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  1. Same error unfortunately. It's odd because sometimes this effect works, when it's bleed on effect. For example this one works just fine. I've also tried bonus3 bAddEffOnSkill,"DC_THROWARROW",Eff_Freeze,1000; and the same error occurs. AegisName: Spearfish_ Name: Marlin Type: Weapon SubType: 2hSpear Attack: 220 Range: 3 Jobs: Crusader: true Knight: true Swordman: true Locations: Both_Hand: true WeaponLevel: 1 EquipLevelMin: 50 Trade: NoDrop: false NoTrade: false NoSell: true NoCart: false NoStorage: true NoGuildStorage: true NoMail: true NoAuction: true Script: | bonus3 bAddEffOnSkill,"KN_PIERCE",Eff_Bleeding,150; bonus3 bAddEffOnSkill,"LK_SPIRALPIERCE",Eff_Bleeding,150; bonus2 bAddEff2,Eff_Freezing,100; bonus2 bSkillAtk,"LK_SPIRALPIERCE",100; bonus2 bSkillAtk,"LG_INSPIRATION",50; if (BaseLevel>99) { bonus bBaseAtk,30; }
  2. I've noticed this with Krieg and Stem of Neph, these are the most up-to-date equip ymls as well that have this error. Is this a problem with bAddEffOnSkill in general or how it is written in the item database? https://imgur.com/yJUDxpT - Id: 1979 AegisName: Stem_Of_Nepenthes Name: Stem of Nepenthes Type: Weapon SubType: Whip Buy: 20 Weight: 1000 Attack: 120 Range: 2 Slots: 2 Jobs: BardDancer: true Classes: All_Upper: true Gender: Female Locations: Right_Hand: true WeaponLevel: 4 EquipLevelMin: 60 Refineable: true Script: | bonus bInt,2; bonus3 bAddEffOnSkill,"DC_THROWARROW",Eff_Freeze,(getrefine()>=9?2000:1000);
  3. Nevermind. Found it in the mob_db.yml. DamageTaken: 10 and replaced them all.
  4. I've looked around the source code and conf files, I've found some leads but I am lost. Does anyone know how to change the damage reductions that MVP have in Renewal?
  5. Do not duplicate monsters, if you desire this effect you need go into db/re/mob_summon.yml and increase the values. - Group: BLOODY_DEAD_BRANCH Default: BAPHOMET Summon: - Mob: OSIRIS Rate: 500000 - Mob: BAPHOMET Rate: 500000 Should be at top, looks like this as an example. - Mob: GOLDEN_BUG Rate: 500000 would be (triple rate for it to spawn) - Mob: GOLDEN_BUG Rate: 1500000
  6. I'm unsure if I understand the question but if you want to edit items on a live server you can go into the item_db_equip.yml or whichever item you're modifying. #1: Change item and save the yml. #2: @reloaditemdb command in game client on an admin account. (Warning: This will lag the server for a little bit but it's not a problem.) If you're referring to the item descriptions, that would have to be done through a patcher for your server. If you do not use a patcher, there is no way except to have everyone download the new lua or lub files
  7. The original system for uploading guild emblems was far easier. I was wondering if anyone has either came up with a client patch or another solution to this problem. I'd gladly sacrifice my access to animated .gif emblems if I could just get the old guild emblems working instead of tying emblems to a web service. Another thought I had was some way to emulate the files/data retrieved with the new client to import guild emblems. (I know this would require manual work on the guild db in sql but I wouldn't mind since my project is just my friends.)
  8. I do have it set. I think I realize my problem though. I was under the assumption the most recent stable build of rAthena had the webserv stuff implemented but it looks like I need to do a specific pull to get these features to work..
  9. Go into your rAthena folder -> db/re/job_stats.yml When you open up this document you can alter the base attack speeds based on the weapon type they are wearing for all classes.
  10. I have FluxCP and yet have trouble getting emblems to work on my later client. Is there any way I can manipulate the index.html and emblem.bmps within the fluxcp/data/emblem/ to get a desired effect? Assuming I also have the corresponding IDs set in mysql.
  11. Anyway, this has to do with the the attack damage being calculated with a 16 bit integer I would guess. (65k is the highest on an 'unsigned' 16 bit integer.) If you're still interested in solving this issue I can look into it.
  12. This is for the most part a client-side issue. Do you want to remove the effect for yourself or all players on your server? It'll help if you can answer: Is your server using an encrypted GRF? (Namely one they are required to use to log onto your server)
  13. This is a complicated issue to solve. The quickest solution I can think of would solve this problem HOWEVER this solution will buff Rune Knight's Dragon's Breath in other ways by allowing it to ignore defense. If you don't care about that you can fix it by doing the following: Go to db/re/skill_db.yml Add IgnoreDefense: true Beneath the the DamageFlags: for both Dragon Breath and Dragon Breath - Water For example Dragon Breath would look like - Id: 2008 Name: RK_DRAGONBREATH Description: Dragon Breath MaxLevel: 10 Type: Weapon TargetType: Ground DamageFlags: IgnoreDefense: true Splash: true IgnoreFlee: true
  14. If I understand this correctly: The idea is the random number is divisible by 100, aka a 1 in 100 chance. So a 10 would make in a 1 in 10 chance. Because ! means "NOT" and && means "and" when it's checking. % is the modulus operator Someone smarter can correct me if I'm wrong! I'm p sure that's the idea though.
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