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PvP, GvG, WoE, Battleground

Scripts pertaining to any of the subjects above can be found under this category.
Examples: PvP Rank Ladders, Guild Rankings, WoE Controllers, WoE modifications, Capture the Flag

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  1. Free

    Instanced PvP

    This script is a Instance Duel Pvp NPC.
    Here some Explanation how it works
    Its Working now!!!!!
    It´s a new Instance that is created for exactly 2 People.
    The Main Npc will create the instance for you.
    After creating you can chose to enter the Instance.
    This will warp you to [email protected]
    There begins an announce e.g. 4... 3... 2... 1... GO!!..
    Then starts @pvpon
    You will fight till one die!
    And for the Finish it warps you back and so far it will destroy Instance after it.
    Guide how to add is on the Readme.txt
    Credits to Me for creating xDDDDD
    Credits to Davven for his map.
    Credits to Masao for his support.



  2. Free

    Arena Monster

    Please Follow READ_ME.txt
    For rAthena 2012 Above Client User's Only
    Please Post any bug's and error's you encounter.
    For Paid Scripts:
    Facebook: [email protected] | [email protected]



  3. Free

    PvP PK WoE Statistician

    PvP, PK, WoE Statistician with 5 Ladder Systems
    Full PvP PK WoE Statistician complete with:
    personal pvp/pk stats
    personal woe stats
    pvp/pk kill record
    pvp/pk death record
    pvp/pk kdr
    pvp killing spree counter (resets on pvp/pk death and logout/login)
    after spree is over logs your highest pvp/pk spree count
    woe kill record
    woe death record
    woe kdr
    woe killing spree counter (resets on woe death and logout/login)
    after spree is over logs your highest woe spree count
    emperium break record
    Top 25 pvp/pk kills ladder ranking
    Top 25 pvp/pk kdr ladder ranking
    Top 25 woe kills ladder ranking
    Top 25 woe kdr ladder ranking
    Top 25 emperium breaker ladder ranking
    overall kdr (pvp/pk and woe)
    @pvpstats (displays in chat: kills, deaths, kdr, rank)
    @woestats (displays in chat: kills, deaths, kdr, rank, emperiums broken)
    admin individual or full ladder reset in NPC as well as
    @adminstats (administrator only individual or full ladder reset of everything listed above and server-wide re-log notice)
    prevents GMs from ranking and being recorded
    on deaths: "killer" just killed "victim"
    on Emperium destroyed: "Breaker" has broken the Emperium!
    on kill messages self : You just killed "player"
    In the works:
    personal rank display for pvp kdr ladder and woe kdr ladder
    announces when player takes new PvP/WoE KDR Rank or Emperium Breaker Position
    my script is FREE for anyone to use.
    editing variable and npc names and adding on allowed as long as original base functions and author are not deleted/changed.
    Please report any errors in my support topic:
    implemented fixes:
    v1.1: is 100% functional with no errors on my personal server
    v1.2: fixed spelling errors and possible duplicate name clashing with other pvp scripts



  4. Free

    Team vs Team

    Archive contents: Script.txt + Diff.patch
    More info:
    We have a registration NPC. Both sides can register 5 players, not more.
    After that our PvP Event starts and players need to kill the enemies from other side.
    Red team vs Blue Team
    You need >999 point for mercy.
    It may be your custom Battleground script.
    Good luck!



  5. Free

    Woe Ranking List ( GvG, Emp Break, Guild Rank ) with Points and Shop

    In response to this post : 
    By downloading this file, you agree with my Terms of Service:
    • You are not allowed remove my signature from any of the included files.
    • You are not allowed claim my work as yours.
    If you like it, give me a 💟



  6. $15.00

    Time-based WoE participation reward

    This script rewards your player if they participated in a WoE longer than the time set in the script.
    This script works with my modified version of Euphy's WoE Controller (which is included in this package), or you can use the static map version which is also included in this package.
    Use Case
    Encourage your players to participate in the WoE with this method of rewarding them.
    By buying this script, you agree to these terms:
    You are not allowed to redistribute this script in any way, shape, or form. Chargeback scams are not tolerated and will get you punished on rAthena. I still retain all rights to this script. You will not get any support if you are using an old build of rAthena from 6 months ago or earlier. Your rights to receive free supports may be revoked at my discretion if you are being abusive. Terms above may be changed or adjusted without prior notification. Copyright © - Secrets 2017 - All Rights Reserved

