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  3. Already released the configuration privileges? chmod 777 configure chmod 777 athena-start
  4. Hi guys! I searched here on the forum for some tutorial on how to configure twitter on the server. Unfortunately I didn't find it, does anyone know if it exists? I would like to use it ... If not, could anyone teach me how to configure it? For those who do not know, or understand what I am talking about, this: thank!!
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  6. How to set this up.. player x amount of time in the day so he can claim the reward
  7. Ahhhh, so glad i found this! Thank you so much! Rep Power
  8. Han25

    Vnc Viewer Help

    This has no solution, It is caused by some bot crawling and trying to brute force your system but since yhey cannot get they way in this is the result. However you can restart your vnc login to your root and execute sudo su - root. and you're good to go but this is annoying indeed if you're monitoring your server for some errors and map-crash.
  10. Hi everyone, need help regarding champion explosion animation skill delay. Thanks.
  11. Does anyone have a radio script with the option to choose a song?
  12. object culling chat filter remove chat spam limit
  13. the git hub comes with everything you need rental/job warper etc
  14. In my case, login is success, but when I select empty character to create new one, the client is closed automatically... Could you help me? I dig lots of hours with googling, but there is no solution..
  15. Hello rAthenians! Where can i find custom HUD/UI for the Client? Using full kRO - 2019-02-25 Have a nice day rAthenians!
  16. Hello! What are some recommended scripts/quest now days to use on my server that people like? / might like? I am an old RO player and recently got back
  17. Good morning, I would like to ask a question that is very important to me. The fact is, I was wondering how the weather change mechanism works in Prontera and the WoE castles. For example, on the server I play, visually for me, both stay daytime (without switching to night). However, there are players who, I believe, have edited something in their game that changes the condition from day to night, according to this print: can anyone tell me if it's some kind of grf or something? and how do i change in mine too?
  18. Hello there rAthenians! What are some typical recommended settings that most of the people uses when creating the Client with NEMO? ( Except for the recommended that NEMO gives you ) Best regards!
  19. Is it this client started the function for required job level requirement ? And I didnt find any details what the clients do on 20180620 release, just the mediafire links. Thanks for the reply btw.
  20. Ichigo

    Refine UI System

    Update the refine_db.yml file, but it still does not work.
  21. Hello, Is there any way to only allow player to use @whodrops and it only can search ceratin range ( for example offical item ID ONLY), anything Non-offical is non-searchable. In other words, only item #501 - item #30000 can be searched by @whodrops, anything beyond #30000 are custom item, can not be searched by using @whodrops. Thanks in advance.
  22. i am using the 700 pack but it seems there are still
  23. I think those sprites are available at green-peach. right here:
  24. how add script npc for create "item customs"
  25. Last week
  26. No idea You can try deleting your texture/effect folder and casting it pretty sure its like ice hit2 or something
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