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  1. Should that be set in Outbound? or Inbound rules?
  2. 0Hi rathena, Im currently hosted in ExtraVM, and Im planning to use their IP Management. (https://extravm.com/billing/index.php?rp=/knowledgebase/80/IP-Management.html ) Does anyone know what ports (inbound/outbound) should I allow/ban? Willing to Pay for the guide. Thanks!
  3. Im using pre-re, and tried both. Still cant drop. UP UP
  4. Hi rAthena, I've added this on my import/item_trade.txt 7059,475,50 // Free Ticket Kafra Storage Since I put "50" on group override, it means that group 50 and above can override this TradeMask. But when I tried dropping the item. It doesn't dropped! Below are the images.
  5. Is your clientinfo <version>XX</version> same on your packet?
  6. Not working on latest rathena. Could you please update it? Thanks!
  7. Hmmm, tried inserting this, but nothing happens: if (sc->data[SC_SUFFRAGIUM]) { if(!(flag&2)) time -= time * sc->data[SC_SUFFRAGIUM]->val2 / 100; //Suffragium ends even if the skill is not affected by it status_change_end(bl, SC_SUFFRAGIUM, INVALID_TIMER); } if (sc->data[SC_SPIRIT] && sc->data[SC_SPIRIT]->val2 == SL_GUNNER && skill_id == GS_TRACKING) { if(!(flag&2)) time -= time * 50 / 100; } UP UP up
  8. Hi, I've successfully implemented a soul link for Gunslingers (SL_GUNNER) on my server. I want to add an effect that will reduce the cast time of the Tracking skill to 70% (or remove it totally) when the GS is soul linked. I tried putting this code in skill.c BUT it failed case GS_TRACKING: if (sd && sd->sc.data[SC_SPIRIT] && sd->sc.data[SC_SPIRIT]->val2 == SL_GUNNER) time = 0; break; Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!
  9. DONE. Found it under stateiconinfo.lub StateIconList[EFST_IDs.EFST_SOULLINK] = {
  10. Hi, where can i find this Status Icon so I can translate it?
  11. Just backup your database and server files from your old VPS then install the necessary tools you need to your new VPS (mysql, phpmyadmin, apache, etc) then transfer your backup files from your old vps to your new vps. DONE. Make sure you change the IP both server-side and client-side.
  12. Hi, Im not using the latest rAthena, but here are the lines I have commented: @ skill.c case AM_POTIONPITCHER: { int j,hp = 0,sp = 0; //if( dstmd && dstmd->mob_id == MOBID_EMPERIUM ) { // map_freeblock_unlock(); // return 1; //} Anyway, it heals the emperium but not following the formula of Potion Pitcher. It only heals it for 0 or 1 Value.
  13. Its working fine now. Thanks a lot!
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