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  1. TheDerpySupport

    [Showcase] Yavin1b

    It's a showcase not a release; There is a difference
  2. TheDerpySupport

    Dissappointment on Haziel Paid service.

    I'm sorry it has taken you so long for your order but please believe me when I say Haziel will get back to you. As you can see here: In May Haziel had to reformat his computer
  3. TheDerpySupport

    Dissappointment on Haziel Paid service.

    I'd like to comment on this saying that while it may be taking so long for Haziel to do this request he has had computer problems like described in the messages posted here. Haziel would not intentionally make a customer wait for their product. Also with Haziel being one of the few Spriters accepting paid work people must understand the wait-time as Haziel could be backlogged with orders.
  4. TheDerpySupport

    Korean Characters on some jobs how to hex?

    For Langtype 1 you need to change the service_korea folder to service_usa and externalsettings_kr.lub to externalsettings_usa.lub
  5. TheDerpySupport

    ASPD is lower than should be

    iRO and kRO ASPD formulas are completely different for renewal
  6. TheDerpySupport

    Custom 3D

    RO doesn't really do 3D items; I personally have never seen a 3D item on any server so maybe you're talking about just regular custom items?
  7. No clue. It's all up to the devs that help rA on when it's coming out.
  8. They have their own team of developers that constantly update their content from kRO
  9. TheDerpySupport

    Truly - Free Full Map Collection

    Well even if you have some spare time just work on a little here and there; These maps are very promising if you continued even just a little once a week
  10. TheDerpySupport

    Truly - Free Full Map Collection

    I must say your Anexus map is actually very similar to an instance map I was trying to make, idea wise, and make it into a starter instance to introduce players to MVPs(in this instance Baphomet). I hope you continue to contribute to the community and become a well-known Map maker. I will most likely use Anexus in my project Untold-RO(You can find a link to the discord on my page or job listing)
  11. TheDerpySupport

    Change defines_pre to #define PACKETVER 20180621

    Try allowing the client.exe through your firewall; I had a similar issue with the 05-30 client.
  12. TheDerpySupport

    Wandering NPC

    It's a bit harder to make an npc wander around; I've tried even just setting set paths and it failed quite a bit lol
  13. TheDerpySupport

    Question Regarding Script Refund

    Chargebacks are punishable on rA and depending on the script you purchased you may have bought from a member who does not get on rA anymore; Can you link the file and or author?
  14. Have you tried diffing your client to disable multiple windows?
  15. You're not turning your firewall off; You're allowing a new application through the firewall.