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  1. How do I make so that if a timer runs it runs only when the character is online. If they log off it pauses and resumes when they log on again? Like if I wanted it to be a 10 min wait, if they started the counter and signed off after 5 mins when they signed back on they had to wait another 5 mins? Also how do it make it so that a timer will continue to run even after they signed off? Like with the 10 min wait, if they started the counter and signed off for 10 mins and came back the timer should be done?
  2. gank (snatcher) the version that lets you auto cast steal, it says it can only be used by melee. I would like it so that bow rogues can trigger gank. Basically, if a skill is restricted to a weapon how do I change that restriction? I assume it's like letting fist use pierce which is spear exclusive
  3. How do I make it so that gank can be used with a bow?
  4. is there a way to edit or remove the fixed cast on certain skills? I don't feel that arrow vulcan or arrow repel should have fixed cast.
  5. So has anyone gotten to work on the forge or the building in the 10 oclock direction?
  6. So I was walking around new izlude to notice that the arena is gone. And there are two buildings with no portals. Any one have any idea what the building in the north in the 12 oclock is for? Or the building in the 11 oclock with the o and x moving hammers is for? Or what about the one in the 3 oclock where the old item shop used to be?
  7. Why is thor the only patcher I hear about lately? What ever happened to neoncube and jikari?
  8. For some reason izlude and geffen are playing xmas music. How do I make it stop?
  9. During quests where it displays x/x monsters killed when completed it displays the text "detectf" how can I change it something like "Quest Completed"?
  10. It might be the client you're using. It may not be comparable. You might also want to check out your packet settings in your conf.
  11. That's client.
  12. 10k? That's an insane amount. What about weapon displays? I remember before you had to replace a weapon due to the limited amount of open sword or katar id's.
  13. Since xray is no longer being made, is there a limit to how many custom items you can put in that have a graphic display? Like is there a limit to how many custom headgears or weapons that can be added?
  14. if you're using a router is there more than 1 computer hooked up to it?