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  1. Rizta

    Soul Destroyer formula help

    As I remember that skill work as Misc skill, do you only need to change in skill_db.txt from type Misc to Magic, follow the skill_db header to change it correctly. And i think EDP cant affect dmg of soul destroyer
  2. Rizta

    HP/SP Drain

    Anyone tagged as Magic or Misc. Magic Ex: any bolts, stormgust, lov, meteor storm etc. Misc Ex: Falcon Assault, Blitz Beat etc... Currently drain hp and sp only work with skill IF these skills r Weapon type.
  3. You can do @reloaditemdb then reconnect your character to see changes.
  4. Rizta

    R> simple first 99 rewarder

    Thank you a lot. With this only the first one by class will receive the rewards, right? Awesome. Do you know about my plus request? Edit: sorry i asked and didnt see you edited your asnwer XD ill try to do that
  5. Rizta

    R> simple first 99 rewarder

    well, as tittle says i want a npc that give a prize for the first player of each trans job(sniper, lord knight, high priest etc...). Rules: 1. Only the FIRST 99/70 of each class. 2. Do not need to be account restricted, so, if a player reach 99/70 with different class he wll be able to collect the different prize. 3. Since every job will get a different weapon or whatever, every job will receive a set of the same prizes and one different. [PLUS] - by equipment, it will be good if get with getnameditem and enchantend in 5 slots with random option, pre-defined. Thats all, i know this isnt hard but i really do not remember how to do the rule 1 and 2.
  6. Rizta

    Active bard/clown skills while playing songs

    Yes, it is possible. Go to your db/[pre-]re/skill_db.txt then you'll find this 394,9,8,1,-1,0,0,10,-9,yes,0,0,0,weapon,0,0x0, CG_ARROWVULCAN,Vulcan Arrow simple change to this 394,9,8,1,-1,0,0,10,-9,yes,0,0,0,weapon,0,8, CG_ARROWVULCAN,Vulcan Arrow i dont have time to explain the changes now, so, i recommend you to read the header of skill_db.txt and you probabbly will understand the change and learn more.
  7. I im not sure if i understand but... I think its not possible a script take control over the cashshop, to do that you need something that write in item_cash_db.txt located on db/[pre]re/ and then do a @reloaditemdb . Probably you can do it in source mods
  8. Rizta

    Adjust Skill Damage is not working

    Not necessarly wrong, but, try this: SM_BASH,1,6,15,15,10,10 Plase note that will increase damage in PvP/GvG maps in 15% against player, 15% against monster, 10% against MVP and 10% against Misc/Etc Explaining the columms of my example: SM_BASH = skill name ID 1 = bitmask, working only for player. 6 = bitmask, sum of 2(pvp) and 4(gvg) 15= Damage in % 15= Damage in % 10= Damage in % 10= Damage in %
  9. Rizta

    Para Market Restock

    Can you post the script ?
  10. Rizta

    HP/SP Drain

    Hi! How can i edit HP/SP Drain bonuses to work with Magic and Misc type skills?
  11. Dont know if its a bug, so, ill report anyway. When shield is equipped, weapon related mastery stop evolve and only Safegaurd works even if its disabled in settings. This wont happen with Mystical.
  12. Rizta

    Utility: Campfire

    HOLY! This is amazing +1 @Emistry What do i need change in source to use that? When i try to apply this i got a error by some function that probably i dont have. (duplicatenpc).
  13. Rizta

    Some "How can's" here

    Thx a lot. Ill try follow your instructions! It worked! Thank you
  14. Rizta

    CashShop bugged SQL

    why dont you go to rathena/db/re/item_cash_db.txt , open, set your item then in game do a @reloaditemdb and reconnect ?
  15. Rizta

    Some "How can's" here

    1. How can i revert the HEAL skill formula in renewal for the pre-renew version? Elaborating: Renewal uses MATK to calculate Heal Value instead INT. Its for a revo-classic purpose. 2. How can i change ASPD formula from original rAthena(kRO i think) for one equal or similar of iRO? Elaborating: I want something like the old pre-renew style, while agi and dex is more signifficant to reach good values of ASPD. 3. How can i make custom creation potions receive points and extra effect from alchemist rank? And the same for Blacksmith but in forge of course. 4. How can i turn a single target skill into a AoE skill and vice-versa? Desired skill examples to apply this: Holy Light, Throw Arrow, Melody/Musical Strike. 5. How can i do for Assassin's equip arrows again? Elaborate: when i try to equip arrow in Assassin server tell me i cant and request for a bow, but, i can equip as Thief. Dont know exactly if it is a source issue. 6. How can i edit the effective of passive skills? Elaborate: if i want to increase damage obtained by level of Sword Mastery or any other Weapon Mastery Passive Skill or simple add new features like receive more aspd.