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  1. DevJJ

    Cant Add skills

    try to check your serve side error check your skill_db also
  2. Try this one - https://philhost.net/hybrid-hosting/
  3. Looking forward Great job Congrats Frost
  4. Please specify what will be Credits to Coins? Credits to Zeny? prontera,160,184,5 script Credit Exchanger 416,{ //====================================[Customization Area]==========================// set .npcname$,"^0000EE[Credit Exchanger]^000000"; //NPC Name set .coinname$,"^0000EECredit^000000"; //Name of Item as Coin Used set .CoinID,501; // Credit ID Set to Red Potion set .zeny,10000000; // Credit Price Set by 10,000,000 or 10m set .capzeny,2000000000; //Zeny Capacity Set by 2,000,000,000 or 2b //==============================================================================// // Check Line 89 To Edit The Chat/Pub Name Like This: // waitingroom "Credit Exchanger",0; //==============================================================================// PlayerMode: mes .npcname$; mes "Hello there "+strcharinfo(0); mes "Rule's Of Exchange"; mes "1 ^0000EE"+.coinname$+"^000000 is [^0000EE"+.zeny+"z^000000]"; mes "Zeny Exchange Capacity is [^0000EE"+.capzeny+"z^000000]"; switch(select("(Credits) to (Zeny):(Zeny) to (Credits)")) { Case 1: next; mes .npcname$; mes "How many Credits to exchange?"; mes "Put The Credit Amount"; mes "Put ^0000EE[0]^000000 to Cancel"; mes "1 ^0000EE"+.coinname$+"^000000 is [^0000EE"+.zeny+"z^000000]"; mes "Zeny Exchange Capacity is [^0000EE"+.capzeny+"z^000000]"; next; do{ input @Credit,0,countitem(.CoinID); if( @Credit < 1 ) close; }while( ( ( @Credit * .zeny ) + Zeny ) > .capzeny ); next; mes .npcname$; mes "Thanks"; delitem .CoinID,@Credit; set Zeny, Zeny + ( @Credit * .zeny ); dispbottom "Zeny Exchange Finished"; close; Case 2: next; mes .npcname$; mes "How much Credit you like to Gain?"; mes "Put The Credit Amount"; mes "Put ^0000EE[0]^000000 to Cancel"; mes "1 ^0000EE"+.coinname$+"^000000 is [^0000EE"+.zeny+"z^000000]"; mes "Zeny Exchange Capacity is [^0000EE"+.capzeny+"z^000000]"; next; input @Credit,0,( Zeny / .zeny ); if( @Credit < 1 ) close; next; mes .npcname$; mes "Thanks."; set Zeny, Zeny - ( @Credit * .zeny); getitem .CoinID,@Credit; dispbottom "Credit Exchange Finished"; close; OnInit: waitingroom "Credit Exchanger",0; end; } close; }
  5. Try mo po palitan line 601,Wing_Of_Fly,Fly Wing,11,60,,50,,,,,0xFFFFFFFF,7,2,,,,,,
  6. Marami guide sa youtube how to setup ragnarok server google lng pano mo edit 99/70 change to 255/120 kaya mo yan
  7. On src/map/pc.c. There's a function that grants or take the Transcedent Classes' Bonus when a non-Trans turn into Trans and vice-versa. // Give or reduce transcendent status points if( (b_class&JOBL_UPPER) && !(sd->class_&JOBL_UPPER) ){ // Change from a non t class to a t class -> give points sd->status.status_point += battle_config.transcendent_status_points; clif_updatestatus(sd,SP_STATUSPOINT); }else if( !(b_class&JOBL_UPPER) && (sd->class_&JOBL_UPPER) ){ // Change from a t class to a non t class -> remove points if( sd->status.status_point < battle_config.transcendent_status_points ){ // The player already used his bonus points, so we have to reset his status points pc_resetstate(sd); } sd->status.status_point -= battle_config.transcendent_status_points; clif_updatestatus(sd,SP_STATUSPOINT); }
  8. try this // Status points bonus for transcendent class transcendent_status_points: 52 to 1 (0 is invalid)
  9. Line 11 sir post mo buong script nsa like 35-45 ka sir download ka ng notepad+++
  10. way po pano mo ni rerecompile yan? centos 64bit? check mo compatibility ng compiler mo sa OS mo gamit?check mo conf. mo kung tama pag kakalagay ng mga IP?
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