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  1. Is it possible to open this cashshop by npc? Exemple: - Clique to NPC - Open This Cashshop.
  2. Hi boomers, i need a script (uh... really?) Yewah UwU. Description Event Poring Hunter: The event happens every 1 hour. 5 minutes to start the event access to the map is allowed to players and the global message is sent to the server "Poring Hunter : The event will start in 5 minutes, talk to me in prontera to enter!". With the event enabled, npc will display a menu with the option to "join to event" that will teleport the player to the "pvp_n_1-2" map. The player can only access the event map if he has nothing in his inventory (alt + e). After 5 minutes access to the map is closed and the global message is sent to the server "Poring Hunter : The portal for the event has been closed, the event has started, good luck to all players!". The event starts more only if 1 player is on the map "pvp_n_1-2". If no player has entered the event it is canceled and a global message is sent to the server "Poring Hunter : Event has been canceled due to lack of players". Starting the event, Porings, Poporings and Drops will be invoked on map "pvp_n_1-2". Porings grant 1 point when killed, Drops 5 points, Poporings -10 points. By killing the monsters you will be informed how many points you have per dispbottom "You have "x" Point(s)". Players will have 3 minutes to get as many points as possible. The player who gets the most points within 3 minutes will be the winner of the event. The winner of the event will be announced with a global message "Poring Hunter : The event is over, and the winner is player "Player Name" with "Number of Points". He must speak to me in prontera to receive his prize." A few seconds after the winner is announced, all players on the "pvp_n_1-2" map will be taken to prontera 150 150 and the event ends. The winning player must go to npc in prontera and request their prize. 100x Yggdrasil Fruits (Item 607).
  3. BOOOOOOOOM, Solved! That was it, thanks to the 2 comrades.
  4. Hi boomers, I am creating an offer npc that appears 1 time each month, and would like to put a code inside the waitroom that shows the amount of days left until the start of that offer. Like this: Day 1: Next Offer Appears in: 30D at 21:00 Automatic in Day 2: Next Offer Appears in: 29D at 21:00 Automatic in Day 3: Next Offer Appears in: 28D at 21:00 In last Day: OFFER DAY !!! How could I do this?
  5. óia o cachorrinho FIA DA PUTA!

  6. Se não me engano já existe um comando nativo no emulador que muda a cor do chat do player e o balão encima também, @fontcolor. Outra coisa que você pode fazer é usar o sistema de canais, assim criando um personalizado e jogando os players nele, você pode setar a cor que quiser no chat e tudo mais, só não sei se o balão do chat muda a cor também dependendo do canal custom, acho que deve mudar sim...
  7. No, this is not what I need. Jobname(Class) returns me the name of the class you are, not the class that other players are. And yes I read the script_commands... I would not have opened a topic if I had found what I asked for.
  8. Hey guys, I need a variable that saves the player's job name and show me that name. Like that: Name: Player 1 - Job: Thief Name: Player 2 - Job: High Wizard Name: Player 3 - Job: Champion Someone help me?
  9. Sim é possível, Futuramento eu penso em editar algumas coisas nesse site e adicionar um painel de cadastro integrado ao site, Você pode também tentar incluir ele diretamente ao FluxCP, porém é mais trabalhoso e, provavelmente se eu fizesse não disponibilizaria de graça assim rsrs.
  10. nice for bot macros in ragnarok xD
  11. use the forum search