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  1. It's a bad idea to do IP based rewards. People in a lot of countries have dynamic IPs or should I say, it's simple to change you static IP as well. The best thing you can do is create rewards that cant be traded, dropped, sold, or storaged. All your request would do is make an inconvenience to dual clienters or people in the same household who play the same server.
  2. It has to do with the fact that some people live in remote countries where dialup speeds are still a thing
  3. This is probably due to the client features you're looking for being in a later client date. Some features are hard coded into the clients themselves.
  4. Due to client restrictions you can't create custom Homunculus unless you replace the current ones.
  5. Running a private server for RO isn't illegal in the sense that you wont get in trouble unless you go public with it (IE advertising or you allowing connections to it outside of your home network). How you handle donations is completely up to you. You can either go through the right channels and try to make everything legal or you can do what 98% of server owners do and just keep all the money hidden under the table and not even worry about taxes. That all depends on your country of origin. Things to protect yourself against are cheaters and DDOSers. Both of these can cause a disruption to your server and it's players. Most digital hosts provide free or paid DDOS protection so that you don't have to worry too much about. Protecting against cheaters is a different story all together. There are many different cheats from macros(autopot programs or keys), custom job sprites that reduce frames for animations, bot programs to autolevel, and in my general opinion GRFs that remove textures and replace them with modified textures to give players an unfair advantage in PVP/WOE. If you want to avoid legal issues all together with Gravity, Don't use anything official by gravity in your server. Maps, Classes, Skills, Headgears, monsters, etc the whole nine yards. This includes their UI. So overall you'd need a custom client as well. While it is possible to do this, it would take extremely large amounts of time, money, and effort. You'd basically be paying to make a new game entirely because rAthena's emulator is not the illegal part of running a private server. It's using Gravity's files in your server.
  6. I do not believe skills work on barricades in the same sense that they dont work on Emperium
  7. From what I've seen if you use Photoshop and define the image as indexed(after finalization the image)(at least for single frame things) the colors wont matter. I can create skill icons with any color no problem however i don't know too much about altering monsters, but you could give it a go
  8. Nah he's providing you a fix, check the grf for that sprite name.
  9. As far as I know, that sprite never actually existed for kRO? No matter what server I was on it never showed properly. Those that you see may be custom versions.
  10. Thats not how that works sadly. That would still do the same thing she said with just a lot more work involved; If you're a player on the server, see if they could provide a headgear that does the same effect and hides the sprite.
  11. If you're looking to hide all the costume equipment, you'll have to go into your item database, find each and every costume item(I think there might be about a 100 by now?) and remove the view ID from them. Although I don't see the point in doing this.
  12. Harmony doesn't exist, Gepard is currently the "best" option unless you find someone who can create you your own personal anti-cheat.
  13. Some of those are client limitations while other parts are client translation/message edits.
  14. Currently looking for a spriter who can make high quality sprites in the RO style. Like with my Web-Dev post, I'll need a portfolio that has work examples. Pay is negotiable. I understand a lot of time and effort goes into creating quality art and am willing to compensate for that. If you choose to reply to this ad please be aware of some basic rules; 1. If we come to terms and I commission something, I understand there may be an exclusivity fee. This fee being, me paying extra for you to not resell what I commission from you. 2. Once I have requested something and you have agreed to do the request, the following steps should be taken: Rough draft of the sprite(free of charge), Once approved you'll receive half payment, follow-ups on progress when requested(time frame doesn't matter but I only request an honest progress report. Meaning if you've been busy and havent been able to work on it, thats fine.), Once the final product has been finished you will receive the rest of the payment and you would transfer the appropriate files over. 3. Even if we split on bad terms, uphold any exclusivity rights until my project is shut down. I know these "rules" seem drastic(especially #2) but it's to ensure an honest and trustworthy partnership. If even after reading all this and you still want to take part, please contact me via Discord at TheDerpySupport#0001
  15. Currently looking for someone who can make me a Flux Theme, fully coded, user-friendly, non-reseller. Pay is negotiable and portfolio is a must have. When you present your portfolio, it should be on your own website with your copyrights. I'm highly hesitant to pay for something if the user can't produce a portfolio or cite some previous customers and provide contact details so I can confirm the work that was done. Please contact me via Discord if you are interested. ~ TheDerpySupport#0001
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