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Community Answers

  1. did you compile your server to use your clients current date?
  2. you can't have a dynamic IP your player needs to connect to a static IP otherwise you wont be able to connect.
  3. you don't really need a program to pull it from git. you can just download a zip from the site. but if u really want a pulling program. check out tortoise git.
  4. no you shouldnt lol. you should change those to something unique so people don't have an easy way to hack your server/databases. that is the default password for the server.
  5. using the text files really has no use. because clients after 2012 don't look at those. they look at the system folder. and the datainfo. inside grf.
  6. wrong!, he's using 2013, that way is for 2012 and before he needs to make these edits via system/iteminfo.lua/iteminfo.lub and only with lua files there are no txt files involved aside from server side.
  7. some mvp's have different drop rates. youd need to edit them accordingly. when you change those rates via conf file your changing the global drop rate of the entire server. for instance. lets say something drops at 50% with the rates set to 1x, if you put it anything above 1x it's going to be 100 percent always. to fix that youd need to change the mobs drop rate for that item.
  8. yeah if you're getting apples. you need to your client side. view id's and such.
  9. i literally did it with grf Editor. idk how your opening it? maybe you have an old version.
  10. there's your answer. lol use that client.
  11. LCDTheOG

    please help

    theres a map flag called noteleport i think. inside the npc folder find that map and shut it off. also you can do @mapflag i think and it shows all the mapflags on that map
  12. you need to set a key inside the grf before you add any files to it. make sure you encrypt the grf btw. not the data folder inside grf editor. Set a key->save the key(suggested if you make a complicated password)->add the files to the grf->encrypt the grf->save the grf. you won't be able to extract anyfiles out of until they type in the password. however they can still open it.
  13. that just deletes the patch list. which didnt fix my problem at the time. my host has a ridiculous server side caching so thats what was causing it.
  14. i think youd need to edit the mobs manually for that. or see if there is a map flag for it.
  15. I'm to the point where i will almost pay somone to set me up a working patcher. idk if its my PC or what but. I'm running a 64bit windows 10 system. ive tried every single patcher. and none of them work longer than a day. but it appears that each of them get the same issue going. none of them will grab new patchers after patching 1 time. any support on this topic will help. i will post my current information with my host if i need to. Edit: Solved, clearing my browser data and disk clean up temp internet files and temp files did the trick.
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