    9 purchases   66 downloads


  7. $5.00

    RWC Battleground 2012

    This file is in no way Official. This is my interpretation of the Ragnarok World Championships Battleground system.
    Since this file has been up for years and I haven't seen a penny from it. I will not be offering support for the file if it is purchased here. Please contact me directly.
    Please run the SQL Commands at the beginning of the script file before installing said script. This script DOESN'T work without SQL support.
    What is this NPC?
    This is basically like a GVG script but it warps players who are in a party/guild into a map where they all ready up. After that, there is a waiting period where they can buff. Then they battle for however many rounds and get prizes at the end.
    What can it do?
    Ranking. Unrestricted Party Queuing. ( You can queue up and go do other things while you wait. ) Disable Usable Items. Disable Equip-able Items. Restrict Party to Specific Jobs. ( Restrict Duplicate Jobs as well ) Modify what maps it works on. Require Items. Cooldown. Disable Commands. Item/Point Rewards. IP Abuse Prevention. ( Mac Address in applicable servers. ) Auto party. Healer and repairer NPCs. Join or leave anywhere with @rwcjoin & @rwcleave. Completely customizable interface. Here are some of the other files you might need:
    Map Files
    Accessory Enchanter
    Item Database

    If you purchase this script from rAthena.org I will offer full support for the features listed above. Additional feature requests are ok but added at my own discretion.
    Email: [email protected]

    50 purchases   198 downloads


  8. Free

    Ragnarok Event - Battleground

    This is my first battleground script being release for free. Hope you Enjoy it,
    Here is a FREE release of Rune War (Ragnarok Event v2) 
    You can edit this part:
    OnInit: // Registration time .RegistrationTime = 5; // Duration of the event [email protected] = 10; Then load it on your server! Enjoy!
    I have a 2nd (Original) version of this which features the ff:
    1. Added more flexible configurations such as: .RegistrationTime = 5; [email protected]_level = 80; [email protected] = 10; [email protected]_map$ = "prt_are01"; [email protected] = 407; [email protected] = 380; [email protected]_ID = 7773; setarray [email protected], 10, 5; // <WIN>, <LOSE> [email protected]_max = 10; // Max additional reward receive to players who killed many enemies. [email protected] = 10; // delay on resurrection (in seconds) setarray [email protected]_Spawn, 251, 149; setarray [email protected]_Spawn, 47, 149; 2. GM activation via "@startre" 3. Bonus rewards - calculated via enemy kill counts 4. Auto-change Team cloth color (Red) or (Blue) 5. Rune Spawn during match (Like DOTA2) - makes the game more fun and exciting! a. Invisibility Rune b. Haster Rune c. Double Damage Rune d. Illusion Rune e. Regenaration Rune I can also incorporate this to my BG Queue System.
    For those who are seriously interested with the v2, please do leave me a DM here of in Discord Thank you!
    Here is a FREE release of Rune War (Ragnarok Event v2) 
    By downloading this file, you agree with my Terms of Service:
    • You are not allowed remove my signature from any of the included files.
    • You are not allowed sell, resell or in any form for money or rewards using my work.
    • You are not allowed claim my work as yours.
    • I have the rights to change all the terms above without prior notice. 



  9. Free

    Free For All

    This script is a very simple PvP script.
    All you need to do is kill all the players in the map. When you are the last player standing, claim your prize from FFA Master at the middle of the map and it will warp you out also.
    I know its not a lot but when im searching for this kind of script, I cant find one so i made this. Just want to share
    Thank you!



  10. Free

    Euphy's WoE Controller + @woe command

    Report all error/bugs in the forum post not in the PM for faster fix, Thanks!

    By downloading this file, you agree with my Terms of Service:
    • You are not allowed remove my signature from any of the included files.
    • You are not allowed claim my work as yours.
    • I can give you support, but please, do not message me.

