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  1. this is the current behavior of the class, you can only use the skills with the equipped items, search the kRO.
  2. Kakaroto

    Custom item weird error

    If you do not have any other sprite besides the ones present in the image, then in fact they are missing, because the items have 6 sprites each item.
  3. Kakaroto

    How to compile in Windows10

    I use this: https://www.visualstudio.com/pt-br/vs/community/
  4. Kakaroto

    How big of a difference is pre-renewal to renewal?

    If you do not know the difference it is better to start as a player to learn and then move on to the administrative side. Research, lots of research, that's what you need.
  5. Kakaroto

    autoloot 5 don't working

    your drop.conf is misconfigured.
  6. provide the least amount of information for someone to try to help, such as the client version and the emulator. It works perfectly for me.
  7. Kakaroto

    GRF: GRF Editor

    @Tokei unfortunately it is not working with client 2018. You apply encryption, but the client does not read the folders correctly.
  8. Client Ver? rathena ver? more info pls.
  9. Kakaroto

    R> @ii command with item view

    have it here in the forum, use the 'search' button.
  10. Kakaroto

    Tulong po custom Woe Castle

    you need the 'Official Altorization' ability to power the emperium.
  11. Kakaroto

    R> image & model

    Download the kRO, update it completely and extract rdata.grf, you will find the files there or in the default data.grf.
  12. Kakaroto

    Cash Shop Button Issue

    update your emulator: https://github.com/rathena/rathena
  13. Kakaroto

    How to alter login box size ?

    a Hex edit is required on the client for this.
  14. Kakaroto

    Cash Shop Button Issue

    Client date? rathena version?