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  1. Currently rAthena has not updated item id to more than 65k, they are developing it, you can apply it but maybe it's not stable yet. Please check: https://github.com/rathena/rathena/pull/5141
  2. Any error on mapserv console?
  3. It is not skill effect from client 2020, this is the effect from Fall of Glast Heim instance
  4. 1. Error syntax on line 6 2. Missing double quotes on line 12 3. Missing some `next` command Try this script below //Test Alex HAT MAKER // Scripted by Alex // // Test Tutorial by Alex // ============================================== prontera,140,209,3 script Hat Maker#h1-1::Hat Maker 930,{ npctalk "Hello "+strcharinfo(0)+"my name CrazyMan"; next; mes "The purpose of this NPC is to"; mes "provide you the quest of the latest"; mes "headgears here in TESTRO!"; mes "Would you like to brows on the new headgears?"; goto H_top; H_top: menu "0-2",H_01,"Cancel",H_cancel; //__________Hat List__________// H_01: menu "Alice Doll",I_alice, "Hockey Mask",I_hockey, "Return to Menu",H_top; //_____________Item requirements_______________// //________model___________// //I_: // next; // mes ""; // menu "Make",M_,"Return to Menu",H_top; I_alice: next; mes "5x Marionett Dolls"; mes "100x Alice's Apron"; mes "5x Soft Apron"; menu "Make",M_alice,"Return to Menu",H_top; I_hockey: next; mes "200x Suspicious Hat"; mes "2x Blank Eyes"; mes "10x Gold"; mes "10x TCG Card"; menu "Make",M_hockey,"Return to Menu",H_top; //____________model______________// //M_: // if(countitem()< || countitem()< || Zeny < ) // goto M_insufficient; // delitem ,; // delitem ,; // set zeny,zeny-; // getitem ,; // close; M_alice: if(countitem(5141)<5 || countitem(7047)<100 || countitem(661)<5) goto M_insufficient; delitem 5141,5; delitem 7047,100; delitem 661,5; getitem 5137,1; close; M_hockey: if(countitem(7567)<200 || countitem(5102)<2 || countitem(969)<10 || countitem(7227)<10) goto M_insufficient; delitem 7567,200; delitem 5102,2; delitem 969,10; delitem 7227,10; getitem 5314,1; close; //________not enough or not the correct items________ M_insufficient: next; mes "CrazyMan I am sorry"; mes "You don't have the required materials."; mes "Please come back when you do..."; close; H_cancel: close; OnInit: waitingroom "Limited QUEST EVENT",0; end; }
  5. Hi, I am still trying to find this effect to call through the specialeffect function, do you know? Thank you! data\texture\effect\new_cloud_kill\ef_cloud_circle.tga data\texture\effect\new_cloud_kill\ef_cloud_kill.tga data\texture\effect\new_cloud_kill\ef_comm_lightning_cloud.tga anyway, I resolved it, thanks
  6. I appreciate this tool, no doubt, I was tired of these "navi_*" files
  7. hi, you need to change questprogress(13185) to isbegin_quest(13185) questprogress(13188,PLAYTIME) to checkquest(13188, PLAYTIME )
  8. Did you use the @killmonster command to kill monsters? It will work if you kill pori by hand
  9. Hi, You should change sleep to sleep2 in this part OnPoripori: instance_announce [email protected],"Pori Pori: What..... what is happening? How could I..... lose.....",bc_map,0xFFD700; sleep 5000; instance_announce [email protected],"Pori Pori: I'll return when I've healed, then..... then you'll all suffer!!!",bc_map,0xFFD700; enablenpc instance_npcname("EC_Arc_Pori", instance_id()); sleep 15000 getpartymember getcharid(1),2;
  10. Hi, you need to update your data.grf, you can get from https://rathena.org/board/topic/106413-kro-full-client-2019-02-25-includes-bgm-rsu/
  11. Yes, I believe it is possible. I guess we need to hex the client exe.
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