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  1. Converting into mail type reward

    I believe you have to upgrade your rA to the latest version as the mail script command was just released
  2. please help me to sprite MVP

    Well King Poring is provided by kRO client as is Skoll; Hades king thing i have no clue
  3. Disputes, Paypal and Why we can't have nice things

    I'm excited to see how this goes because Chargebacks are a large disappointment in the online gaming community and even for the streaming community that accept tips/donations; With this community in particular though people could buy something and then charge it back after getting the file essentially getting it for free which is just damned disgusting
  4. lub or lua

    If you didnt patch your client to read lua first then your client reads lub; Your accessory ids is located in your GRF; data/luafiles514/lua files/datainfo/
  5. Alternate JP custom sprite id

    Sent DM to you with details
  6. Changing a Monster sprite to a Player sprite Error

    You need to use the mob_avail.txt DB for this purpose
  7. R.u.n.e

    I am still looking for Contributors~
  8. Hunter's Falcon

    That is handled by a mixture of the client packets and the act file; You can look at the skills for hunter to see how the skill tells the falcon where to go but in the end it's the act files that controls how the falcon behaves
  9. Searching for a Sensei, teach me to creat a own server

    The best way to create your own server is to follow the guide on our wiki~
  10. Hunter's Falcon

    This is done with the sprite's act file of the falcon.
  11. GM activity log

    If you dont want your GMs being corrupt simply don't give them commands they can abuse. However as Poring King said, use your sql db logs.
  12. what gameguard are best today?

    I havent seen anything about Harmony in a few years however gepard is currently the most active. Please remember to contact Functor directly from rAthena though. Do not try to buy from outside the website because it may be a scam.
  13. Valkyrie's Paradise

    Could you possibly upload more images? So people can see what the actual map looks like
  14. R.u.n.e

    Hello potential [ Contributor ] ! If you apply for this position you will helping me directly by contributing to ideas and coming up with features for the project/server. Some of the current features include: New Job Change system New Card-like System (Runes) New Guild System V.I.P System Reward System Custom Quest System Cosmetic Only Customs More to come As large as this project is I am in need of some help with bringing ideas together for the rune system and it's starting to become overwhelming. Payment for helping me with this will include a special title in-game when the server launches, Contributor role in the discord server, and a special Head-start package (TBD). [Contact Method] Able to reply to this listing, contact via rA forum DMs, or Discord server/DMs.
  15. warp script command any alternative?

    You would be better off contacting Pajodex about this as it's their script