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  1. Hi, I have CP with master account(3 game acc each) and looking for simply way to make shared storage. I decided to give possibility to open the storeage of all your accounts. Can anyone help me, please? Thanks Something like this(i dont know how exactly make this script): payon,159,96,4 script storage master#1 419,{ [email protected] = query_sql "SELECT user_id FROM `cp_user_account` WHERE account_id = '"+getcharid(3)+"', @accstor; [email protected] = query_sql "SELECT account_id FROM `cp_user_account` WHERE user_id = @accstor, @allstorage[]; switch(select("account1:account2:account3:close")) { case 1: close2; openstorage2 1,STOR_MODE_GET|STOR_MODE_PUT, @allstorage[0]; case 2: close2; openstorage2 1,STOR_MODE_GET|STOR_MODE_PUT,@allstorage[1]; case 3: close2; openstorage2 1,STOR_MODE_GET|STOR_MODE_PUT,@allstorage[2]; case 4: close; }}
  2. yes, thanks, added auto join to global chat... i tried \# but no effect look like no way to show #
  3. Hi, the quest navigation working only at the same map(i can set it at another map, and when i arrive to this map, then its triggered automaticly), when im out of map, then say: Failed to set info for location...what is wrong, please? its prerenewal navi_npc: { "payon", 17076, 101, 419, "Morund", "", 198, 104, }, i can use <NAVI>NAME_NPC<INFO>map_name,x,y,0,101,0</INFO></NAVI> , but why its not working (maybe working for a while...why?...how? i dont know) quest_function.lub l_dastgir_list.lub
  4. hi, how can i show # in fact announcer? I want type ...join #global... and last word is join... thanks
  5. ok, its too complicated for me i did a new NPC and when you have a renamed pet, then he warp you out of new_1-1...(classic warp deleted) -makepet -birthpet -getpetinfo(PETINFO_RENAMED) and woking fine, but thanks.
  6. hi, how can i give a hatched pet at start? I dont want give a pet incubator. thanks
  7. but 3,5BG to 2,5GB if rdata.grf is for renewal will be fine ... reduces download time by 10 minutes (2MB/s) ... it counts
  8. Ok, that's what I was afraid of... can i start with deleting rdata.grf?
  9. hi everyone... my qestion: how to make client more compact for pre renewal (super novice = 2-2)? i have full kro... with my modification(achievement, english, goal in navigation isnt chinese, sprites, ... and more) it have 3,5GB and i dont need renewal and coin shop things... i can add via patcher later... if anyone, who understand my english, help me? What can i erase?(like rebellion sprite, wings,...) version ragexe 2015-11-04a (server side too... i can change it as well) Thanks to all in rathena forum...i make a server, control panel english translate...almost everything
  10. Hi, i maked a server...thanks to all, but i have few problems and i cant find an answer... 1.Translation(to eng) is ok, but...any NPC isnt translated(or half) and navigation is broken too i cant click to Hun in 1st quest after novice island (he isnt in navigation too). 2.Movement issue characters moving is strange... only 1 direction change (straight go 20cells, turn-45°, straight go 5cells) or if cell next to char is pressed and holded, then movement is:move,stop,move,stop.... or sometimes if 1 cell is pressed too long, then cant move anywhere else(must relase mouse button)....game is in window. Information: client kRO-full-20200124(updated), RagexeRE 15-10-29, NEMO recommended+disable encrypt sorry for english and thanks
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