    If you like it, give me a 



  11. Free

    [PVP] Rotative PVP

    An NPC that alternates the current PVP map from time to time, the chosen map for rotation are configured by the administrator in the script. The idea is to have multiple pvp rooms, without having to divide the players of your server among them, this way pvps are more crowded and funnier and you can use a lot of different pvp maps.

    // ======================================// Configurations ***********************// ======================================// Which map will be on the rotation? setarray .lista$[0],"pvp_y_1-1","pvp_y_1-2","pvp_y_1-3";// From how much time to time will the maps change? (Standard value 30 minutes/18000000)// WARNING, DO NOT SET VALUES HERE SMALLER THAN 60000 (1 Minute). set .rotatetime, 18000000;// ======================================
    ** WARNING ** There is a temporary global variable named [email protected]$ in this NPC, watch out for global variables with the same name in other NPCs of yours!
    *This NPC will be a free release for a limited time, I intend to do some improvements on him, then it will be a paid release.



  12. Free

    Rune War - Battleground

    Rune Config:
    // ============= // Rune Settings // ============= // Rune names (in-order) setarray .Rune$[1], "Invisibility", "Haste", "Double Damage", "Illusion", "Regeneration"; // NPC View ID if server in renewal mode setarray .npc_view_re[1], 2450, 2696, 2697, 2702, 2703; // NPC View ID if server in pre-renewal mode setarray .npc_view_pre[1], 1120, 1096, 1582, 1388, 1031; // Rune effect duration (seconds) .duration = 20; // Respawn time of rune after being pick-ed up (minutes) .respawn_time = 1; Main Config:
    // ============= // Game Settings // ============= // How many players to start? // default = 4 (2v2) .minplayers = 4; // How long, in mins, for players to register_time // default = 3 mins .register_time = 3; // How many mins before rune is spawned // default : 1 min .runespawn = 1; // Event duration in minutes.. // default : 10 mins .duration = 10; // Reward settings setarray .rwd[0], 501, 10, // win team reward 501, 5; // lose team reward  
    Hi guys, This is originally my Ragnarok Event v2 which was supposed to be a paid script.. but... I changed my mind.. I renamed it to Rune War.. Enjoy! 



  13. Free

    The Lord of the Ring

    Main information here:
    1. Aragorn says about new monsters at the location woth Crystal (Emperium)
    " [Aragorn] : Orc's attack the location ... "
    2. All players can play this nearWoE Event. The side of players is human side
    Orc's defends and try to kill all of the humans.
    You need to kill all of Orc's an location.
    After that you need to broke the Crystal and LOTR said:
    " [Lord of the Ring] : Humans got the Crystal! "
    After that, your team must defend the Crystal and receive a prize.
    Orc's spawns at location and move to broke the Crystal at the center of the map.
    Defend the Crystal and kill all walls of Orc's.
    Good luck!



  14. Free

    PvP Event

    - A reused script with some modifications and addons
    - Mechanics: 30-minute run, kill all the way, reward the top 3 contenders
    - No need to register to the PVP Ladder to be able to record PVP stats and see PVP Broadcasts
    - No need to logout everytime the PVP Ladder is reset
    - Reward system:
    - Top 3 contenders will be rewarded, just find "announce", "OnGMStop" and "$pvpeventreward" to change stuff as needed
    - Event runs for 30 minutes
    - Just find "OnTimer" and change the numbers appended to it as needed



  15. Free

    Narrator PvP

    A Narrator PvP where you have the option to choose which speaker you want.
    There are 4 types of Narrators:
    If you prefer, you can engage in your main NPC PvP, just add the whole body of the NPC "Narrator PvP" in a Case in your script pvp.
    If your system already has a system of narrator advise to disable it.
    The only configuration necessary is add in to array [email protected]$ the names of the maps you want the script to act.
    To install the NPC completely, just grab the wav folder, which is in the .rar file, and put it in your data folder.
    And narrator.txt file post it in your folder loading scripts.






