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  1. Other buffs supported? you can add more buffs ?
  2. Did you try to remove http://trantra-classic.online/tcpatch/
  3. latest kasi gamit mo 2018 ata nadrag2 yan icon
  4. Old Event na to pero try mo check un ibang script dito mod mo nlng use google sir lalabas sila https://rathena.org/board/topic/83365-poring-soccer-v3-non-pvp/
  5. I hope this DLL helps you. An Open Source Ragnarok security DLL. This DLL has been created by ratalaika. This software was commercially distributed some time but now open source for everyone. https://github.com/M45T3Ryu/eikasia
  6. Thanks for this, gepard supported??
  7. msgstringtable.txt Look mo po line then edit mo lagyan mo nlng "#" remove then txt
  8. DevJJ

    Cant Add skills

    try to check your serve side error check your skill_db also
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