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    Hello, I implemented FluxCP with Master Account and I would like to make ingame Master Account storage. Has someone implemented this feature and can provide me required code, please?
  2. Hello, I solved this issue by creating my custom mapflag and here is manual, how to do it open: src/map/map.hpp find: enum e_mapflag : int16 { insert BEFORE "MF_MAX" MF_NOSTORAGE, MF_MAX }; open: src/map/script_constants.hpp find: /* mapflags */ export_constant(MF_NOMEMO); export_constant(MF_NOTELEPORT); add to end of this block: export_constant(MF_NOSTORAGE); open src/map/atcommand.cpp find: if (map_getmapflag(m_id, MF_NOCOSTUME)) strcat(atcmd_output, " NoCostume |"); add: if (map_getmapflag(m_id, MF_NOSTORAGE)) strcat(atcmd_output, " NoStorage |"); find: ACMD_FUNC(storage) { nullpo_retr(-1, sd); add: if (map_getmapflag(sd->bl.m, MF_NOSTORAGE)) { clif_displaymessage(fd, msg_txt(sd, 1516)); // Command is disabled on this map. return -1; } find: ACMD_FUNC(guildstorage) { nullpo_retr(-1, sd); add: if (map_getmapflag(sd->bl.m, MF_NOSTORAGE)) { clif_displaymessage(fd, msg_txt(sd, 1516)); // Command is disabled on this map. return -1; } open: conf/msg_conf/map_msg.conf to end of this document, add new line: 1516: Command is disabled on this map. Be careful, if this ID is already used, you must to change id, to latest available and change this id in "msg_txt(sd, yourid)" Recompile your project. Create file in npc/mapflag/nostorage.txt Insert into file: prontera mapflag nostorage Add line to npc/script_mapflags.conf npc: npc/mapflag/nostorage.txt Reload NPC scripts. At this time, @storage and @guildstorage commands are not allowed in prontera. ENJOY
  3. Hello my friends, I want to use this FluxCP with master account integration, but I have a problem with correct working. I am isung XAMPP 3.2.4 (Apache/2.4.46 (Win64) OpenSSL/1.1.1j PHP/8.0.3). 1st issue was with loading submenu items, which I repaired (themes/default/main/submenu.php) line 8 Original: $this->url($menuItem['module'], $menuItem['action'], $params->get('id') ? ['id' => $params->get('id') ]: ''), Replaced: $this->url($menuItem['module'], $menuItem['action'], $params->get('id') ? ['id' => $params->get('id') ]: array()), Now, all items in menu are working (except for item a mob DB) and submenu is visible. 2nd issue: Can't load mob and item db 3rd issue: Can't login - EDIT SOLVED I solved it - /lib/Flux/MasterAccount/SessionData.php - line190 Original $sql = rtrim($sql,","); Replaced $sql = substr(rtrim($sql,","), 0, -2); Has somebody same issues? Thank you for your replies
  4. Hello, I would like to create my own RO server, but I have a problem with patcher. I tried to use this patcher, but the patcher still download patches from webpatch.ragnarok.co.kr. I edited ini file with this configuration: [rsu] LastUpdateCheckedOn=1032959 [rsu.patchinfo] InfFile = patchRE.inf GrfFile = my.grf ExeFile = test.exe WebSite = my.url WebPort = 80 WebPath = /patch WebDeny = patch_allow_RE.txt WebList = patchRE3.txt But patching still doesn't work Can you help me with this issue please? Thank you
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