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  1. Really? It's worked fine for me. Did you even test it before saying this? And even if this is the case what is going to be our answer to the continuous introduction of new items that use item IDs far beyond 65k.
  2. while (1) { if (getareausers("new_3-3",130,54,88,37) >= 2){ disablenpc "Duel-Assistant"; pvpon "new_3-3"; } to while (1) { if (getareausers("new_3-3",130,54,88,37) >= 2){ disablenpc "Duel-Assistant"; sleep 5000; pvpon "new_3-3"; } Have you tried this? I haven't worked with NPCs for a while. If it does work you can edit the sleep 5000; to whatever number is desired.
  3. Hello. I recently refined a program I made for myself so I can share. By default this program will 4 slot all the gear in your item_db.txt. PLEASE read the readme before using. You MUST change the path before running the .exe otherwise it will do nothing. Feel free to ask me any questions. Or ask for things you'd like me to add later on. I've tested this quite a bit but there could still be an issue I'm unaware of so always backup your files. Item Slotter 2.rar
  4. Version 1.0.0


    A simple .NET core application that will change all the slots of your items from an item_db.txt. Great if you want to have 4 slots on all items. But it also has customization. Please read the readme.txt and make sure you change the Config.txt to the desired purpose. Four slot all items! And more! Free to use and share. It's called Item Slotter "2" because the original I made just for myself, but I wanted to make a version everyone can use. Hope you enjoy.


  5. These are much better than the default 3rd job sprites. I am pretty curious about the new stats. I think it's a good idea. But they just look like they do the same thing as their counterparts.
  6. They are done this way because that's how the damage is calculated in official renewal. You can use bAtkRate,n;. It's a bonus that works. But it is unofficial.
  7. I can't remember if SA_MONOCELL has something to do with summons. SA_CLASSCHANGE is the one that transforms a monster iirc. Try removing these: - Skill: SA_CLASSCHANGE Probability: - Level: 5 Probability: 10 - Level: 6 Probability: 10 - Level: 7 Probability: 20 - Level: 8 Probability: 20 - Level: 9 Probability: 30 - Level: 10 Probability: 30 - Skill: SA_SUMMONMONSTER Probability: - Level: 1 Probability: 100 - Level: 2 Probability: 200 - Level: 3 Probability: 300 - Level: 4 Probability: 400 - Level: 5 Probability: 500 - Level: 6 Probability: 600 - Level: 7 Probability: 700 - Level: 8 Probability: 800 - Level: 9 Probability: 900 - Level: 10 Probability: 1000 and this - Skill: SA_MONOCELL
  8. It should be added that the recorded file is not a video file in any capacity. It's a replay, just lines of code/packets played out for the game client. That's how they can be so small in file size, and why you can rotate the screen freely. If you want to record actual video files you can use OBS. Unfortunately RO is an old game so it doesn't do a Game Capture like most games, you have to record either your full screen or a select area of your screen.
  9. Depends on which level range script you are looking at. 26-40.txt does grant job experience. While 41-55,txt does not. For two examples. Found in npc/re/quests/eden Found in 41-55.txt setarray [email protected][0],9600,7200,15750,7875,11100,8550,17100,9000,12300,9900,20250,10350,13800,11025,22500,11250; for(set [email protected],0; [email protected]<16; set [email protected],[email protected]+1) if (checkquest([email protected],HUNTING) == 2) { mes "[Mission Board]"; mes "You have completed the mission."; mes "Here is your reward."; erasequest 12088; erasequest [email protected]; specialeffect2 EF_STEAL; getexp [email protected][[email protected]],0; // <--- HERE close; } You could simply change it to something like this: getexp [email protected][[email protected]],2000; And although different quests from this level range will have their base exp dependent on the Array #. Each one of these will always grant 2,000 job exp this way. To go through them all you can always search "getexp" and change any of the ,0; to your desired job experience.
  10. If you are using the same computer for the host and the game client you do not connect to your own server through your WAN IP. <address></address> Use this IP instead. This is the numbered identity/IP of your 'localhost'. Additionally you should look into your firewall settings. It's most likely a firewall issue, as well.
  11. "The server already up I believe." ?? This isn't your own server? If it isn't that changes things entirely. Also any decent private server should have a client or at least a lite-patch to give you the necessary files and client. If it is your own server and you are hosting it from the same PC you are playing it on your IP should look like this in the xml <address></address> If this is not your own server, then you should go on their forums and ask. Since that's the moderators of the forums job and hardly anyone here is gonna know what to do. And if you are hosting the server on your LAN: Run cmd.exe -> type in "ipconfig" and hit enter -> Look for IPv4 Address Usually its something like, but it really depends on your router. Then use that IP instead.
  12. Tell us the error you get. You need to be more specific. Did you use a diff patcher (NEMO)? What client did you use?
  13. This is correct. The maximum damage isn't 1million (hasn't been forever iirc) it's just been a client displaying limitation.
  14. All I can think of is it's potentially a problem on the client-side then. And unfortunately, that isn't my best area. You may want to try other clients and ragnarok folders. I know messing with clients right now is extremely frustrating and unfortunately I have yet to find a really good patched one that I feel would help others.
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