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  1. These are from job level bonuses. The file you want is Job_db2.txt
  2. Well it's a source edit you would have to do
  3. Lucky Roulette already does that however you have to use the correct tokens to do so(it becomes a variable) and what you need are the bronze ones
  4. You would do something like mes "What's up "+strcharinfo(0)+", all good?";
  5. You'll need to edit the cursor sprite and remove those frames and replace them with the default cursor frames; It's meant to show you that you cant walk in that area though so I dont really know why you'd want to remove it
  6. Could you try a lower skill ID too? Maybe try the 900 range?
  7. Will this strictly be a showcase or will it be released at some point? It's a very nice looking map.
  8. So your main issue is you probably failed to do the sprite file correctly or you didn't name the file correctly; Make sure the file names are "npc_style" like you listed in skillinfo and if that doesn't work then you messed up when making the sprite/act file
  9. You would either need heavy client edits or just simply upgrade to a 2018 client
  10. You would either contact someone in the 3rd-Party Services who does Spriting, contact a spriter directly, or do a Server Job Listing for a Spriter for Hire
  11. Interesting. Can you make options such as Pause Video or Mute Audio on the patcher/login similar to that of League of Legends? and another question...In what video format do you use for such patchers/login?
  12. Because anything that has doram race, the custom job diff, won't work unless you pay someone quite a bit of money to fix and I don't think anyone has the time to do it either
  13. You would need to use a pre-doram client like a 2015 client and patch it with custom jobs patch, add in a custom job server side, and then client side attach a sprite to the job via the custom class luas
  14. This is a client related thing not script and as far as I'm aware there is no way around it unless you make the monster sprite as an NPC sprite with it's own NPC id and not a mob ID
  15. Custom Jobs will only work for clients 2015 and below. Anything Pre-Doram/Summoner will work.