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WoE Rewards & Statistics 1.0.2


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About This File

This file is a different version from WoE rewards depending on time spent in castle. It has all the features listed there, plus a statistic rundown on each WoE, And the ability to track the damage dealt by each player during WoE.


  • Can reward players for every minute they spend inside a WoE castle
  • Can reward players for every kill in WoE castle, and will also display the name of the killed/killer.
  • Can reward players for every emperium break during WoE
  • Can reward players depending on the damage dealt during WoE
  • Excludes AFK players and players who are not in a guild.
  • Announces kills with different colors depending on the killer's castle
  • Can set a modifier for certain classes to gain more points than others
  • Displays the number and names of all the guilds who participated in the last WoE
  • Displays a top 10 ranking of players with the most kills, K/DA, and Damage dealt during WoE

What's New in Version 1.0.2   See changelog


Included the SQL table required for the Statistics.

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