  16. $15.00


    War of Emperium Target Castle npc will give you a new kind of ragnarok WAR OF EMPERIUM experience .

    About this file:
    Is a simple script event that will give a reward for the castle winner from the WOE Target Castle Event its a new kind of reward for guild winners of woe.

    How it works ?
    Check if the talker is the guild winner of the winning castle Check if the talker is the guild master Check if reward already claim No Target castle can't get reward from the NPC
        set .TCE,0; // If the Target Castle is Initiate 0 = No Target Castle Event | 1 = Target Castle Event Enabled     set .WoERewardID,7227; // WoE Reward ID     set .WoERewardAmount,25; // WoE Reward Amount      // Available Castle for Target Castle Event     setarray .TC$[0],         "prtg_cas01",         "payg_cas04",         "gefg_cas01",         "aldeg_cas02",         "arug_cas03",         "schg_cas03";

    Buying Term
    I still retain all rights to this script. You are not allowed to redistribute this script in any way. You can modify this script as you like NPC Author will remain in the Script

    2 purchases   6 downloads


  17. Free

    PvP Recruiter

    v1.5 by Me
    - Will be tagged as stable if noone complains about any bug
    - Fixed the "fatal error: player not attached problem" caused by @MyTeam
    - Participant will be taken as a casualty if he logs out when the session is on-going
    - Added mapflags and can be modified through [email protected]
    - Tested and results were without errors, bugs, and exploits.
    v1.4 by Me
    - Will be tagged as stable if noone complains about any bug
    - Thoroughly fixed a lot of logical and semantic errors
    - Optimized a lot of codes
    - Fixed a lot of exploits and bugs
    - Made it functionally working
    - Demo video uploaded
    v1.3 by Me
    - Quick fix for event not being able to function correctly because of mishandled variables
    - Optimized OnEventStart algorithm
    - Optimized and Improved Logged in/Logged Off Checking [suggested by PandaLovesHamster]
    - Takes off logged off players from the roster instead of resetting the whole recruitment process [Response to the question of PandaLovesHamster]
    - Took off OnFailLack
    - Added OnPCLoginEvent and OnPCLogoutEvent
    - Added GM OnAtCommand Safe failcheck [suggested by Litro Endemic]
    v1.2 by Me
    - Renamed to "PvP Recruiter"
    - Changed @4v4 to @pvprecruitment <on|off>
    - Added flexibility on number of parcipants (set .NumPlayers)
    - Fixed and improved free slot checking algorithm
    - Fixed and improved registration checking and team transfer algorithm
    - Added Player Variable @MyTeam for easier checkings:
    [0] Team number ( 0 for No Team Yet | 1 for Odin | 2 for Freya)
    [1] Slot number of his team
    - Fixed OnClear event
    - Fixed Menu not closing on registration
    - Added a variable to indicate if the session is on-going (set .started)
    - Check if the event is already running at the beginning
    v1.1 by PandaLovesHamster http://pastebin.com/Nya7kzsQ
    - Player Logoff Detection
    - Team change on recruitment stage
    v1.0 by Me
    - Rewrote the whole script
    - Multiple registration detection
    - Free slot detection
    - Warp in and warp out function
    - Rewards per kill
    - Rewards for round win
    - Search for "getitem" to change rewards and their quantity
    - GM Commands: @4v4 on ~ to start | @4v4 off ~ to interrupt at anytime
    - Broadcast message on registering when noone else has or during GM atcommand trigger
    jTynne for the original script that this was based on and to PandaLovesHamster for saving my file XD
    PandaLovesHamster for suggestions making addons
    Litro Endemic for suggestions



  18. Free

    Party clone arena PvP

    You need to kill your clones at the arena map and receive a prize.



  19. Free

    Kill For Your Life

    This is an old script of PvP Event.
    You need to kill all players at the location and receive a prize.



