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  1. yes it is, but no quality, beware of shields, some guys are reputed to be thieves and create shields to steal information from players. gepard so far is the only one of quality and reliable.
  2. Your emulator it is updated? I tested and it worked perfectly.
  3. probably problem with item structure in database. post the item structure.
  4. try: isRenderBeforeCharacter = false in lua file hateffect definition.
  5. For the effect to become permanent you can use hateffect, you don't need so many checks. The errors you showed have nothing to do with your script.
  6. Talk to the gepard creator, @Functor, he can help you with that.
  7. just manually update, get kRO, extract, get the information, compare it to your server files and update them.
  8. no, i seu 40000++ , this is not the limit.
  9. Edit in: Data\luafiles514\lua files\datainfo\tb_layer_priority.lub
  10. Really? source request?
  11. Using admin account? If yes, have you edited the permissions so that the admins can use any weapon? all_equipment: false | true
  12. what EXE version are you using?