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    Hi, We already own a website, but we need a web dev who can help us to do some css, php and html modifications. We would like to add things to our website and some help from a good web dev would be much appreciated. If you're interested contact me via: Discord: Xan Sietry#3284
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    Hi, HiwaRO (New Low Rates Pre-Re server project) is looking for staff members, we already have an established host and a dev server with many features. The project just started and we're mainly looking for 1 Advertising and 2 Support GMs. -Requirements Advertising: A fairly good knowledge of Facebook and most of the advertising platforms, such as instagram, youtube, reddit and voting sites. Support: A good knowledge of Ragnarok Online and a professional attitude towards the players. If you're interested you can contact me: Discord - Xan Sietry#3284