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Orc Lord

What song are you listening right now?

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Is listening to ...

 なついろー君の涙にこんなに恋してる Romaji: Natsuiro - Kimi no namida ni konna ni koishiteru Trans: I'm so inlove with your tears

Yeah a love song xD and also a opening theme song of Hit anime 姪探偵ーコナン(Meitantei  Conan).


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;) Tbh: Iprefer 'Yume Sekai' to 'courage',but yup they are all very pleasant songs.


Yeah I like that one. :) When I first learned of it I couldn't stop listening to it xD


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Alright... @storage -> *Withdraws a yggdrasil leaf.* I'm going to resurrect this topic, because I like sounds. What's everyone listening to I'd like very much to know.



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