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Ragnarok Event - Battleground 1.1.0

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About This File

This is my first battleground script being release for free. Hope you Enjoy it,

Here is a FREE release of Rune War (Ragnarok Event v2) 


//===== rAthena Script =======================================
//= Ragnarok Event 
//===============  by: =============================
//= pajodex
//===== Current Version: =====================================
//= 1.1
//===== Compatible With: =====================================
//= rAthena Project (pajodex)
//===== Description: =========================================
Ragnarok Event
    Battleground script that runs OnClockxxxx time on server.
An npc will appear at prontera for registration. After some time
RegistrationNPC will disappear. All registered players will
be divided into 2 teams.

    Players have to eliminate the enemy to gain points. Team
with the most points accumulated wins.

    * disclaimer * this runs like the War Over Rune but it is
my own version. Since this is free, i did not add any special


//=====******** Note ********=================================
//= if you find bugs or problem, please do tell DM me at
//= Discord (pajodex#1328) or rAthena (pajodex) 
//= open for suggestions
//===== Additional Comments: =================================
    1.0 - Initial release
    1.1 - Optimized version    
          Free release of v2 (Rune War) 

You can edit this part:

	// Registration time
	.RegistrationTime = 5;
	// Duration of the event
	$@rWarDuration = 10;

Then load it on your server! Enjoy!



I have a 2nd (Original) version of this which features the ff:

1. Added more flexible configurations such as:
		.RegistrationTime = 5;
        $@min_level = 80;
        $@rWarDuration = 10;
        $@re_map$ = "prt_are01";
        $@RedDye = 407;
        $@BlueDye = 380;
        $@Item_ID = 7773;
        setarray $@Amt, 10, 5; // <WIN>, <LOSE>
        $@bonus_max = 10; // Max additional reward receive to players who killed many enemies.
        $@resuDelay = 10; // delay on resurrection (in seconds)
        setarray $@redTeam_Spawn, 251, 149;
        setarray $@blueTeam_Spawn, 47, 149;
2. GM activation via "@startre"
3. Bonus rewards
          - calculated via enemy kill counts
4. Auto-change Team cloth color (Red) or (Blue)
5. Rune Spawn during match (Like DOTA2) - makes the game more fun and exciting!
          a. Invisibility Rune
          b. Haster Rune
          c. Double Damage Rune
          d. Illusion Rune
          e. Regenaration Rune

I can also incorporate this to my BG Queue System.

For those who are seriously interested with the v2, please do leave me a DM here of in Discord Thank you!

Here is a FREE release of Rune War (Ragnarok Event v2) 



By downloading this file, you agree with my Terms of Service:

• You are not allowed remove my signature from any of the included files.
• You are not allowed sell, resell or in any form for money or rewards using my work.
• You are not allowed claim my work as yours.

• I have the rights to change all the terms above without prior notice. 


What's New in Version 1.1.0   See changelog


I updated it even if I release the v2 incase someone is interested /heh


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