which equipment is dropped. item_rate_equip: 100 // The rate at which cards are dropped item_rate_card: 100 Find these lines in that file and increase them to the percentage you want. the value is in % so setting to 200 would be like having a 2x drop rate or 200% rate.
  5. Yah, in your Job_basehpsp_db inside your re or pre-re (whichever you're using) This db if you read the info inside it. Let's you define how much base hp and sp each and every individual class will have as they level up. You have changed it somehow and the values are going down rather then up. That's what it's trying to tell you. If you have never modified this file go download a new on from the rathena github or SVN.
  6. Yes, it means your SP table is messed up and your players will have their HP/SP get lower as they level up.
  7. Either out of date client or you need to patch your client.exe with multiple grfs and make sure it's pointing to data and sdata.grf's.
  8. From what I'm to understand they never stack but they are calculated 1 by 1. So deal a 1000 damage, first 20% demi human resistance,(Leaves 800) then whats left over resisted 20% more by fire ( reduces 20% of 800 which is 160. So take 640 damage) and so on down the line. It doesn't calculate it all at once basically. But if you give someone 100% resistance in a pre-renewal server they should take no damage at all.
  9. Might be a long shot, but have you made sure to expand headgear view in your client diffed with; *Increase Headgear ViewID*?
  10. Have you tried replacing an item temporarily that's lower in the table to see if that makes a difference? Almost seems like you have a client limitation being invoked by having the server run pre renewal, like the code isn't update for item id's...I'll look into it some more when I get home!
  11. Glad to hear it! Can always pm me if you need anymore help.
  12. Wouldn't have to anyways? XD you'd have to write them all on the fly bascially? By the time you reach all outcomes you'd create the same amount of npcs?
  13. Well you could create them in a singular location and use an @disablenpc and @enablenpc script based on the items? PM me, tell me a bit about what you're trying to do, between the two of us we could work a solid script I'm sure.
  14. There's really no need for a command like this, you wouldn't really want another GM to have access to something like this normally and if you trusted someone enough to have it you could give them server file access. But you can write any npc you want while the server is active and just use @reloadscript, creates a very slight delay and your npc is loaded. What exactly do you want this for?
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