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  1. Bump: I have the same issue, only with the 1-1 jobs as well. I tried different diffs like the shared body type 1 or 2 ones and Use Official Cloth Palettes, but it doesn't fix it. I use the same files as well. Edit: This is the palettes for archer as an example, it's simply a file problem it seems. Everything after palette 489 is just a black .pal file that's why.
  2. Xan Sietry


    Hi, We're looking for someone who has experience with PHP and mysql that would have the necessary knowledge to be able to work on a Master Account System. The definition of the master account system we're looking for is simply that players can manage multiple accounts (max 10) on one single master account. If you're interested contact me via: Discord: Xan Sietry#3284
  3. Xan Sietry


    Hi, We already own a website, but we need a web dev who can help us to do some css, php and html modifications. We would like to add things to our website and some help from a good web dev would be much appreciated. If you're interested contact me via: Discord: Xan Sietry#3284
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    Hi, HiwaRO (New Low Rates Pre-Re server project) is looking for staff members, we already have an established host and a dev server with many features. The project just started and we're mainly looking for 1 Advertising and 2 Support GMs. -Requirements Advertising: A fairly good knowledge of Facebook and most of the advertising platforms, such as instagram, youtube, reddit and voting sites. Support: A good knowledge of Ragnarok Online and a professional attitude towards the players. If you're interested you can contact me: Discord - Xan Sietry#3284