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  1. getmapxy .map_self$, .x_self, .y_self, 0; replace 0; to this BL_PC; for item map much better to use this
  2. if this feature is enable you need to fill some items in the table. db_roulette
  3. you need to use css for calender or calendar plugins or html <input type="date" id="bday" name="bday">
  4. this is the error message: Duplicate column name 'use_existing' check your cp tables
  5. [email protected]$ = strcharinfo(3); if ( getmapflag( [email protected]$,mf_pvp ) ) || getmapflag( [email protected]$,mf_gvg ) { dispbottom [email protected]_command$+" failed in PVP/GVG maps"; end; }
  6. style = " margin-left: 500px !important; " if you dont have knowledge in css, check this website
  7. you need to put wav file for gloria skill
  8. go to: conf / battle / skill.conf // Should traps (hunter traps + quagmire) change their target to "all" inside gvg/pvp grounds? (Note 3) // Default on official servers: 1 (for players) gvg_traps_target_all: 1
  9. i told you to direct it to the file of the logo.. header.php or etc..
  10. it depends on the file. you need to find the path for all css file but you can edit it direct on the file by using the code above
  11. @3TAJIOH its working fine on my test server but i will recheck it when i have free time.
  12. 50000,467,100 use this to allow in cart
  13. you need to edit the css file. or try to put on the code margin-left: 500px or -500px it depends on location you want *margin-left: 500px !important; make sure you put !important to overwrite the css on the logo position
  14. you need to update the database name on the script. and you can use my ladder free release script