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  1. TheDerpySupport

    Hexed 2017 Custom Jobs

    Oi, usando Tradutor; O patch de classe personalizada só funcionará para o cliente de corrida pré-doram. Você precisa de 2015 cliente antes de doram foi adicionado.
  2. TheDerpySupport

    Setup For me Client 2017

    Because you probably use something like Avast or Norton which are riddled with false positives
  3. TheDerpySupport

    custom job 2018

    Hola, usando Traductor; Debido a la raza Doram, el parche de trabajo personalizado no funcionará. Sólo pre-Doram puede utilizar parche de trabajo personalizado. Por lo tanto, tendrá que utilizar un cliente 2015 si desea que este parche funcione.
  4. TheDerpySupport

    R>searching for vending

    The item you're looking for is called a Universal Catalog( Item IDs 12591, 12581, and 12580) and they can already be purchased by an NPC. They are sold by the Catalog Magician (moc_para01 22, 16) in the Eden Group Headquarters.
  5. TheDerpySupport

    Bodystyle on Mob Avail

    yes this is possible; It requires a source edit though; Give me a few moments to find something for it .
  6. Basic Checklist of stuff: Did you change the packver in your server's src/custom/defines_pre.h? Is your grf/data folder appropriate for the version of client you're trying to run?
  7. TheDerpySupport

    About JRO 2018-08-07 costama digital_space

    Why would they not be? It's part of the act file
  8. TheDerpySupport

    2018-05-30bRagexeRE not support langtype?

    With 2018 Clients you can do one of two things to support langtype 1; 1. In your `luafiles514/lua files/` folder there is a folder called "Service_Korea" and within it a file called "ExternalSettings_KR"; Rename the folder to "service_usa" and the file to "externalsettings_usa" 2. With NEMO diff your client to use the "Always read Korean External Settings" This is not true so please do not spread false information
  9. TheDerpySupport

    Account Credits

    Theres a lot of people who withdraw funds and they have to be done manually by Akkarin. If I recall they're done every tuesday
  10. TheDerpySupport

    Annoying Icon

    If you want to delete everything, use my file that way you can know how to add them back if you want to
  11. TheDerpySupport

    Annoying Icon

    Its not located in System folder. Thats to remove the icons from the minimaps. Use this link/file to remove them all if thats what you want. files/signboardlist.lub
  12. TheDerpySupport

    unknown syntax in file

    Also they have a space between prontera, and the X coord
  13. TheDerpySupport


    Closing this before it turns into a witchhunt; And as a reminder NEVER buy from anyone including "Functor"s from facebook. Functor can ONLY be found here on rA or skype provided from the Functor located here on rA.
  14. TheDerpySupport

    2018-03-07 is Intended not support over 30 Hairstyle?

    Full support for 03-07 yes but manually you can get 05-30 working by yourself
  15. TheDerpySupport

    2018-03-07 is Intended not support over 30 Hairstyle?

    You can use up to 31. The client supports up to 31(2018-05-30 does at least) max_hair_style: 31