  20. Free

    Automated GvG Event v2

    Version 1.0 = stop support
    UPDATED to 2.0
    // Automated GvG Event 2.0 Beta version // Event runs every hour via OnMinute timer. // Feel free to edit as you wish // By : Mabuhay // Free release // Dont remove credit // Updated to v 2.0 /* - Added gepard support and check to every members - More flexible options - Can set cash, members, timer, and winpoints if gm starts the command. New mechanics. - When using @gvgeventjoin, all your members must be around you by 5x5 cell. NOTE: item rewards are only to be set here in script because adding them in the GM option would be quite troublesome for me :D */ //  
    Tested and working except for Gepard function. ( But it must be working without any problem )
    Compatibility is your responsibily.
    Backward compatibility is not supported. Update your trunk to latest for this to work.



  21. Free

    PvP Wager Match (@wager)

    You can find these settings here:
    OnInit: // Start of config .item_bet = 501; // Item used for bet .map$ = "force_5-1"; // Map name setarray .challenger_coord, 75, 100; // Challenger Map coord <X>, <Y> setarray .challengee_coord, 125, 100; // Challengee Map coord <X>, <Y> .min_bet = 1000; // Minimum Zeny Bet .min_bet_item = 5; // Minimum Item Bet // End of config  
    Incase of updates or fixes, please immediately visit my Github: https://github.com/pajodex/ScriptCollections
    Feel free to use and modify as you need as long as you follow my Terms of Service. Thank you!
    By downloading this file, you agree with my Terms of Service:
    • You are not allowed remove my signature from any of the included files.
    • You are not allowed sell, resell or in any form for money or rewards using my work.
    • You are not allowed claim my work as yours.
    • I have the rights to change all the terms above without prior notice. 



  22. Free

    Rotative PvP Room

    A PvP room which changes maps. Nothing else is required to the description, I guess.
    - You can use @pvp command to enter the room. However, you can't use it if you're inside an instance of in middle of a battle.
    - Anti repeating system. You can avoid the same map being repeated again and again.
    - Some little effects when you're warped.



  23. Free

    Battle Royal

    Warning: This add-on was developped for Hercules. But it may totally work on rAthena. If needing some help, feel free to contact me
    A PvP Addon where players may fight until the end of the delay configured to earn as much points as possible.
    The highest points rate will be rewarded, others will too but in a lowest range.
    Enables first player to configure the game duration at will (5, 10 or 15 minutes), and diffuse announce for players attraction.
    Configuration enabled: Price to enter, number of player to start the game, duration enabled
    Command: allowing use of @brboard, to get a score board for each player in game
    Credits: Do not claim my work as yours.
    Feel free to use it, even modify it, but leave the credit on file header



  24. Free

    DeathMatch v2.0 (Original author Alayne)

    // Config starts here ---------------------- $maxDMMemberCount = 8; // Max players to start (if 4v4, settings should be = 8) $DMEntryPrice = 10000; // Zeny entry fee .pointPerKill = 10; // Points gained per kill .pointPerVictory = 100; // Points gained per victory .reward = 7773; // Reward ID .redteam_color = 412; // Red team cloth color .blueteam_color = 300; // Blue team cloth color setarray .rewardMin[0], 5, 1; // Reward amt <WIN TEA>, <LOSE TEAM> setarray .rewardCnt[0], 10, 20; // Reward count .buffs = 1; // Buff after death ( 1 = on ; 0 = off ) setarray $DMDuration[0], 5, 10, 15; // Game time in minutes // Config ends here --------------------------  
    DISCLAIMER: I DONT OWN OR HAVE THE RIGHTS IN THIS SCRIPT. I am just a mere fan of the author and decided to fix problems I encountered when installing the script. Original Author is @Alayne, this is modified and posted with permission from author herself. 



  25. Free

    Instance - Voluspa Prophecy

    Hey peoples!
    This script is an instance based over the Voluspa, the Devineress.
    You'll have to fight against her anger against the God, to free her from her grief. For this, you'll have to fight against the ordeal she'll raise against you and your team.
    Also, I use a function of mine to give special points. It is therefor possible to give some points when fulfiling and instance, but you'll have to define a "AddPoints" function (I can release it too if necessary), or to change the reward mode.
    FInally, 4 level are available, with increasing monster count and influencing mobs size: Easy, Normal, Hard and Apocalypse (all big)
    Have fun




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