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A while ago I searched for everything for a program that separated all the strings in a file so that I could translate more easily, well I didn't think so I paid a developer to help me create, unfortunately I lost the source code of this incredible editor because of a ransomware, but I managed to find the executable, I hope it helps many people as it helped me!

Description: Basically if you want to translate something or just edit the strings of an npc just import your .txt file and it will separate and you can edit / translate as you prefer.

Demonstration video: 

Importar button: you import the.txt file
Button "Criar arquivo codificado" :you create a file only with the strings all in line and encoded for windows 1252.
button visualizar : you can preview the result.
and Finalizar button it saves!

obs1: take care not to increase the number of lines and nothing else will be out of order.

obs2: You need to press on preview to apply the changes

obs3: And be careful also when using it, as it can confuse a string with text, it identifies everything inside a string, so it can have this pattern:

"here" ok "here"


I'm sure it will be easier to translate into your language.
using it is just a matter of habit, if I find the source code I will post it for free.

would you like to donate to this project?

paypal: [email protected]


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