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  1. Stolao's post in +bAddMaxWeight Concern was marked as the answer   
    Why not just give all players the skill ALL_INCCARRY, level 10 early on and edit the value per level in the src.
    There is nothing wrong with your method other then conflicts on updating item_db but above method would be alot cleaner.
  2. Stolao's post in Extended Mob ID View Beyond #3999 was marked as the answer   
    talked in discord a bit, seems this is a limitation of clients before a certain date in 2017, sometime after june at least
  3. Stolao's post in can i make monsters attack each other? was marked as the answer   
    Edit the AI field of the *monster command I believe 1 makes them fight other monsters
  4. Stolao's post in Moving 3rd Class Skills to 2nd Job was marked as the answer   
    No 3rd skill IDs are hardcoded client side to be in 3rd tab, it's quite annoying I ran into this myself and ended up cloning the skill in question to another ID.
    Could probably be fixed with good hex edits but not my forte
  5. Stolao's post in Decimals in rAthena was marked as the answer   
    You should organize your equation with fractions in mind.
    You can write formula 'supporting' decimals but doing something along these lines
    X = 123456
    Mes X/100 +"."+ (X%100);
    This will show "123.456"
  6. Stolao's post in Boxes was marked as the answer   
    You call also try using a function like
  7. Stolao's post in [CUSTOM EVENT] Boss Fight! was marked as the answer   
    No SRC or SQL Required.

    Ill go ahead and work on this it sounds like a fun script but I'm going release it on my git once done, i might even add to my autoevent npc.
  8. Stolao's post in R> Get Item on Login - Once per IP was marked as the answer   
    Use my daily login rewards as a base if you like, v2 + minor tweaks should work for this. Then just disable npc after your event is over.
    Unfortunately I don't have time to code atm but it's fairly easy.
  9. Stolao's post in Refine equipment not equipped. was marked as the answer   
    yes its possible i suggest you look into the script commands delitem2 and getitem2, along with the other inventory commands

    also i recommend checking that player only has 1 of said item in inventory.
  10. Stolao's post in Some Questions about console error about mob skill & produce db was marked as the answer   
    #define MAX_SKILL_PRODUCE_DB    300 /// Max Produce DB in skill.h


    #define MAX_MOBSKILL 50 //Max 128, see mob skill_idx type if need this higher in map.h
  11. Stolao's post in ask about item_db was marked as the answer   
    Can but without editing items its not advisable.
    The def of the items alone will mess things up.
  12. Stolao's post in Triggering script on level was marked as the answer   
    All script commands can be found here https://github.com/rathena/rathena/blob/master/doc/script_commands.txt
      OnPCBaseLvUpEvent: If(BaseLevel == 10) do this  
  13. Stolao's post in Spear Quicken not give aspd boost 7 was marked as the answer   
    In renewal the aspd buffs scale with Agi unlike in pre where they are flat precetage reductions in attack delay.
    So this is the correct official behavior and not a 'bug' to be fixed.
  14. Stolao's post in Making New SC_Start With Status ICON was marked as the answer   
    you didn't define SC_VIP either at all or as an export_constant(); in the least
  15. Stolao's post in All Job Equip Including Doram and Novice? (SOLVED) was marked as the answer   
    You dont need to convert out of hex justneed to add
    (S.) Novice (2^00): 0x00000001 Swordman (2^01): 0x00000002 Magician (2^02): 0x00000004 Archer (2^03): 0x00000008 Acolyte (2^04): 0x00000010 Merchant (2^05): 0x00000020 Thief (2^06): 0x00000040 Knight (2^07): 0x00000080 Priest (2^08): 0x00000100 Wizard (2^09): 0x00000200 Blacksmith (2^10): 0x00000400 Hunter (2^11): 0x00000800 Assassin (2^12): 0x00001000 Unused (2^13): 0x00002000 Crusader (2^14): 0x00004000 Monk (2^15): 0x00008000 Sage (2^16): 0x00010000 Rogue (2^17): 0x00020000 Alchemist (2^18): 0x00040000 Bard/Dancer (2^19): 0x00080000 Unused (2^20): 0x00100000 Taekwon (2^21): 0x00200000 Star Gladiator (2^22): 0x00400000 Soul Linker (2^23): 0x00800000 Gunslinger (2^24): 0x01000000 Ninja (2^25): 0x02000000 Gangsi (2^26): 0x04000000 Death Knight (2^27): 0x08000000 Dark Collector (2^28): 0x10000000 Kagerou/Oboro (2^29): 0x20000000 Rebellion (2^30): 0x40000000 Summoner (2^31): 0x80000000

    Say you want Rebellion and Oboro to wear an item
    Simply add the Hex together
          0x20000000   +   0x40000000 ----------------      0x60000000
    then you want to add Summoner as well
          0x60000000   +   0x80000000 ----------------      0xE0000000
    It becomes E because 8 + 6 = 14 = E
    A = 10 B = 11 C = 12 D = 13 E = 14 F = 15  
  16. Stolao's post in how to create own Custom Box like OBB/OCA ?? was marked as the answer   
    I wrote this just for obb type items
  17. Stolao's post in Discrepancy of ATK +% and MATK +% effect was marked as the answer   
    This might help
  18. Stolao's post in removing buffs was marked as the answer   
    Secret and emistry already answered, you just need to use sc end command before you the warp command, or try using the custom function callfunc("dispell"); right before warping them
    Dispell can be found https://github.com/Stolao/Npc_Release/blob/master/Custom_Functions/Dispell.txt
  19. Stolao's post in Treasure Chest NPC ID: 10005 was marked as the answer   
    Update your kro
    Data / rdata
  20. Stolao's post in R: Simple Instance was marked as the answer   
    Instance are quite easy to create since @aleos did the revamp on the system, you should give it a try.
    For a simple example look at my Emperium Event in my Auto-Event script.
    I know this is a request section but I'd rather teach you then give you.
  21. Stolao's post in My character didnt move was marked as the answer   
    Wrong section.
    Its probably an incorrect packet definition. Make sure your client version matches the one defined in MMO.h and packet version matches in your clientinfo.
  22. Stolao's post in Increase Exp/Drops by % of Users Online Count was marked as the answer   
    (75 + 100) * 3 = 525 or 5.25x
    For you it should be .Random to 0,0 and your .ExpMulti to 100,100
  23. Stolao's post in 2 login server with 1 Map server and 1 Char Server was marked as the answer   
    2 Login Servers would prove no benefit whatsoever, from what I can think of, Only server that could be useful to have 2 of is map IMO.
  24. Stolao's post in By using a pet was marked as the answer   
    petloot 100; add to all pets in pet_db
  25. Stolao's post in Automated Events was marked as the answer   
    ill be releasing an update autoevent system within the week on my git, keep an eye out for 2.0
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