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Ragnarok Deleveled 0.2

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About This File

The Ragnarok Deleveled project tries to remove the use of the Base Level from the game, making so not only you can go anywhere you want, but

also your progression shifts towards equipments and classes.


This project has been at work just for fun, I've been studying ways of making the level of the monsters and their status, tells how hard it is to face them,

but the program I created - which is used to scale the monsters and item status - isn't stable yet, since depending on the levels and status sum you set

to the players and the monsters, the monsters may either be too easy, or too hard to face, one example you may find while testing, is that Thor Volcano

is actually a end-game instance, because the monsters there has absurd status, most likelly because of the sum of their status values.


On other hand, I've been testing the project on a Pre-Renewal server, so I have no idea how the project will work on a Renewal server, because I didn't

built a client for that yet, so basically It's a "test at your own risk" in that case.


Do beware aswell, that since base level will no longer be a thing, the grinding may shift towards the job leveling, so better prepare yourself a pack full

of quest npcs or event npcs, or else the game will be boring quickly.


The instalation guide is inside the zip file, and enjoy.

What's New in Version 0.2   See changelog


Changed the scaling system, at least for level 1 and 99 the scaling is alright, but the problem of the mana at level 1 scaling remains.

Depending on the status points you force to all players, It will make the game challenging or easy.

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