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About This File

It has been reported in many places that phpmyadmin has trouble dealing with comments in large sql files that are being imported. I recently ran into the same problem while impotrting the huge item_db sql file to my server's database.

So here is a solution/ workaround I made to solve the issue. I wrote a small program in c# to take in the Text version of the database and convert into a CSV file. Importing this CSV to the db works without a hitch.


.Net Framework 4.0+ (Install it only if the software does not run or gives an error)


  • The program only converts item_dbs and mob_dbs.
  • As it should be expected of a CSV output, the table structure cannot be imported. (read below)
  • Not all possible file errors and irregularities are handled. If the text db file works well, the conversion should go well.

More info:

For those thinking of importing the item_db.txt as CSV, you need the item_db's structure set-up. There are 2 ways to do it.

  1. (Easiest) Import item_db2.sql first and then copy the table's structure as a new table i.e. "item_db". To do this goto the item_db2 table and click on "Operations" tab. Then, select the "Structure only" radio button and give the name as "item_db". Click "Go".
  2. Attached in the archive you will download is a sql script to create the item_db structure. But beware that it will also drop the item_db table if it already exists in your datatabase.

What's New in Version 1.0


  • Support for multiple files dropped.
  • Support for item_db and item_db2
  • Support for mob_db and mob_db2

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