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  1. Hello Can my login server listen to Public IP? (not or Now my server through path Public IP => application Gateway => my VM I tried to config 1.login_athena.conf bind_ip: or login_port: 6900 2.char_athena.conf login_ip: or login_port: 6900 char_ip: Public IP char_port: 6121 3.map_athena.conf char_ip: or char_port: 6121 map_ip: Public IP map_port: 5121 But still can't login loginserver. Even I tried to insert "wrong password", the client only show "server disconnect". Can my login server listen to Public IP? Or what's wrong with me? I used application Gateway because I'm under attack. Technical service staff help me set a application gateway to protection server. Thank you!
  2. Hello I'm under ddos attack, and attack method not Full bandwidth type. I saw the flow very low, but my network still disconnect. I used AZURE to set up Rathena. AZURE Technical service staff help me set a application gateway to protection server. Public IP => GateWay => My VM Now had some problem. When I used this Public IP can't open rathena the login server is OK! but the char server show error message "Connection to login server lost" and the map server show error message "Connection to char server lost" When I login server, I can see server total player. but cannot into char select The error maybe in this 3 port they are can't connect each other? And I tried to use My VM IP, can work. (before I used this IP to set up rathena 2 month) But not through GateWay, can't protection my server. My settings: 1.char_athena.conf login_ip: login_port: 6890 char_ip: char_port: 6145 2.map_athena.conf char_ip: char_port: 6145 map_ip: map_port: 5278 Thank you!!!
  3. When I PM to the other player, the role's window will crash. Any one have this problem too? It is sometime crash. Change the role is will be crash too.
  4. Thank you . I use wrong button Thank you . I use wrong button
  5. About new Rathena change const .txt( 7 days ). I can't use my custom NPC. How to use custom NPC in new Rathena? If I use in const.txt, map.serv will be [Error]:status_set_viewdata (NPC): No view data for class <your custom NPC number> Any body can use custom in new Rathena?
  6. I have change the 20170614 packetver in new Rathena But why the map.serv still load 20151104 ver? I check the packets.h again and again After I change the new Rathena ,I can't load custom packetver But the old Rathena can use. Why?
  7. Please check my Skype

    Thanks you so much

  8. I want to add const's HAT_EF parameter How can I add? Is it about src?
  9. How can I disable it? It is a convenient and troublesome function
  10. How can I disable rodex on certain map? Is this can be achieve?
  11. @sader1992 ...... Okay And I try to @warp other map slowly it will not stop running. Thank you for spending time to solve this problem. Really thank you so much
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