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  1. Hi Im trying to add a new map flag to disable RODEX on certain maps using the new mapflag system, is this possible? But im really a newbie on this and i dont know how to add this feature... I found this but i dont know if this is working thanks a lot
  2. Dark Lunacy

    ayuda con creator

    Cualquier comportamiento de skill que quieras editar va en el src, por lo que debes volver a compilar. Con respecto al homunculo, supongo que deberías tener el sprite, ademas de agregarlo en la db. Ahí hay dos modificaciones que necesitas, del lado del cliente y servidor.
  3. Dark Lunacy

    unable to update thor patcher via patch

    Anyone has tested to update the .exe running thor with admin permissions on Windows? Or what version do you recommend to use in production?
  4. Dark Lunacy

    Numbers appear when sending PM

    Thanks sir
  5. Dark Lunacy

    Numbers appear when sending PM

    im having the same trouble with 2015-05-13, how can fix it in that client? 2015-05-13.exe thanks a lot
  6. Dark Lunacy

    Question about Pressure skill

    I think there is a problem with the Pressure (Paladin) skill. When I occupy a Randgris Card and use this skill there are times when autocast Dispell, but according to the description of the card only casts during physical attacks. Pressure is not a physical attack, or at least that appears in the description of the skill. It also happens to me with some custom items that I have added and that have the ability to autocast, but they shouldnt do it when i cast pressure cause is not a physical attack.. This is a normal behavior? Im wrong? Im using pre-renewal Thanks and regards
  7. Dark Lunacy

    unable to update thor patcher via patch

    Same problem here, anyone have a solution? @Aeomin Thanks
  8. Dark Lunacy

    MVP Tracker for Discord

    First thanks for this project. I have a doubt, its necesary to upload it in a vps, or can be uploaded in a standard webserver? Thanks for all
  9. Dark Lunacy

    online login background problem

    finally i solved it changing from 32 to 24 bits all of the .bmp. Thanks for all
  10. Dark Lunacy

    online login background problem

    I tried, but it gives me a black login background
  11. Dark Lunacy

    online login background problem

    When i download the grf, this doesnt have any data, also i cant open it with Grf Editor. I tried uploading many different kind of wallpaper (1024x768 jpg and png) but it doesnt work anyone have any solution? Im using a 2015 exe, so the software here is obsolete. http://rathena.sourceforge.net/tools/login_background/ regards and thanks!!
  12. Dark Lunacy

    StateIconInfo Error - Only with the PRE-renewal

    Same error here, anyone?
  13. Dark Lunacy

    need host and any one create a server

    ExtraVM, game servers are around 5 usd...also Digital Ocean, Vultr, are cheap options.
  14. Dark Lunacy

    Error while configure the server

    i think centos is not recommended, why do you not use debian/ubuntu instead?
  15. Dark Lunacy


    Tengo un trabajo (ro.bucle.cl), pero es una plantilla modificada. Si quieres te la puedo pasar, o ayudar a editar si gustas. También sé instalar foros y administrarlos.