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FREE - FluxCP with Master Account Integration

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FluxCP with Master Account Integration


Hi everyone! I want to share my Simple FluxCP with master account. I've been coding this for the last 2 days using my free time. I have seen a lot of people asking for FluxCP with Master account so I decided to share this. Originally I was planning to do this via addons but there are too many things needed to change. Please take note that this is version 1.0 so if you found any bugs please open an issue on github.


I will also release next time the master account integrated with phpBB.


Repository: https://github.com/acelabini/FluxCP-MasterAccount

Clone:  https://github.com/acelabini/FluxCP-MasterAccount.git

Download: https://github.com/acelabini/FluxCP-MasterAccount/archive/master.zip


How to install?

Just clone or download the repository and follow this installation guide written by @Zack-



Edit `config/application.php`

    'MasterAccount'	          => true,                   // Enable master account feature, setting this to false will revert back to normal fluxCP
    'MasterAccountPasswordHash'   => 'bcrypt',               // Master account password hashing algorithm, atm only bcrypt is available
    'MasterAccountMaxAccounts'    => 0,			     // Maximum game account per master account; 0 to disable


If you have any question, feel free to post it here.




Buy me a coffee












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Awesome, as you said there's so many people that have been requesting this!

I'm glad there's still people like you working on maintaining some of the most popular RO tools.

Keep up the great work mate.

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@Dark Lunacy Glad you like it

@Xan Sietry Will do mate. Thanks

Applied some fixes

- Added password reset for master account and game account
- Fixed issues #1 (Reported by @xVaan)
- Fixed error when logging in if account is ban
- Fixed loginbox account link

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Hmm, I downloaded it yesterday. 
The last update was 25 days ago. 
Have I forgotten something?

Repository: https://github.com/acelabini/FluxCP-MasterAccount

If now there is a master account storage and a launcher where you can get all game accounts listed. Then it would be perfect. ❤️. 😄

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Sorry, it was in my private repository. I will update it as soon as possible.



If now there is a master account storage 

Well, we can do that via Flux but we need time for development and deep testing. We don't want to introduce exploits because of this feature.

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I've been testing your FluxCP and so far it works really well!

I was wondering if you intend of modifying the password reset? If you ever consider it, it would be nice if players could choose to create their own new password instead of having a new one created for them.

I already know some players will complain about it haha. But don't see my suggestion as a negative one, you did a really good job and I appreciate your efforts!

Thank you,


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thank you for this amazing job !!
However, do you have a tutorial for integrating it into the RO client.
Basically, this will allow us to log in with our master account, see all the available accounts, and choose which one I want to start with before the exe starts? Or integrate it directly into the executable?

  Because creating a master account is great but if it does not allow us to manage our accounts by launching the game, it is not useful to us.

This is not a negative review, I greatly appreciate your donation. really, thank you!

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Hello my friends,

I want to use this FluxCP with master account integration, but I have a problem with correct working. I am isung XAMPP 3.2.4 (Apache/2.4.46 (Win64) OpenSSL/1.1.1j PHP/8.0.3).

1st issue was with loading submenu items, which I repaired (themes/default/main/submenu.php) line 8

$this->url($menuItem['module'], $menuItem['action'], $params->get('id') ? ['id' => $params->get('id') ]: ''),


$this->url($menuItem['module'], $menuItem['action'], $params->get('id') ? ['id' => $params->get('id') ]: array()),

Now, all items in menu are working (except for item a mob DB) and submenu is visible.


2nd issue: Can't load mob and item db



3rd issue: Can't login - EDIT SOLVED


I solved it - /lib/Flux/MasterAccount/SessionData.php - line190

$sql = rtrim($sql,",");


$sql = substr(rtrim($sql,","), 0, -2);


Has somebody same issues?

Thank you for your replies

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