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  1. This is a complicated issue to solve. The quickest solution I can think of would solve this problem HOWEVER this solution will buff Rune Knight's Dragon's Breath in other ways by allowing it to ignore defense. If you don't care about that you can fix it by doing the following: Go to db/re/skill_db.yml Add IgnoreDefense: true Beneath the the DamageFlags: for both Dragon Breath and Dragon Breath - Water For example Dragon Breath would look like - Id: 2008 Name: RK_DRAGONBREATH Description: Dragon Breath MaxLevel: 10 Type: Weapon TargetType: Ground DamageFlags: IgnoreDefense: true Splash: true IgnoreFlee: true
  2. If I understand this correctly: The idea is the random number is divisible by 100, aka a 1 in 100 chance. So a 10 would make in a 1 in 10 chance. Because ! means "NOT" and && means "and" when it's checking. % is the modulus operator Someone smarter can correct me if I'm wrong! I'm p sure that's the idea though.
  3. Go to the same line and simply remove a 0 from the 100 after rnd()% it should look like this: if (skill_id == SL_SUPERNOVICE && dstsd && dstsd->die_counter && !(rnd()%10)) { //Erase death count 1% of the casts pc_setparam(dstsd, SP_PCDIECOUNTER, 0); clif_specialeffect(bl, EF_ANGEL2, AREA); //SC_SPIRIT invokes status_calc_pc for us. }
  4. No, I plan on making one for yaml in the future though when I have more free time.
  5. Extremely stupid oversight by me. I just didn't have the proper packver defined. I'll leave this up in case anyone encounters the same issue. Added in src/custom/defines_pre.hpp #ifndef CONFIG_CUSTOM_DEFINES_PRE_HPP #define CONFIG_CUSTOM_DEFINES_PRE_HPP #define PACKETVER 20190530 /**
  6. *UPDATE* My homun only works when I use a newer patched client.. however the issue with this is I cannot see guild emblems with the newer clients. What is the fix here?? Also if a moderator could move this to client-side support.. since I was wrong on it being a database issue. When creating a homunculus with pre-re enabled (most recent build) it spawns with functionally 0 stats and even the hlvl command doesn't work on it. Using 2019-05-30aRagRE with recommended patches. And here it seems to have some information stored in on mySQL. It's hard to tell what the issue here is?
  7. Don't use RMS for item information regarding renewal. They gave up a long time ago. Use divine-pride instead. Frankly I don't even know if they have staff for that site or do anything with it except keep it up for ad revenue. It's a disgrace because it used to be a fantastic website.
  8. In all honesty it's probably an issue with the client itself not your packet version in the server build. I've had a ton of trouble with clients even though I've used the proper packet version. Maybe try to re-patch your client using Nemo with different patches selected and fool around with that. A lot of clients are so finicky and the resources out there are far harder to come across.
  9. This request is kind of confusing. Do you want the player's characters to be deleted(outside Prontera)? Or do you just want all the NPCs? There is a way to do both. You may want a way to automate it if you're deleting a lot of characters. But there's a column named "last_map" within your char table. You could hit the last_map button above it and it'll sort the rows then manually delete every character that isn't on "prontera"
  10. Updated this for a simpler, more appealing and user-friendly interface. Built the program with windows form this time. Enjoy! And tell me if you have any issues with this new version. (There should be none, it uses the original code just implemented for windows form.) Item Slotter 2.1.rar
  11. This would be a lot of work and unless it's already been done I doubt someone is gonna do it for free. I've looked around a lot for something like this in the past and never found it. This would require client-side modification on top of the c++ coding to install the AT command, which is the easier part. I know this isn't really helpful. But there is a costume item called Invisible Hat, Invisible Sunglasses, and Invisible Mask(dont remember the real name). https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/31292/unknown-item-31292 So at the very least you could make an NPC or command that hands these out so a single player has the freedom to hide their own headgears. But it's hardly a solution.
  12. Really? It's worked fine for me. Did you even test it before saying this? And even if this is the case what is going to be our answer to the continuous introduction of new items that use item IDs far beyond 65k.
  13. while (1) { if (getareausers("new_3-3",130,54,88,37) >= 2){ disablenpc "Duel-Assistant"; pvpon "new_3-3"; } to while (1) { if (getareausers("new_3-3",130,54,88,37) >= 2){ disablenpc "Duel-Assistant"; sleep 5000; pvpon "new_3-3"; } Have you tried this? I haven't worked with NPCs for a while. If it does work you can edit the sleep 5000; to whatever number is desired.
  14. Hello. I recently refined a program I made for myself so I can share. I also updated this again to look better and be easier to use. By default this program will 4 slot all the gear in your item_db.txt. PLEASE read the readme before using. Feel free to ask me any questions. Or ask for things you'd like me to add later on. I've tested this quite a bit but there could still be an issue I'm unaware of so always backup your files.
  15. Version 1.1


    A simple .NET core application that will change all the slots of your items from an item_db.txt. Great if you want to have 4 slots on all items. But it also has customization. Please read the readme.txt. Four slot all items! And more! Free to use and share. It's called Item Slotter "2" because the original I made just for myself, but I wanted to make a version everyone can use. Hope you enjoy.
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