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  1. Old Event na to pero try mo check un ibang script dito mod mo nlng use google sir lalabas sila https://rathena.org/board/topic/83365-poring-soccer-v3-non-pvp/
  2. DevJJ

    new gameguard

    I hope this DLL helps you. An Open Source Ragnarok security DLL. This DLL has been created by ratalaika. This software was commercially distributed some time but now open source for everyone. https://github.com/M45T3Ryu/eikasia
  3. Thanks for this, gepard supported??
  4. msgstringtable.txt Look mo po line then edit mo lagyan mo nlng "#" remove then txt
  5. DevJJ

    Cant Add skills

    try to check your serve side error check your skill_db also
  6. Try this one - https://philhost.net/hybrid-hosting/
  7. Looking forward Great job Congrats Frost
  8. Please specify what will be Credits to Coins? Credits to Zeny? prontera,160,184,5 script Credit Exchanger 416,{ //====================================[Customization Area]==========================// set .npcname$,"^0000EE[Credit Exchanger]^000000"; //NPC Name set .coinname$,"^0000EECredit^000000"; //Name of Item as Coin Used set .CoinID,501; // Credit ID Set to Red Potion set .zeny,10000000; // Credit Price Set by 10,000,000 or 10m set .capzeny,2000000000; //Zeny Capacity Set by 2,000,000,000 or 2b //==============================================================================// // Check Line 89 To Edit The Chat/Pub Name Like This: // waitingroom "Credit Exchanger",0; //==============================================================================// PlayerMode: mes .npcname$; mes "Hello there "+strcharinfo(0); mes "Rule's Of Exchange"; mes "1 ^0000EE"+.coinname$+"^000000 is [^0000EE"+.zeny+"z^000000]"; mes "Zeny Exchange Capacity is [^0000EE"+.capzeny+"z^000000]"; switch(select("(Credits) to (Zeny):(Zeny) to (Credits)")) { Case 1: next; mes .npcname$; mes "How many Credits to exchange?"; mes "Put The Credit Amount"; mes "Put ^0000EE[0]^000000 to Cancel"; mes "1 ^0000EE"+.coinname$+"^000000 is [^0000EE"+.zeny+"z^000000]"; mes "Zeny Exchange Capacity is [^0000EE"+.capzeny+"z^000000]"; next; do{ input @Credit,0,countitem(.CoinID); if( @Credit < 1 ) close; }while( ( ( @Credit * .zeny ) + Zeny ) > .capzeny ); next; mes .npcname$; mes "Thanks"; delitem .CoinID,@Credit; set Zeny, Zeny + ( @Credit * .zeny ); dispbottom "Zeny Exchange Finished"; close; Case 2: next; mes .npcname$; mes "How much Credit you like to Gain?"; mes "Put The Credit Amount"; mes "Put ^0000EE[0]^000000 to Cancel"; mes "1 ^0000EE"+.coinname$+"^000000 is [^0000EE"+.zeny+"z^000000]"; mes "Zeny Exchange Capacity is [^0000EE"+.capzeny+"z^000000]"; next; input @Credit,0,( Zeny / .zeny ); if( @Credit < 1 ) close; next; mes .npcname$; mes "Thanks."; set Zeny, Zeny - ( @Credit * .zeny); getitem .CoinID,@Credit; dispbottom "Credit Exchange Finished"; close; OnInit: waitingroom "Credit Exchanger",0; end; } close; }
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