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Successor to NEMO [WIP] - Need UI Suggestions

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Missing you so much.
That's very nice!/no1

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Miss you 😍😍(gr2 models and customs jobs for 2020 hexed plz🙏🙏)

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On 6/30/2020 at 2:02 PM, NeoMind said:


Probably not xD
Anyways, I am working on development of a new patcher as a successor to the original aka NEMO. 

Initially, I was planning to just release the source for NEMO but is quite outdated.
So I decided to just start off fresh utilizing concepts from the original along with new ideas (Already have some implemented, which I will explain later)

Also this time, I will be keeping it open source. I will publish to Github once there is a solid foundation.

I am building it using the latest version of Qt (5.15) and utilizing QML for creating the GUI. I want to give it a more modern appearance, however, I am a "novice" on this front. So I am inviting suggestions for the UI from the talented individuals here.

congratulations for the initiative!

About the designer, you can search for FLAT GUIs, which are visually pleasing.

"Simples" is in fashion.

Some examples in the * spoiler *


Imagem relacionada

Imagem relacionada

Imagem relacionada

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