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  1. data - full hollow mask.rar
  2. try to add " " to read space in name
  3. the script is 100% working in gepard. may i ask if you run this on your localhost? your error generate only if there's no gepard function install on your src.
  4. you can fix this by using sprite editor.
  5. this is your ro.grf herc_renewal_2019.grf herc_resources.grf
  6. anong code ba tinutukoy mo lol. pag ka click ng npc mkka kuha na ng freebies item? lol
  7. ung script one time lang same code. ung my database pedeng hindi pedeng oo
  8. i told you to open your ro.grf not the ro files lol
  9. i re-created this sprite. this is my paid sprite hehe
  10. need mo un login table para maka log in ka sa game mo. kung gusto mo gawin gm suit yung character mo dun yun sa clientinfo
  11. *i don't know if this is allow or not. *but if not kindly delete my comment data.rar
  12. name of the sprite?