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Rebellion - 2nd Class Gunslinger

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Here's some info on a website that I just recently found and translated....

RWC 2012 - a great opportunity not only to participate in the championship, but also learn a few secrets from the developers! The mystery - the latest news Gravity: 3

So now, in terms of "Ragnarok Online" in 2013 featured the following update:

Rebellion (Gunslinger high class)


Unfortunately, the date of the development are not yet known, as well as the characteristics of the profession.


Source is here....


I don't have anymore info at this time.

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Not gonna lie- The female is so well dressed that when I initially saw this, I thought it had to be fake. Gravity, are you drunk? How are you not disappointing me for once?! Is this real life?!

Name is kinda dumb, but I can forgive that.

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It's very strange, I was watching the two presentations in Japan a few days ago and the only interesting thing was:



 画像ジェティック 肩のデザイン変更? 腰がスカート?


Koreans in forums not say anything, i will investigate

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